Battle Ready Sparks

Battle Ready SparksAh, the return of Sparks as a pikachu! Now he can battle in the newest Super Smash Bros! While looking confident as ever at the center of the stadium, he still wishes he could fight as his pichu self.

Sparks and text by: pichu90


Awww Sparks look so cute and focus right now and i love to see him as a Pikachu then i do as Pichu. Pikachu is way more cuter and cooler.

Team Magma: Foxy

Team Magma: Foxy
Foxy here from Team Magma. May secret mission is so capture all Pikachu in the world and cuddling whit them all at the same time.

My official mission is to beat Team Aqua together whit may Team Magma friends.

Draw by: fangthefox

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little Lucario

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little LucarioWell, Lucario was babysitting me for two months, mostly just changing my diapers. When I was occupied watching TV, he snuck into my room and grabbed one of my diapers and put it on. He didn’t realize me open the door. I was going to ask him for a change, and then I saw he was wearing my diapers. He saw me and made a terrified/ nervous look. I smiled, and started friendly teasing him about it. He tried to explain but couldn’t make anything up. Well, turns out he’s not that good at holding his stuff in when he’s nervous, because he made a huge warm mess into his diaper. He looked down to his super messy diaper, then to me. “You totally like it.”
He blushed and looked away, “Shut up…”.


Text and drawing bay: Poke-anima

Yes it really look that way that Lucario enjoy wearing diapers to and he seems to use them weary well to like his friend Pikachu do. Now them bout need to have a clean diaper before they starting to leak.

Aqua Grunt: Fang

Aqua Grunt: FangAqua Grunt: Fang challenges you to a battle! And if you loose you must swab the poop deck!

I decided to go ahead and make one of the YCH’s I currently have going on to show people what the finished product would look like, there was quite a bit that was uncertain like the background here. I like how it turned out though and I think something like this is worth $25… right?
Anyway, if you want to go pick one up go check out the YCH here: just keep in mind it ends at midnight on 10/10/2014.


Text and drawing by: Fangthefox

aww this is a weary cute version of one of the members in Team Aqua.

I have pick up a version my self but i decide to go whit the Team Magma instead. I hope that one ends up cute to :)

Fangthefox is really good when it comes to cute drawings :)

Messy Little Pikachu

Messy Little PikachuThis was before the lab incident. Lucario was going to babysitting me for the summer and didn’t realize what he was getting himself into… About a half an hour after he started, this is how he found me. I was really messy and stinky, which kinda sucked for him because dogs have a strong sense of smell and he gagged when he picked me up. Well, I can tell he’s going to have fun for the next two months.


Draw and text by: Poke-anima

Yes i can really understand Pikachu that he wont to have his diaper change. But i can understand Lucario at the same time to it cannot be so match fun to be force to change this messy and stinky diaper that Pikachu is wearing. But someone need to help him into a clean and dry diaper before he ends up whit a bad diaper rash.

What should you do if you get force to change a stinky messy diaper like this one?

Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?

Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?Pikachu have heard many times from other than his mom that he has a sweet diaper butt. He wonders why everyone thinks so much about it? Is there something special about a diaper butt?

He decided pretty quickly that this is something that he must check up. He walked over to the mirror in the hallway and turned to see his diaper butt in the mirror. But he noticed no thing special about it.

So what is it then that makes everyone want to pat his diaper covered butt? When it dont seems to be any special about it. And some time they say that he need a diaper change because his diaper seems to be weary wet. How can they know that when they are patting my diaper butt?

Draw by: veemonsito