The U.S Goverment: Outlaw Potty Training

This was relay some special reading in this article:

And i most say that i can agree to this. It can be a big pressure to a child if he or she have problem to finish the potty training . Special if it is bedwetting. Lots of children special boys have this kind of problem. And it is not fun to wake up in a wet bed or waking up whit some alarm things. It can lead to lots of trouble because of the kid dont get the sleep like she or he need to have a good day. It can leads to some big trouble between the parents and the child. Some parents dont understand that it can be a medical problem or something behind the wetting thing. The can thing the kid is lazy or something and punish the child for the wetting thing and this is relay bad thing to do.

Commission – Coren – by ReXam-1

Commission - Coren - by ReXam-1Coren ©  coren

Coren saw his daddy use a potty once. It looked something like this. He tried to do it the same way, pretending to be a big cat… but he forgot the part about taking his diaper off first… and that newspaper is upside-down. Such things are unimportant in the eyes of a cub. He can’t read anyway, and upside down pictures look funny!

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Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


It fells like something is wrong in this pitcher. Should the diaper not be off when you visit the potty? But this seams to work to :)

Potty Patrol: Diapers armed with alarms


Potty Patrol toilet training Alarm DiaperPotty Patrol’s Potty Training Alarm Diapers are designed to notify you and your child when wetting occurs, so that you can place your child on the toilet immediately. Being placed on the toilet while the event is still fresh in your child’s mind helps them make the connection between cause and effect more quickly and effectively.
Wondering how to potty train your child with less hassle? Potty Patrol reduces the need for random sits on the potty during toilet training! Many children interpret this as punishment, because they don’t understand why they are confined to the potty for extended periods of time. Worse yet, if they don’t need to go to the bathroom at that time, they may feel they have failed, because they are unable to meet their parents’ expectations.Potty Patrol encourages success, because it ensures that children go to the bathroom for one purpose…to use it!

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Wonder how this thing should be if the hade something like this for adults to? I diaper that have notes you that you us it right now. This is something very special. Wonder if something like this is going to be release in deferent country to some time. What do you think? Have you see something like this in action some time?

If you wondering how this things work? You can click on this link to see some pitchers of it:

No More Diapers – Amazon

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Would be fun to see this DVD some time. I love this song in this Youtube video. Seams this boy love his diapers and i agree whit him :) Diapers is great thing :) Do you not agree to? But some time can it be good and nice to not need to wear any diapers and decide for your self when you wont to put on a diaper.


peeing his pull-ups (wet diapers) – by cargoweasel

peeing his pull-ups (wet diapers) - by cargoweasel
peeing his pull-ups (wet diapers) - by cargoweasel

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the characters is not me.


A diaper can be very heavy when you wet it like it should be on a cub that not potty trained yet. Like this drawing show ;) Seams like he need a new diaper soon before it turn into a leaking diaper.

shyness by reva – by BetoWolf

shyness by reva - by BetoWolf
shyness by reva - by BetoWolf

“you sure they wont tease me?”

poor betowolf is really shy to go to a playground in just his shirt and diaper especially with cubs around his age are normally fully potty trained. he wears this t-shirt to indicate he’s still learning to use the potty and still has to wear diapers which only makes him feel more embarrassed. luckily he is not the only cub in diapers. :3

glad I got this from Reva. its real cute <3


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Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the characters is not me.

It can tack some time for some cub to get fully potty trained. You dont need to be embarrassed or shy over that you still need to wear diapers.