Unexpected reaction

Unexpected reaction

Later of end of class, stella, a Flareon which is in 6th grade is just talking with her friends and Stella just got a idea, since her friends talks about potty training to their siblings.

Stella: I know she won´t put a diaper back again, since she has a year away without them on. so i want give her a bet, i know she won´t put one back again, want do this for fun, see you later friends.

She ran away and but a package of diapers that fits to Her sister, Sandy, a Eevee who is in Third grade and has 7 Years, she took the package inside of her backpack and she ran to home.

Stella: Sandy, are you here?

Sandy: Hi Stella, you came a little late today, i don´t have any homework, so i´m watching some Tv while mom and Dad came from work.

Stella: Well, i have something for you.
Sandy: Want is, what is?

While stella take the package of diapers, the plastic package starts to sounds.


Sandy: What, is this for me?
Sandy´s expression was very confusing, and take the diaper package and looking around, and she said.
Sandy: But these are diapers, come on i leave these long time ago, i-i just don´t need them anymore!

Stella: I know, but you look cute with them on, i just want watch my diapered sis as a little she as she was before.

Sandy: Nevermind!! i don´t put them on.

Stella: just put them on just for a little just for see you wear them, you don´t need use for going potty in.

Sandy: i refuse to even put on.

Stella: Not even for a big ice cream?

Stella´s proposal was very tempting to Sandy, since she wants ice cream since was a hot day.

Sandy: Well, if its for a ice cream….

Sandy take the diaper package and take one diaper and put it on in a few seconds.

Sandy: Here is then, i have it on.

Stella looks surprised after Sandy´s reaction.

Stella: oh, that is my little sister, your diaper bottom is ado…

While Sandy is showing her padding, a wet spot start to appeared in the bottom of the diaper.

Stella: Did you really did that?

Sandy: what?

Stella: did you wet it?

Sandy: yes, are the diapers mine huh?

Stella: Yes, but i didn´t expect that, you are a soggy vee now…

Sandy: i neede to go, so why not go potty while watching tv?

Stella looking confused about the whole situation of her sister, just said:

-I´ll buy you ice cream now.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26528640/

It is good to know that at least Sandy knows how diapers works :)

When she now have it on way not use it to :) This Sandy sure know what she is doing :)

A Playdate with Pikachu

A Playdate with PikachuHeya buds. In this one, after I used my bubble spell on Pikachu to test out to see if was regressed to a baby, it worked out well. Of course I had to pop the bubble to get him out of there as I carry him on the way to the Pokemon Daycare center as Pikachu is giggling, enjoying the ride. I’m sure the owners of the daycare center will take good care of Pikachu.

Scott Koopa, Text and order by PoisndartDragoon

Draw by warpwarp1929

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26523653/

Yes it sure seems like the baby Pikachu is having a fun time when Scott Koopa is carrying him to the daycare center. But i wounder when the special on Pikachu is losing it power what is going to happen then? Or is the cute Pikachu going to stay in this baby state forever?

Any way he sure is match more cuter when he is wearing diapers :) Do you not agree on that one to?

Well This Is Awkward

Well This Is Awkwardit looks as though Crunch caught Aziel in a very soggy diaper, but Crunch soon realized that the diaper they were wearing looked, and smelled exactly like his diaper from the previous night! looks like Azielwent through Crunch’s nursery and stole last nights diaper from his diaper pail and put it on! i’m sure if Aziel had asked Crunch for a diaper, he would’ve happily obliged and given them a clean diaper since all babies, both big and small need diapers!

Crunch and text by poochyena

Aziel © to killer654

Draw by xepher777

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26454654/

Poor Aziel looks like Crunch have found out that she likes to wear diapers. But maybe next time she should stole some of Crunch clean diaper instead of the diapers he already have been using. It sure most be pretty stinky right now.

I sure love Crunch pose in this drawing :) He sure looks kind of curious and confuse.

Baby Zeraora

Baby ZeraoraDraw and everything by BabySteps

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26444661/

Awww poor blushing Zeraora. Looks like we have found this Pokemon in his/here most blushing situation. Poor thing but you are not the only Pokemon that is in need of diapers. Everyone have there own problem and you sure looks match more cuter in that thick diaper that you are wearing :)