Babies can’t call others babies

Babies can't call others babies“Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten mad and called your little sister childish. Mommy didn’t seem too happy about that. But she seems happy now. Perhaps it’s because you’re being such a good baby for her.”

In other words: No u

Order and above text by DuskShadowBrony

Draw by cuddlehooves


Someone sure seems to like his new stage :)

I bet we dont need to wait long before someone have use his thick diaper but for the time being his thick diaper sure seems to be all dry and clean.

A good boy, in his natural habitat – LittleLiam117

Giggle looks like someone is maybe doing a stinky in his diaper during the playtime? It sure is a little hard to say but i think that is what happening here.



There are many questions surrounding Espurr. Why does it stare so intently? Are they a boy or a girl? How does it keep the underside of their ears clean? But Espurr here only has one question on their mind: why is it that their nappies get wet whenever they finish drinking their bottle? I guess some questions will never be answered~

Draw and everything by the–shambles


Awww poor thing yes some question newer get answered :(

Maybe your mother or father can explain this to you how it works? ;)

Padded pikachu

Padded pikachu

Draw and everything by ozzybear


One happy Padded Pikachu we have here :)

He sure seems happy and ready for some fun adventure. I sure wounder what type of adventure he is going to be doing?

Piakchu and Eevee Playing Nintendo Switch – inukami_hikari

Eevee and Pikachu sure seems to have a fun time playing on there Nintendo switch. Wounder what type of game they are playing? Maybe they are playing one version of the Pokemon Let`s Go version :)