SissychuA reward for Erakir by ludisluteo


Poor Raichu he sure have ended up i one kind of blushing situation here. At lest he is not standing there whit a soggy diaper i bet his face should be even more blushing red then he is now.

He sure look super sissy in this outfit.

Evolution of Diaper Good – tomukemono

Evolution of Diaper Good

This drawing is posted by on Twitter.

It sure seems like it was a good move by Raichu to be wearing a night diaper. It sure seems like he have ended up using it pretty good during his sleep time. I only hope that the diaper is not that soggy like it seems to be. Because it sure seems to be close to its limit in how match it is able to handle before it start leaking.

Alolan Raichu

Alolan RaichuDraw and everything by Spanking649


Poor little Raichu it seems like Pikachu decided to give him a spanking using his own tail against his poor hurting butt. It really seems like it is well spanked at this moment :(