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Recived my first order from furmania.co.uk

Today did i receive the order that i placed on furmania.co.uk and like you can see on the photo below. Everything work out weary good and the t-shirt is weary soft and have a nice fit like they way i wont it to fit.

This is a photo of me and my friend rexam when we are cuddling white or favorite plushys.

And the print turn out great whit weary nice quality. But i have not try to wash it yet so i dont know how they going to look after the first washing but i dont think it going to make any different in the the quality of the print that is on the t-shirt.

I have also receive some  good help from the Sara Hickman that run the store. Se is a weary nice person and have answer all the question i had about the product.

So, I can highly recommend furmania.co.uk if you wont to order some costume print t-shirt.

Bambino Diapers: Oops! Diapers with a Print Error

Oops! Diapers with a Print ErrorOops! printing error! In our excitement to receive the first shipment of Bambino diapers with the new soft cotton-like lining, we rushed our material suppliers, and the frontal panels were printed upside down. Photos of diapers with the upside-down printed panels are available below. The printing error is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or performance of the diapers. However, we are offering 3% OFF on all these products since it is still a printing error. We hope that you enjoy our new diapers even with the small oops…

You can find the upside-down printed panels diaper here:

This is some really funny text together whit the image but only 3% discount? That is not so match you save on this printing error diapers. Wounder way they dont offer a little more discount on this diaper? Maybe because the only problem whit the diaper is the printed panels that are on the front?


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Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Where is my tail? - Babyfur T-shirt
Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Here is a pitcher of the new babyfur T-shirt that i have order. The print that i have use for this is a drawing that rainydays have draw for me. It turn out to be so good so i decide that i should like to print this on a t-shirt that i have do whit some of the art that i have order. It is always something special to wear a T-shirt whit babyfur prints on. The thing i always think is hard when it comes to order T-shirt whit your on print on is the size on the print. You dont wont it to be to big or to small. But i hope that i have get the right size on the print this time to.

If you wont to do something like this to you can always check out CafePress.com to make your order for a Babyfur T-shirt.