Cubs restaurant

Cubs restaurantA new restaurant was recently opened in the neighborhood ,but was exclusive and only for cubs!Matt, the boss and Mike decided to carry all the pups to  the new restaurant!
The restaurant was large enough for an adult to enter in, but everything there, from the tables to the menu was cub size!
Every cub was jumping with excitement, but then, something happened and as always…a fight began between them!
The silly cubs were fighting over a chair!”Me first!”,”I’m bigger than you!”,”Shut-up,chicken head!”

But they had forgotten that their parents were there too!And immediately the operation “Spanking” had begun!One of the rules that had that restaurant  and was included in  the menu  was… “spankings”, and that was added absolutely free!Lol!^^

Caiden: tugscarebear

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Sammy, Remi and Caiden they always seems to end up in some big trouble and they newer learn even if there butt always are red from all the spanking they are receiving almost every day.

Poor deer

Poor deerOrder by MewlesVerne

Draw by supremekitten


Aww poor deer it seems that he have been a very bad boy. First he get a spanking on his butt and now they use the belt to spanking his boy part. That most hurt allot. Wounder what he have done that make him deserve this kind of treatment?

Hope they let him go soon.

Dead Man Walking!

Dead Man Walking!Monday at the Sunnyside Daycare was just not a good day for young Caiden. Coming off of a weekend high of good behavior, extra playtime, and even being able to wear Pull-Ups had to come crashing down sometime. The morning started out rather well with Caiden showing off his super-big-kid Pull-ups to his (mostly) potty trained class. That in and of itself was innocent enough. What wasn’t was when Caiden (and maybe his best friend Dex paddedringtail ) decided that sharing toys were beneath them and took some toys that some smaller girls were already playing with. That didn’t end well for Caiden (or Dex :) ) as they both landed themselves in time-out. Later at recess Caiden decided that instead of playing just tag or hide-an-seek he’d rather play throw-a-rock-at-other-classmates-like-their-alien-invaders. That of course wasn’t going to fly so Caiden lost his recess privilege and was going to have a note sent home to his parents on his behavior. If that wasn’t ammo enough for a stern lecture and fanny warming when he got home, Caiden (and Dex again) got caught fighting other cubs at naptime and using foul language. That got both toddlers sent to the principals office for a stern talking to and both were sent home. Mr. Trevor (Dex’s dad) picked the boys up since Caiden’s parents were out and about at the time. Trevor took the boys to his house, as him and the Smith’s are neighbors, and brought them inside for a lecture and spanking from him for acting up in school. A few hours later Cheryl came by to pick up Caiden and brought him back home. She sat his little butt in the corner until Mike came home to deal with him. As soon as Mike arrived, he was filled in with what happened at school by Cheryl. Mike then took Caiden’s clean Pull-Up off and threw it away and grabbed a fresh diaper instead. Mike informed Caiden that since he can’t seem to act like a big boy then he will be treated like a little boy, diapers and all. Mike then carried the diaper-less toddler down the hall to the nursery to ‘remind’ Caiden on how to behave at school. Kyle had heard what was going on through his mother and decided to help his father out by grabbing the furbrush and bringing it to him to Caiden’s dismay.


Caiden tugscarebear

Art by nelson88


Looks like someone have order a spanking butt. Poor Caiden he always seems to end up in all this bad situations that always end whit some bare bottom spanking for him.

Diapers Go On BUTTS!

Diapers Go On BUTTS!Poor Dex. You see, the bear didn’t have a diaper. So why not diaper up the bear? Who cares if it was already a little wet. I mean, the sitter has more diapers in her diaper bag, so he can just ask for one later, right? :D

Well. no. You get a spankin’ for walkin’ around without one in the park. :C Sad times.
RUN, SNELL, RUN! Or you’re next!

Of course, Caiden points and laughs. SOOOO innocent?
…nah, he gave Dex the idea.
UnU Poor thing. XD

Draw by Kay

Dex: paddedringtail

Caiden and text by tugscarebear


Poor Dex it looks like his butt is starting to get very toasted now.

The invisible pup!

The invisible pup!

***As everyone knows, Matt is a great inventor in his spare time!***

Once again Sammy is messing with one of his father’s inventions!It seems that Matt has invented a formula for invisibility!And it seems that the news reached Sammy’s ears also!

Sammy:”With this invention I will do many mischief, especially  on my brother Remi!Too bad that this formula only lasts half an hour, but it’s enough time to mess around  and start doing mischief too!”

So Sammy opened the bottle and said to himself:”Until the last drop!”


Within seconds, the formula had an effect on the pup and immediately he was totally invisible!
“It works!Yay!It works!And now Remi, you’ll have the scare of your life!”said with a laugh!


Remi:”Who said that?”

“Booooooo!”**Sammy began to poke with his finger his brother’s shoulder!**

Remi:”Someone is touching me! I think it’s a … ghost!DAAAAAD!”

Sammy couldn’t contain his laughter, but neither he had noticed that his father was there standing behind him!

Matt:”I knew something like this was going to happen!For this reason I invented these special glasses to see who had taken my invention, without my permission!”

And the result as expected, had a sore end, especially for Sammy’s little bottom!

(The only visible part  on Sammy and for the benefit of  all  the viewers was his little red rear end!-Lol!)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


What a nice drawing :)

Comic: Between brothers

Comic: Between brothers

One thing that Remi  doesn’t tolerate  is someone touching his stuff without permission!And this time his brother (Sammy) discovered the secret place where he (Remi) hid his chocolate chip cookies!

“What are you doing?Oh no!My cookies!How you dare to touch my stuff?How many did you eat? And how many are left?”shouted a cranky puppy!
Sammy:”All… no wait… there’s only one at the bottom of the bag!Just tell me if you want this last cookie! I’ll eat it too?”

Remi became  more angry and shouted:”Drop your undies now and put your stinky bottom over the bed!I’ll teach you to respect my stuff!”

Meanwhile Remi was punishing his brother with a  spanking, Sammy asked:”Hey Remi?That means that you don’t want  this  last cookie! Can I  eat it!?”

When Remi heard that,he  increased  the slaps on his brother’s butt and said:”Yes brother!Bon appetite!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Looks Sammy docent bother how match spanking he receive from Remi. But i bet he is going to have problem to sit on his butt for some time when Remi is finish whit it.