Pikachu stuff shopping

For a couple of days ago i was visiting Gothenburg to visit a Charmander nest so i could catch some more candy for a new Charizard in Pokemon Go. I also decided to visit the local Gamestop store and find some nice Pikachu items.


This was the cool items that i find in the store :)

Maybe too little for Pokemon Go

Maybe too little for Pokemon Go
Foxy have start to play Pokemon Go a couple of months ago but he have only reach level 5 where he choice to join team Valor.

But Foxy is more interesting to cuddling and play whit the Pokeball then to use it. Maybe he is still to little to play the game.

But at least he is a happy little cub.

Draw by ZombiNeko

Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 29/8-2016

Today was not a 100% good day to went out to play Pokemon Go. The weather was a little rainy even if the radar image sad that it should not be rain anything today. But i was at least able to find me a the radar image Magneton and that was a new Pokemon for my pokedex. I have only 1 more Pokemon to find then i have find 100 different Pokemon types :) that should be something nice to do :)

I think i can make it happen next time i decide to sit down and evolve the Pokemon that i have captured.