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Classroom Catastrophe Part 2

Classroom Catastrophe Part 2
After the incident, Maynara’s mother came to pick him up. Before she left, Maynara’s mother gave Kyle a lesson on bullying. She gave him a swift spanking and slapped a diaper on his red bum instead of putting his undies and shorts back on. After she comforted him, Kyle was sent back into the classroom with a sore and diapered bottom. He now knew what it feels like to be embarrassed in front of his peers. I’m sure Kyle’s parents will not be happy with his behavior when they come to pick him up later.

Fury’s in this drawing Maynara and  tugscarebear

Text by tugscarebear

Draw by Kay

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23035625/

Poor Kyle i sure think that his parents dont going to be so happy about him when they come and pick him up. Maybe they decide to diaper him 24/7 seven for a wile as a part of his punishment so he understand how the kid felt when he exposed his secret to whole class.

Spanked Once Again

Spanked Once Again
Apparently you can’t escape getting spanked even when you’re wearing Pull-Ups now. Guess Caiden should consider himself lucky that his dad is still letting him wear Pull-Ups after his spanking.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Circus-Stunts

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23149220/

maybe Caiden should be even more lucky if his dad decided to put him back into some thick and comfy diaper then a thin Pull-Ups. That should give more cover and comfort for his sore hurting butt when he sit down.

Objections of a Chronic Bedwetter Part 2of2

Objections of a Chronic Bedwetter Part 2of2–It was a fierce battle but, Misnala, was finally subdued after a harrowing standoff between her mother and the local police. The details of what exactly transpired that evening are too shocking to be divulged here, but I assure you it’s something the locals won’t soon forget!

In punishment for her brazen display of resistance towards being put in a diaper overnight for bed wetting–and the hefty fine billed to her parents for damages– Misnala will be getting a whole 2 months full time in diapers instead! Something I’m sure she’s regretting already as her battered mother tapes her into the first diaper of many to come over the next couple months.–


-Mother- …

-Iyuski *snickers*

-Father- Dear god…

-Police Officers- If she does IT again, you know where to find us…

Draw and everything by AcidGrunt

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22742258/

Yes this sure is going to be allot more diaper changing moment for Misnala over the coming weeks and months. Poor Misnala she sure regret the bad thing now but it is little to late for that now.