Today did i receive my order from NorthShore

20141006_193522Like you see on the photos above i receive my order from NorthShore Care Supply 1 package of the NorthShore Supreme Briefs and one package of there booster pads. It should be weary interesting to see how the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are for type of diapers. I have heard many good things about them so it should be weary interesting to see how they are. The only bad thing is they are kind of expensive special if you ship them from US to Sweden. I dont think i going to do it again when it cost this match money. But i always like to try out new things so that was the reason way i decide to order this diapers and the pads.

I really love the design on the packages . It have thous kind of things that i miss on the regular and bigger brands like Tena and Abena.

May only hope to get this diaper in the future is that SaveExpress make a deal so they can sell this diaper.

NorthShore Supreme & AirSupreme Briefs: Instructions for Use

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Top of the line, all night absorbency w/ extra wide coverage! Choose classic plastic exterior or breathable cloth-like.

You can read more about the product in one off my previous post or order it from NorthShore Care Supply.

Review Of Comficare

36x-comficare-l10-600x550This is a short review about the Comficare adult diaper.


The comfort of the diaper is weary amazing it is all nice and soft against the skin and it absorb the pee amazing good witch make the surface of the padding that is close to you skin weary dry. Witch as you already know if you are a diaper carrier that you have less chance to end up whit some nasty and bad diaper rash. And the plastic is weary soft and nice to have you hand on and it is note to noisy special if you wont to wear this diaper outdoor that i dont recommend and i going to tell you way lather in this review. 

Everything is perfect when it comes to this part and i dont find anything special that i think they need to improve right now.


It absorb the liquid weary fast and the diaper dont even feels wet even if you have wet it multiply times so it dont leak witch means like it is a perfect night diaper as the company have mention in there product information (designed for night time use). So you have nothing to worry about when you sleep thisdiaper will hold all the liquid sealed inside so your bed stay all nice and clean. Whit that means it is kind of bulky so it is not the diaper you maybe wont to wear on public places if you dont wont people to notes what you are wearing.

The absorbency of this diaper can easy compare to other top adult diapers in the market like Bambino, Dry 24/7 and Fabine. So i dont think they have so match to improve here maybe if they find away so the liquid spread more around in the diaper. Right now the front can get weary wet but the back can stay all dry so when you change in the morning or when you woke up the diaper can have leak a little


The diaper fits weary good around the waist and legs. It is all perfect so it is not match to say about this.


It is a weary good product and it is perfect for night time and it give you a diaper feeling that is amazing, soft and tick like a diaper should be special if you wont to have the diaper feeling when you snuggling up in bed whit your plush.

My ABDL Life recommend this diaper and i hope as maybe in the future they can make an adult baby version of it to.

You can order the diaper on allot of Internet stores like: (The company’s own website), Save Express and ABDLFactory you are going to love to wear this diaper.


New Fabine Exklusiv Design

I recently receive this newsletter from Buntewindel whit some info that they going to soon have a new design on the Fabine Exklusiv. This is how it going to look like:


This new design will be sold only from 

Maxdiapers, fabimonti and Buntewindel

the other resellers will not have this new design and they would not get it in the future.

We hope you like the new design and hope to get further more feetback from you.

The pre sale starts now, for one case, 64 pcs, for a special price of 79,00 Euro + shipping

Are you going to pre-order this new design?

Order from Max Diaper 20-7-2014

Nateen Combi ULTRAThe name on this product is Nateen Combi ULTRA and this is something that i have order from the Swedish shop This is a product that they temporary have in the stock and they dont know if they going to have it in the stock any more it all depends on the responds from the costumers about this diapers. I have not try it yet because of the hot weather that we have here in Sweden now so i have decide to wait for the weather to cool down a little before i decide to try it. That you already know if you have read my post My first order from


This Nateen Combi ULTRA come from a supplayer in China and you can read more about the product on there website there you also can find some nice photos.

Have you try this product before? Maybe you can tell me what you think about it?

My first order from 23-07-2014

Bambino Teddy PackageThis is  photo that show the first order that i have made from The last week i decided to put an order on there site and today may order finely arrived in Sweden. Yes you maybe wounder how that is possible because they dont ship to Sweden. To be able to order from there website the diaper was first shipped to that forwarded the package to me here in Sweden. so simple is it and yes i know it can be a little expensive but sometime it can be nice to wear this ABDL diapers and special try them now when they have made some improvement that i have mention in a earlier post.

It should be nice to try them when the weather allows it right now it is to hot to wear diapers because you sweat out most of the water especially when it’s almost 28 dgrs C in apartments.

So how about you? Have you try this improved version yet of the Bambino diaper? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about it.