Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 24/8-2016

A new day and a new hunt. Today i manage to hatch a Scyther and that was a new Pokemon in my Pokedex. Today’s goal was that i was trying to catch some more Pikachu so i walked to the spot where i know there like to spawn but i did dent manage to find any Pikachu this day :(  So i did dent manage to manage the goal that i had for today. But i manage to lover some level 4 gym’s so for the first time i could collect reward to have Pokemon on 4 different gym. So that was kind of nice to do and i receive a good emanate of XP to during this battles to.

And now to some photos of some of the Pokemon that i find or hatch today.


Here is some stats from my trainer account.



Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 23/8-2016

It is time for a new Pokemon Go report from Foxy. Today i manage to catch two new Pokemon that i dont have see in the wild before the first one was a Ponyta that i only have received in egg before but i even found a Pinsir and that was a new pokemon for me. I have also manage to hatch a couple of eggs today and battle 4 gyms i have even spend around 30 min to evolve some of my Pokemon so i could receive some XP whit help of lucky egg.

As i do whit every Pokemon Go report here is some photos of the most intresting Pokemon that i catch and hatched today.



I can soon evolve some of this rare Pokemon Kebuto.

Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 19/8-2016

I have been around in the city today and play some more Pokemon go. I have now reach level 23 :) But now it starting to get pretty hard to level up in the game now when you need so much XP. I also manage to hatch some eggs where i received some new Pokemon that i did dent have witch help me get closer to complete the pokedex. But still i have some very rare Pokemon that i need to find and i even hope that i can be able to find some more Pikachus to. I think Pikachu is to rare for my taste and even some other Pokemon they should be a little more uncommon then they are now. But then it should not be to match of a challenge to play the game but after a wile you get kind of tired of all this Drowzee, Rattata, Sperow and Pidgey that you find everywhere.