Well Deserved!

Well Deserved!

This cheeky Mewmander has gotten away with tickling all those poor, random Pokemon for so long. So it’s about time Barry got his just desserts, doesn’t he? His ex-girlfriend, Pipette, doesn’t take being tricked too lightly! Klein agrees with her in principle, so didn’t mind helping out!

Order and text by Lechensko

Draw by Scorpio-Gustavo

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/lechensko/art/Well-Deserved-761510495

I sure bet this Rattata is going to tickle this Mewmander allot before he decide to stop. Someone sure going to be pretty exhausted when all this is over.

Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 19/8-2016

I have been around in the city today and play some more Pokemon go. I have now reach level 23 :) But now it starting to get pretty hard to level up in the game now when you need so much XP. I also manage to hatch some eggs where i received some new Pokemon that i did dent have witch help me get closer to complete the pokedex. But still i have some very rare Pokemon that i need to find and i even hope that i can be able to find some more Pikachus to. I think Pikachu is to rare for my taste and even some other Pokemon they should be a little more uncommon then they are now. But then it should not be to match of a challenge to play the game but after a wile you get kind of tired of all this Drowzee, Rattata, Sperow and Pidgey that you find everywhere.




I’m not ticklish!

I'm not ticklish!Pfft, some can’t lie to save themselves. ;)

You may have seen these guys before. Meet Chaz the Shinx, and Waz the Rattata. Some may even know of a particular motion that is used here…

Text and order by Lechensko

Draw by FatTato

Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/I-m-not-ticklish-625577019

When it comes to the fete that part of the body can be very ticklish sensitive and it look like both Rattata and Shinx found out about this now when nothing else on Shinx body make him laugh this much.

Comic: I told you it would come to this

I told you it would come to thisShinx having a bit of revenge!

Text and order by Lechensko

Draw by Dweet-Tea

Source: http://lechensko.deviantart.com/art/I-told-you-it-would-come-to-this-579687688

It sure looks like Shinx get the revenge on Rattata that he have been waiting for. Now is it his turn to do the tickling.

Comic: Where’s that sweet spot?

Where's that sweet spot?The Rattata finally broke him!

Order and text by Lechensko

Draw by Dweet-Tea

Source: http://lechensko.deviantart.com/art/Where-s-that-sweet-spot-533020069

It Sure looks like Rattata found Shinx week spot when it comes to tickling.

Comic: On yer bike!

On yer bike!Never interrupt a slumbering Meowth!

Order and text by Lechensko

Draw by Dweet-Tea

Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/On-yer-bike-583202439

Poor Pokemon it is newer good to be ticklish. Looks like Rattata and Shinx is going to be laughing for quite some time.