Baby Photos – Foxy – Drooling – Baby bottle

Baby Photo - Foxy - Baby bottleWhen you have a little cub at home you love taking allot of different baby photos when you little prince doing stuff. In this photo you can see that Foxy is drinking his bottle whit his Pikachu plush by his side.

Draw by Yookey

Baby Photos - Foxy - Drooling
When you have a little cub at home you love taking allot of different baby photos when you little prince doing stuff. In this photo you can see that Foxy drooling on his teddy bears head. Maybe he wont to have another bottle ?

Draw by Yookey

62 inch Giant Husky Pup –

Husky Banner


Original price: $349.00  Now: $299.00

62 inch Giant Husky Pup

Over 5 Feet!

This giant husky plush is 62 inches in total length. It has ultra soft fur texture, beautiful eyes, and a curly tail. It lies comfortably on all fours. This plush can be modded with up to three different holes. There is no internal toy storage pouch option on this plush. This plush can be fitted with add-on vibrating silicone insertable toys

•Not your average plushy! BearMods plushies are reinforced for superior strength and durability you won’t find in stores! Made for lovin, so don’t be afraid to get rough!

  Bum, Vag, and Mouth Holes Available

•Your choice of any hole, all holes, a custom combo, or no holes at all.
•8″ deep, 3″ Wide. Your choice of Satin, Microfur, or Plush Fur lining.
•We place the bum hole just under the tail in the rear of the toy.
•We place the vag hole directly between the legs of the toy.
•We place the mouth hole a few inches down from the nose of the toy.

Vibrating Silicone Hole Insert

•Insert this soft silicone cup into any hole on your modified plush toy, for a whole new experience! Turn on the vibrator inside for even more fun! Fits all standard size holes, with any lining. Smooth plastic cup make it easy to slide in and out of any hole, with any lining. Easily removable for cleaning and storing.


Wow this is one big husky plush that the have here on that is really something to hug and cuddling whit.

It is even available in 46 inch if you find this one to big.

fowxy.. make em stop.

fowxy.. make em stop.Draw and everything by Charry


Poor little babyfur it looks like he is watching something scary. Maybe he should use his plush fox style= to cover his face whit. That should be good and maybe all the scary things get away then.

Grumpy Wake Up

Grumpy Wake Up
While Shade is a more docil of the Daemon Koopa species, he still has a little “grumpy” side to him. Never wake up a Daemon Koopa too early..even a little hatchling can cause some trouble -.-

Koopa and text by Shade_Koopa

Draw by Xepher777


Yes i agree Koopa dont looks so happy about that someone have decided to wake him up from the wonderful and nice sleep he had. wounder if he is going to do something bad now?

Happy now?

Happy now?Dog and draw by CuddleHooves


Looks like this cute little cub is ready for his bedtime. It is good that he have decide to where thick diaper and sucking on a pacifier during his sleep. The thick diaper is going to protect him from get his bed all wet from his night time accidents and his pacifier and plush will help him stay all calm and happy.

I wish him sleep dreams now.