Still a baby

Still a babyRebel Blaze, she prefers her diapers than the potty.

Requested by Catty

Draw by ConejoBlanco


I sure hope that your parents understand and put you back into some real diapers instead of the pull ups that you are wearing now.

jimmy and Kaar Rolling a 1

jimmy and Kaar Rolling a 1

Kaar has terrible luck when it comes to strategy games. You could even say it stinks.

Kinda like his potty training really

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Kaar and JimmyWolf2007

Text by JimmyWolf2007

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes this sure is one of the worst place and situation that you can end up whit when it comes to having a messy accident in your diaper :( It seems like Kaar have a long way to go before he have some good control over his bowel and bladder :(

Maybe he needs to think about getting some better pants to. A par of pants that dont fall down when he ends up whit a accident in his diaper.

Luxe before bed at night – Satuki_rabbit

At lest he is a good boy and wear his pull ups. So he is well protected for his night time accident so he dont end up whit a wet and soggy bed. That should be even more blushing then a soggy diaper and match less cleaning to be handling whit.

Kitty´s accidents

Kitty´s accidents

Even being a big kitty doesn´t help to keep her pee in.

Order by lulshi

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Poor thing even big cats can have problem whit there bladder and ends up wetting them self. And it seems like the big kitty did dent wear the right diaper. She sure have cause here diaper to be leaking pretty bad now. Look on that big growing spot around here diaper butt. Poor thing she sure needs to wear some better or thicker diaper.

Pampers Nappy Pants Commercial

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It looks like the kids have get some new improved pull ups pants from pampers.

Aganist the potty

Aganist the pottyRenamon and Krystal teaching a lesson to the potty.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Wow it sure seems like this two dont like the potty training. And making some good use of there diapers instead of using the potty. That sure is a pretty good choice there :)