Lombax problems

Lombax problemsRatchet, a part of the lombax species, discovered a new type of energy lock. The lock itself couldn’t be tampered with because it’s just a belt of energy. The lock can be set to open at selected times from one minute to two days, and the third setting being a random time. Ratchet dialed up 2 hours, but the dial was really sensitive and it went all the way to random time. Unfortunately for ratchet, he’s been in that diaper for 27 hours so far, and the lock could open in one second or not for a very, VERY long time… That being said, I think he might not be enjoying the way he smells right now. And it’ll only get worse for this diapered lombax…

Text and drawing by: Poke-anima

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14160907/

Yes i can understand that he dont like the smell any more when he have wear the same diaper for 27 hours. Then it most be weary smelly now.