Threaded Armor – Adult Cloth Diaper for Night

Threaded Armor - Adult Cloth Diaper for Night

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Adult incontinence can be a finanacial burden, as well as a difficult issue to cope with. Super Undies makes adult cloth diapers, based on child diapers that are proven to work, but in larger sizes. These items are designed for daytime and nighttime incontinence for adults and kids with special needs. Save money with easy to wash, reusable adult cloth diaper options over costly disposables.

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This adult cloth diaper is quite unlike any other on the market. There are no openings. It is a pull-on style.

No openings – no compromised seams that lead to leaking.

We only ever sew through 3 layers of fabric or less, never four more more. Sewing through too much fabric can cause a build up in odors.

Full coverage back. More room in the diaper means more room for absorbing, which is what main job description of this beast is.

Waterproof tabs backed by water resistent fleee. Double protection for side sleepers.

Four full layers pf protection. When I say FULL, I mean the absorbent pads run all the way from the top back to the top front. No mansy pansy sort of catch it in the middle deal here. No sir.

Two of the four layers are built in and hidden. Two are external and tuck in a pocket to smooth things out down there. Nice, smooth and sophisticated.

The pocket can hold additional absorbency. You know… just in case.



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Adult cloth diapers cost less than disposables. Although the initial price may cause sticker shock, Adults who suffer from around the clock incontinence can spend more than $400 a month on their diaper bill. The cost of cloth is nothing compared to the build up expense of using disposable diapers consistently. Many people find the initial investment into cloth is equivalent to one or two months worth of their disposable diaper bill.

Cloth diapers reduce the risk of toxic exposure. Trace amounts of harmful dioxins are found in disposables left over from the manufacturing process. Cloth diapers can be laundered and reused, completely eliminating any exposure to toxins.

Adult cloth diapers are easy to clean believe it or not! Our modern day construction helps to reduce ammonia build up and allow the garment to become thoroughly clean in the wash and dry quickly in the dryer. Simply use a diaper sprayer to rinse the garment. These adult cloth diapers are also able to be washed in industrial machines like the ones found in nursing homes.
Modern adult cloth diapers have a waterproof shell, absorbency and fasteners all built into one piece, making them a breeze to put on and take off. No pins, no extra plastic pants. They are made with a thin waterproof breathable fabric, allowing the user to feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. Threaded Armor has beefed up your standard adult cloth diaper into a nighttime beast! The heavy absorbency adult diaper is very absorbent and very waterproof. In the event you need more absorbency, it sports a handy internal pocket that allows you to add additional padding.

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