Plushy Regression Part 4

Plushy Regression Part 4

With the plushy’s work done and Volly’s mind now matching his hatchy body, there’s nothing left for the little dragon to do but snug his new best friend and hope there’s a grownup around to change his soon to be well used padding.

Order and above text by Diaper-and-Dragons

Draw by cuddlehooves


Awww looks like everything ended well after all :) We sure have one happy dragon here now :)

I only hope someone is there to take care of him now.


27/10/18I was feeling meh as I tried to draw and nothing seemingly was coming out decent to having little feels and not being able to tend to them.

Draw and everything by Charry


Yes this sort of thing can really make you sad :( That you cannot be the person that you wont to be :(

But it sure make for a cute drawing anyway ;)

I sure love that thick diaper butt this furry have :) It sure make me wont to give it allot of pats :)

I concur Plucky – babybedtimebear

Looks like this is not going to work ;)

Looks like its going to take allot of effort for Pluckys parents to potty train him.

Let’s go change you little man – smolbuncup

Yes it sure seems like someone could be needing a change here now.



Squeeze your plushies tight! They love it.

…no matter what they might tell you.

Order by TsukiKita

Draw and above text by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes it is sure nice and awesome to snuggling whit your favorite and i bet they love it to :)

It is always nice to have something to love and give allot of hugs to :)


Photog Bouncer

Photog Bouncerbounce bounce bounce

The badge is order by lilbooga

Draw and above test by Reva_the_Scarf


It looks to me that lilbooga wont to be a photographer when he grows up :) I hope he manage to get some nice photo shoots today :)