Today i receive my copy of Pokemon Y

Today when i get home from work i notes that i have some special thing in my mailbox and when i open the package from Dischop i notes that it was my copy of the new Pokemon game (Pokemon Y). I have play the game now around one hour and i most say that i love this 3D effect and the animation and colors in the game is something special and weary nice. It feels that it bring back something special inside me and it feels fun to play Pokemon again and it is not every time you feel that kind of thing. So if you are a Pokemon fan or have bean this is a game that you need to order and play. You are going to love it i think i can promise you that.

They have made allot of nice and good change that make the game more inspiring and entertaining than any other Pokemon games that I’ve played before.

Maybe we even can battle or trade some Pokemon lather on? It should be nice to test the new battle and trade mode that they have add to see how it works.

And it seems that allot of user have receive it one day early. Pokemon Y & X should be suppose to be release tomorrow. But it seems like allot of company have start to sell it before the release day. Wounder what Nintendo is thinking about this?