Big Boy

Big BoyAw yeah! He did it! He finally did it! At the young age of four, Caiden is ready to take on the world. He is completely potty trained at day AND night. Haters gonna hate. Brand new big boy pants and all.

Caiden and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes it sure seems like Caiden is a big boy now :) He sure seems to be very proud over his success whit the potty training. And he sure should be that :)

How to potty train your dragon

How to potty train your dragonThe dragon belongs to Lil_Dragon_Draco

Draw by dracky


It looks like this dragon have ended up whit some bumps in the road when it comes to the potty training. But i sure that he going to get the complete hang off it soon. And until that happens his thick diapers is going to be there and handle all the accident when he dont make it to the potty in time :)

He sure don’t look to sad about his potty training progress.

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 5

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 5Order by babychloe

Draw by Tato


Poor Chloe it sure looks like she have some big problem when it comes to the potty training. She only have wet marks and no marks in the dry column. Looks like she still have a long way to go before she can wear some big girls underwear.

Potty Chart

Potty ChartOrder by babychloe

Draw by tato


Aww looks like this poor little girl have some big problems when it comes to the potty training. And it seems like one girl that is the same age as here is teasing here about it and make here feel unsafe and worry.

Poor girl this is not going to make things easier when it comes to keeping the diaper dry and clean.