Nicole macrobabbeh city squish

Nicole macrobabbeh city squishbreaking news… another macro-baby has laid waste to another city today…

survivors have been removed and will are being treated, though many will likely need therapy…

LOTS of therapy…

Back to you.

The big babyfur giantessmura

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like some furry is going to be need some therapy special the furrys that was close to the diaper ;)

Reading break

Reading breakNutsy wetting her diaper.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Yes i agree whit what Nutsy is thinking it is no need to stand up to go potty if you are wearing your potty :)

I bet here diaper butt got all nice and warm now :)

Maybe one day you will learn

Maybe one day you will learnI’m sure the punishment fits the crime hehe
feat hunter from the roadrovers :P this was his choice :3 hope I done the character justice.

Order by wolf_119

Draw and text by Charry


Poor little boy he really have ended up flodding his diaper big time now and in public. That is even more humiliated.


LoserI guess restitution69 wasnt expecting to lose the TV quiz show. Whats the saying…never gamble with what you cant afford to lose. LOL Poor guy he’s helpless to stop it now. Should have read the fine print.

Character restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Poor guy i bet he regret now that he did dent read the fine print on the contract that he sign. Now he is going to be force to wear diapers for the rest of his life. What will happen whit him now?