Pool Prank!

Pool Prank!Yookey can be a littlebit of a tease!ReXam-1 should’ve learned by now. But nope, Yookey once again managed to catch him off guard and pull his swim diaper down! Poor little thing :)

Rex: ReXam-1

Draw, Red panda and text by Yookey

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/20615433/

Poor Rex it seems like he should have a closer watch about what he have Yookey now can she see his cute naked butt again when she have pull out his swim diaper. He sure is blushing deep time when he is notes what Yookey is up to. Looks like this dont turn out to be a fun playtime in the pool after all.

Ice ’em

Ice 'emOrder by LittleAzure

Draw by tato

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/20397797/

Aww poor girl it seems like she is going to be ended up whit some ice cube in the back of here diaper. Poor girl this is going to be a very cold moment for here now.

Pie Padding

Pie PaddingKnew when Riley visited he’d probably get curious about the padding and eventually try one out for himself…so rigging one up with a hidden compartment filled with whip cream seemed a good prank :P


He’s never gonna wear one again after this pfft

Riley by splat

Draw and text by poofy-shark

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17172183/

Poor Riley this dosent look like some good diaper to wear when it is loaded whit whip cream.

The itching powder prank

The itching powder prank
The itching powder prank.

It was a friday afternoon, and grandpa Richard was in charge and care of his grandchildren, because Matt was visiting his boss!
The boss had given Matt some gift diapers that had recently arrived at the company, and he wanted that Matt, to model his diaper on his house!

Matt was taking a shower,and Remi very quietly and without making any noise, he entered to his father’s room and he sprinkled some itching powder on Matt’s diaper!

Later, before he left, he told to his pups:”Obey all that your grandpa say, and if I hear one…just one complaint from him, your little bottoms will be very red and sore!”

And kissed them on the forehead!

Later, Matt was in the boss’ house , and there he took off his clothes and put on his diaper to show it to his boss!
Matt:”My boss is so good with me and this diaper that he gave me as a gift is very cute!I’m sure that my rump will look, so cute!”

Then, Matt called his boss and when the boss entered the room, saw Matt sitting on the floor … but without saying a word with his tongue pulled out!

The boss:”With that look on your face, you told me everything! Definitely, you didn’t like my gift!I’m very angry with you! What do you have to say for yourself?”

But Matt just muttering … “eerrr” … owww!…Oh my poor doghood…!”
Because the boss didn’t know that Matt, was wearing a diaper full of itching powder!

And the boss shouted:”You have refused my gift and you will be punished with a spanking!”

Later on in the pup’s house …

Sammy:”Remi? Did you see my bottle with itching powder?”
Remi:”I found it and was in Dad’s room!Maybe he was going to use it, to make a joke on his boss!”
Sammy:”Or maybe you were the one who did the prank on Dad!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88 story by abdl86.

Source: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=475487.

I am happy that Victor and Nelson88 like my id that i send to him and the drawing turn out to be weary good. And to have a diaper loaded whit itching powder is not so match fun. wounder how that should feels like to wearing a diaper whit itching powder?