Breakfast buns

breakfast buns

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Aww looks like Ellie breakfeast manage to calm him down :)

It sure even seems like he find it to be pretty tasteful to :)

Zootopia:The photo session!

Zootopia:The photo session!

When Judy Hopps was barely a little bunny, her parents took her to a photo shoot!
And it seems that since her childhood, she loved being a police officer!
But it happens that when it was time for a photo session, she didn’t like it at all and what she put was a face with a big pout!

I imagined Judy’s parents saying:
“Come on Judy! Smile at the camera my baby bunny!

Judy Hopps/Zootopia/Disney Enterprises

Draw and above text by fredvegerano


Poor Judy Hopps it seems like she dont wont to have here photo taken :( Cubs can sometime be hard to handle special when they have there mind seat on something.

Judy Hopps parents sure needs to come up whit some very good distraction.

Snazzy’s Dungeon

Snazzy's DungeonOrder by snazzy

Draw by Myoti


Awww looks like this dragon have decided that this bunny is going to start a new life here in this dungeon whit help of little hypnosis.

Looks like a new life in diapers is starting for here now.

Lazy Bun

Lazy Bunshe is just a lazy bun un the morning :P

Freebie piece for lulshi

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure seems to bge one lazy morning for this bun and it sure is a good thing she is wearing here diaper ;)

Wearing a diaper sure can have it advantages special when you will have a lazy morning.

Sleepy Bun

Sleepy Bun

Life can be stressful so have a sleepy padded bun~

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room


Life sure can be kind of stressful and hard so instead of having a sleepy padded bun. Way not wearing a thick and comfy diaper yourself?

A good diaper can sure make you feel pretty relax and special :)

Wearing a thick diaper to sleep sure is amazing.

Sammie’s kept their diaper clean – OliverWolf_AD

Giggling looks like this bunny sure is proud that he has manage to keep his PeekABU diaper clean and dry for whole 10 minutes. But how about 10 more minutes or even more is the diaper still going to stay clean and dry then ;)

Even if it ends up wet or messy i bet that good diaper sure is manage to handle it :)