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Are there Pokemon diapers?

I find this special question on wiki.answers.com and thought it should be something that i should post here. And here is the answer to the question if there are Pokemon diapers:

No, there are no Pokémon diapers. Pokémon don’t usually wear clothes so there’s no need for diapers, plus they can control their bowel movements. There might be a way to tell but that would mean scanning through the whole (640+) Pokémon anime series (cartoon) to see if there were any episodes with Pokémon wearing diapers in any day-cares.

You can find the source here: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Are_there_Pokemon_diapers

But if you wont to look on Pokemon in diaper you can easy found allot of nice pitcher on google or on my blog. Yost click on Tag Pokemon to come to the right page for all Pokemon diapers relate pitchers that i have on my blog.

It can be that the answer to this question is not the right won. If i understand it right he/she ask more about if there are any diapers whit Pokemon print on. And what i know it have not be realest any diapers whit Pokemon print on. But it should be cool if it was any diapers whit Pokemon print on.

The only thing i have found is this baby cloths diaper whit Pokemon print on.

Pokemon cloth diaper
Pokemon cloth diaper

Kind of cool cloth diaper :) I should love to have a cloth diaper like this or a pair of diaper cover whit this print.

I found this cloth pokemon diaper on this site:

Bondage Desperation Wet & clean version

Eevee Bondage Desperation Clean
Eevee Bondage Desperation Clean

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10094140/

Seams like some one need to go potty and that relay bad. But like you see Eevee is not going to use any potty like you can see. He is going to be force to use his diaper like a good Pokemon. He can not hold the pee back for ever. so i think it is best for him if he you st let it go and wet his diaper.

Eevee Bondage Desperation Wet
Eevee Bondage Desperation Wet

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10094165/

This two drawings is created by: RuugiaRuu on Fur Affinity

Like we can see Eevee could not hold it back any more and he use his diaper. But it seams like even the diaper dont could handle this big flood he made so the diaper started to leak allot.

I hope some one can come and help him whit this big leak and that wet diaper so he dont get any rash or other skin problems for this wet diaper.


Video Game Plush

video game plush

I find this website when i search around for plushys websites on shareasale.com. This seams to be a good website if you are looking for some video game plush. You find all you favorite characters from you favorite video games like: Pokemon, Sonic, Super Mario and match more on VideoGamePlush.com

Information about the company:

We are a unique online store that features high-quality plush toys, figures, keychains, and more based on your favorite video game and anime characters. We offer the biggest selection of products including rare collectibles from Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Naruto, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers. All of our plushes and figures are official products, many of which are imported directly from Japan.

Seams like you can find all kind of nice and good Plush on: VideoGamePlush.com

Maybe you find your favorite plush on that site? So way not check it out to see if you find something you like. It is always fun to bought a new and cute plushy. Do you not agree? You can newer get to many plushy to cuddling whit when you are going to sleep and what can be nice to cuddling whit then your favorite character?

Foxy sleeping

Foxy sleeping
Foxy sleeping

Finely i have my new foxy drawing from roareyraccoon and it is awesome. I look so cute when i sleeping whit my Pikachu plushy and sucking on my thumb like a good little cub. And my diaper butt look kind of special to. This is a relay special drawing that he mad for me whit a new kind of coloring. But it make my character look so cute and special. Not every day you see a drawing like this.

many think to: roareyraccoon for this awesome drawing and ones again i think you did an amazing work whit this one.

I have not draw this one. I only have my character in it.

Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)
Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)

A new version whit a tail hole in the diaper.

Find some cool Pikachu T-Shirt

I find some rely cool Pokemon shirt today when i surfing around the web.

Pikachu T-shirt
Pikachu T-shirt

when i find this awesome shirt from this two stores: Ebay and http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/TShirts/Graphic//Pokemon+Pikachu+Pose+Girls+T-Shirt-344081.jsp  The only problem is that this T-shirt is in women size and not realy adult male size. Should be so awesome to have a t-shirt like this. Pikachu is my biggest favorite so that is the reason that i should love a shirt like this.

pokeball pikachu gotta catch em all cartoon
pokeball pikachu gotta catch em all cartoon

I find this cute shirt to. That short of print should be something nice to have to. It is always hard to find adult T-shirt whit this type of print on special some nice and good print that i like. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Pokeball-Pikachu-Gotta-Catch-Em-All-Cartoon-Mighty-Fine-Adult-T-Shirt-/350577550839?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item905e1d2d03

I have com across this store to: http://www.redbubble.com/ There seams to have lot of awesome Pikachu design to. But i dont know if there ship to Sweden or not. I cannot find some information on that. But i going to look around some more and maybe send them and e-mail and ask about it. Maybe the have that print that is on the print that i have post here on the top on the post. That should relay be something awesome and wonderful.

Wear this diaper and Sleep now

Wear this diaper and Sleep now

‘Now don’t throw this away, you need this, wear this diaper and go to sleep like a good cub should do!’

‘Ouch! okay!! stop that!!’

Poor Shinx, hiding under blanket didn’t use it seems :3

Draw by: RuugiaRuu

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9818024/

Seams like the poor Shinx get a spanking by Zangoose. But that is what happen if you dont wear your diaper like you are suppose to do. Diaper is design to help to keep the bed nice and dry and if you wear it like you are suppose to do every one is happy. But if you dont wear this diaper i am going to spank you for that long as it take for you to understand that you have to wear this diaper for you own good. So for you own good i think it is best for you to cooperate if you wont me to stop spank you. You most learn who is in charge here.