Fun times at the ER and without pants

Fun times at the ER and without pantsIt all started with Star going out and having fun, running around with his friends and it would end with him going to a well known ER. He had been running around and fell with one arm into some very sharp thorny bushes. Thankfully his Dad was there and freed him but, knew that a trip would end in the ER.

About 2 hours later, Star held his arm while his Dad finished talking to the doctor. Bad enough he had to have his arm stitched up but, Dad kind of forgot his pants.

Wolf and text by QuickStarFox

Draw by ?


Poor Star that he end up in some bad and naughty thorny bushes.

You dont need to be blushing that your dad forgot to bring you some pants i bet the doctors and nursers have seen allot of cub in your age that still need to wear diapers.

Star look so cute when he try to hide his diaper whit help off his tail.