Gee, That’s Great Kid

Gee, That's Great Kid
This is a flashback to when Kyle was 3 years old and in the process of potty training. This is based off of an excerpt from my story “Welcome Home” ( ) Which is about Caiden’s birth. This is Kyle announcing his success at the potty to this Uncle Howard who, as you can tell, is less then thrilled about the announcement of his nephew’s bowel movements.

Excerpt from “Welcome Home”:

The Smith household was bustling once again. The last few months had been super busy with the young family of Mike, Cheryl, and little Kyle. New baby fever was in the air as the Smith’s were expecting another baby boy within the next few days. All sorts of friends and family were coming out of the woodwork to celebrate and ‘help’ with the preparation of the new baby. Not only was everyone trying to visit, but Kyle had just turned 3 the week prior. Their tot was sprouting up faster than either of them anticipated and was running around being the center of attention when company was there. Mike and Cheryl were so glad that Kyle was so excited for the new baby. He had been running around to all the company and looking at them with his cute toddler spectacles asking them,

“Hey! Hey! Guess what (insert relative/friend here)? Ima gonna be a big bwother!”

All of the guests got a hoot out of that. The old spare bedroom had finally been renovated to the new baby’s nursery/room complete with crib, changing table, little blue cute decorations, and some baby toys for when he was older. Kyle was helpful in his own way as he gave his little unborn brother all of his old diapers as Kyle was now a ‘Big Boy’ and wears Pull-Ups. Granted, the new baby wouldn’t need them for at least two years because of his size but it’s the thought that counts. I guess. Kyle also had no problem telling everyone about his ‘Big Boy’ status as well,

“Hey (insert relative/friend here)! I went poopies/pee-pees in da potty and not my pants cause ima big boy!!”

Kyle and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


This is so cute and this is something that cubs like to talk about when they are on the road to be a big boy or girl and soon being able to wear big boy/girl underwear.

Not Ready

Not ReadyThis is of Caiden getting his stinky Pull-up changed by his father. Mike isn’t happy that he still have to change his three-and-a-half year old’s poopy Pull-ups. Looks like Caiden is being demoted to diapers after this.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes i can understand Mikes situation. It is not so match fun to handle a stinky situation and the smell can some time be pretty bad.

Definitely not!

Definitely not!
As you can see, I wear pull ups not diapers cuz only babies wear diapers and I’m not one of them. You can even ask Trica (my bunny plushie) and she will agree with me.

Cat and text by Jeanne_Onmura

Draw by ThatPuggy


You maybe think that you dont are a baby anymore now when you where pull ups instead of tape diapers. But pull ups is diaper to. Now when you where this it is match easier to change you special if you wont to stand up during the diaper change.

(Wet)Pull Ups Fail and Fall

(Wet)Pull Ups Fail and FallMy random Purple bunny having an second accident the mall. the first when she is wetting herself and the second is the diaper drop lol

Draw, text and bunny by ConejoBlanco


Poor little bunny it looks like she have end up whit a very embarrassing situation whit a pull ups diaper filer at the shopping mall. Wounder how see is going to survive this situation?

Is a big boy!

Is a big boy!
Just make it to the potty in time.
Apparently he forgot to worry about something else? I really don’t know what…

Draw, Cat and text by vitriolink


The cat maybe made it to the potty in time to pee but it seems like he needed to do more then that. but he dont need to worry his pull-ups is going to handle the messy stuff.

Naughty kitty

Naughty kittyOrder by: tucker199

Draw by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this cubs is going to be put back into some thick diaper instead off this Pull-ups that can not handle his heavy flooding.