Pokemon Soul Silver Moments

Pokemon Soul Silver MomentsDraw by liljdude

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26345700/

Looks like someone is doing a special discovering here. And it sure is a blushing moment for this Pokemon Trainer. Now then they have found out that he is wearing some thick diapers.

Charizard in stuffing a lucky trainer

Poor trainer it seems like he or she is force to spend sometimes in this Charizards wet diaper. That cannot be so match fun :(

Rex of Team Aqua

Rex of Team AquaReXam-1 is a water trainer, and part of Team Aqua.

Fox: ReXam-1

Draw by Yookey

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19222309/

Yes Rexam really look evil on this badge and he look kind of scary to together whit his Azumarill.

But the same time he look a little cute together whit the ribbon and the swim diaper that he is wearing.

Now can he focus on his mission even if he is below water.

I Caught A Pikachu!

I Caught A Pikachu!
I Caught A Pikachu!

Crunch wants to someday become one of the world’s greatest Pokémon trainers (even though he himself is a Pokémon), so he decided to throw on his pants he only wears to practice being a Pokémon trainer and practiced his battling on his Pikachu plushie. judging by his victory pose and Pikachu wrapped tight in his arm, he was successful! ^^

Crunch © poochyena
Poochyena & Pikachu © to Pokémon

Draw by: cyberpikachu

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11257176/

It look like Crunch have caught himself a Pikachu that he have looking in a long time. And i am happy that he finely have captured one so he search is over for him. I know that you maybe ask your self now how hard can it be to capture a Pikachu plushy. Then i can say you that it is not that hard or difficult to capture a plushy if you are an adult. But when it comes to cub this sort of thing can be a difficult task but they end up having a weary great play time :). And that is a weary good thing for a cub to play and have fun. And when the cub have captured he or she can do a cute pose about it.

So i wish you all a weary happy play time whit the plushes that you have to play whit.