The Ghostbusters pups

The Ghostbusters pups
The Ghostbusters pups

“If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

I saw this movie two days ago on dvd, it’s really a classic movie(1984) and one of the few comedies that have made me laugh!It came to my mind to make a parody (a drawing) of that classic movie with my pups and a special guest!I talk to my friend Victor about my idea and the result is this pic, which I loved a lot!

In this drawing, it seems that there are some strange noises in JimFox’s room,specially under his bed!Then he decided to call his friends, Sammy and Remi, who supposedly being the “ghostbusters pups”! LOL!

But apparently what Remi found was not a ghost … but a bag full of candy!^^
And don’t worry anyone, what Sammy have in his paws it’s a water gun!Have fun boys!^.^

Guest character invited: Jimfox1985

Lineart by Victor/colors, idea and text by: nelson88

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What i can see from this drawing this is not the boys that you should call. I love the look on Jimfox1985 face :)