Diana Comes to play whit Peties

Diana Comes to play whit Peties
Diana Comes to play whit Peties

Diana is actually an adult but being that she is a mew she has powers that allows her to transform into a toddler version of herself in order to escape the responsibilities of adulthood. So she goes around to Peties house one day and cant understand why he doesn’t embrace his babyside more. She she decides to help him out.

Order by: The_Lost_One.

Draw by: toddlergirl.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11046573/.

I hope that Diana manage to help Peties out to accept his baby side more. Bu from the look on his face he seams to be more confuse then happy about this transformation. But i hope he mange to come around and maybe like this transformation.

I like the cute and blue diaper that Peties receive whit a cute and sweet print on the front that fits him good.

This Kid Needs Diapers – Video

Video create by: DiaperBoyTV

Yes it really sounds that way that this kids wont to be back into diaper. But it sounds kind of crazy when he ruins around the store and screams for diapers. But at lest he ends up whit a special video and a really like the t-shirt he is wearing. I wish i had the same t-shirt.

53) Little Fur’s Productions John Lennon – Video

Little Fur’s Productions in HD
John Lennon “Imagine”
Artwork of Foxy by Various Artists
Video by Pandr for Foxy

I thought it was time for Pandr to make a new video for me whit the new arts that i have order. I hope you are going to like this video and you can always ask Pandr if hi can make a video whit your art to. You find him here on Fur Affinity: pandr

You can click here if you wont to see some more videos from Little Fur’s Productions.

Charmander Tickling Buizel

Charmander Tickling Buizel
Charmander Tickling Buizel

Ordered from Lechensko.

Draw by: Coshi_Dragonite

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10759775/

It seams that Charmander have a very nice time right now when he decide that he should tickling his friend Buizel like that. We can only hope that Buizel not wet him self now. But maybe that is the point whit this tickling time? I dont know but i dont think that is the point but it can easy happen something like that when some one is tickling you like that.

It was a very nice drawing and what nice and soft color it is. This is some rely impression work by Coshi_Dragonite. I hope that i going to see lots of more nice work from that user in the future.

Pokemon Hypnosis

Do you wont to be a Pokemon ? Maybe you can get the change now whit this two Pokemon hypnosis files that i have found on Warp My Mind.

Another Pokemon file Pichu

A file designed to permanent turn you into an anthropomorphic Pokemon Specifically, Pichu. Mental and physical transformation this file cannot be undone.

Suit of Umbreon’s Pleasure

Description: What? I like pokemon, sue me. I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but I’ve gotten quite a lot of support from people I’ve met here on WMM and decided it was worth adding more to this small niche of fetishes, so this is a bit of a thank you to those people (you know who you are)! I also happen to like living suits, especially plush ones. This one is much different from some of my other files, as this one takes you down into being nothing but a horny umbreon. Uses a lot of degradation, making the user feel like they’re nothing more than a pet… an umbreon… oh it’s just so exciting! Rated X for Mind Control, male masturbation, and other things that I forgot to mention. This is a scripted, story-based hypnosis file which will begin to hypnotize you as you read it, so when you first open it up be ready! Enjoy, and as always feel free to comment or send me a PM about your experiences, as I always love to hear people’s reactions. I will now let the file take it away, enjoy!

You need to be premium member on Warp My Mind to download this Pokemon hypnosis files. I dont know if this work but this hypnosis files sounds very special.

Pikachu show his cute diaper butt

Pikachu show his cute diaper butt
Pikachu show his cute diaper butt

Pikachu show his cute diaper butt. He is doing a commercial for this new Pokemon diaper brand. So he is doing some nice model work for this brand. They wont him to suck on his cute pacifier to get the extra cute baby look. And you most agree it works very well. He look very sweet in this pose holding his paws on the diaper package that he is advertising for.

Draw by: veemonsito

I would like to thank veemonsito for this awesome work. I dont know what to say that should enplane what i feel about this pitcher. I am happy that veemonsito draw this pitcher for me i know that user is good on drawing Pokemon art. But this was something else then i have seen before from this user. You should order from this user if you wont to have some nice and cute Pokemon art.

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