Comic: A misunderstanding?

A misunderstanding?

In this comic is very simple what is happening,the boss was babysitting  little dompuma and at the same time  teaching  how  to play with a ball, but unfortunately donpuma kicked the ball very hard throwing it to the other neighbors backyard!

He looked and saw that the only way to get the ball was right through a hole in the fence!
“Darn!I think it is a very small hole to go through! But I’ll try anyway!”said the boss!

But his brilliant “idea” didn’t work and got stuck!

The boss:”What the…!Little donpuma!Can you hear me?I’m stuck! Can you  push me a little?”
Donpuma:”No problem, Mr.Boss! I’ll do it now!”

But to his surprise, the boss felt a cool breeze on his bottom and asked:
“What are you doing?*SMACK* Heyyy!*smack*Wait a minute!*smack*!”

Donpuma:”I’m doing what you told me…”spank you”!”

And the boss said with a disgruntled face:”What I said was “Push me” not “spank me”!

Guest character invited donpuma and belongs to donpuma

(Based on his idea)

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes this is really a big misunderstanding. He wont help to get out of there but instead he get help to get spanked. Wounder how match spanking he is going to receive before he get the help he need.