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Mom: Good night my little boy… have a nice…oh c’mon, don’t give me that look, you’ll become used with this diaper…
Eevee: mom…. this is embarrasing! i’m on 5 th grade now…
Mom: i know honey, but you won’t your bed become wet when you wake up right? just sleep well…good night.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7307628

I  understand how his feel. Tis can be a hard time for a boy to get back in diaper. But if he wet the bed it should be the best way to keep the bed dry. Diapers is made to handle this sort of things and it need to be thick so it dont leak in to the bed.

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Restroom Change by lilchu

Restroom Change by lilchu
Restroom Change by lilchu

Betowolf was walking around in the mall with his older brother, Lilchu shopping for clothing and other things when he later had an accident while purchasing a few games at the register.

He blushingly tugged Lilchu’s shirt being so embarrassed to tell him in front of the cashier and customers in line. Fortunately Lilchu knows when to attend the needs of his big boy cubs like Betowolf and checked out at the register as soon as he could and went to check the mall’s map to find the nearest restroom, which was 6 stores away.

When walking Beto’s diaper began to get noticeably droopy under his pants giving him trouble to walk past other shoppers. Beto was so embarrassed to get to the bathroom in public he cried once they got to the bathroom.

Fortunately the bathroom was a private “Family” restroom and lilchu was there beside him on the way to the bathroom. and the shoppers were too busy to notice.

“its okay, lil Betowolf” Said lilchu when pulling Beto’s pants down. “Even big boys like you still have accidents and being diaper dependent is nothing to be ashamed of :3”

Beto felt better afterwards and after being changed into a fresh diaper by lilchu they continued with their fun mall shopping.

tl;dr story but I just had to put it in x3 sorry for any grammar errors I’m not good at stories XP

I’m so happy I got this ^O^ its so cute


Art by:

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7296678/

Yes i know this can be very hard for some and very embarrassed situation to do a public diaper change or even wet you diaper around other people in public places like a store or something. Take some time to get use to it.

But the drawing look very cute and the Pokemon diaper look very cute.

I really appreciate you!

I really appreciate you!
I really appreciate you!

This is my thank you gift to toddlergirl by :eeviechu: she drew me for free three times and I’d say four but I felt I did an unworthy story trade with her. XD

Anyway a few people pointed out and said to me after the trade we did and my spot in the comic when I spoke that I seemed like I was being a meanie to Gem. ^^; I don’t see it but it did make me feel a bit bad and I already felt like I owe her for the three times she drew me for free so I thought of doing something more light hearted, hopefully I wont seem like I’m mean to her this time. XD

Sometimes when you run into nice people that constantly gives gift, its always good to consider giving back for once, although its not required but its nice to show someone you appreciate their kindness for the time and work they put into drawing for you. :3 So thank you Toddlergirl!

  eeviechu did an amazing job with this one. I love her art style. ^^ All credit goes to her of course!

Gem and grub ©   toddlergirl

Renris © Me

Artwork ©  eeviechu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6523532

This was very nice of RenChu to do. There are so cute together when RenChu give a big hug to toddlergirl. I give you a golden star for this :) .