Photog Bouncer

Photog Bouncerbounce bounce bounce

The badge is order by lilbooga

Draw and above test by Reva_the_Scarf


It looks to me that lilbooga wont to be a photographer when he grows up :) I hope he manage to get some nice photo shoots today :)

Back Seat Sleeper

Back Seat Sleeper

We can all agree sleeping Kammy is the best Kammy…
Mostly because it’s just about the only time her big mouth isn’t being indignant. ^_^

Draw and everything by Kammypup


Cubs sure are cute and quiet when they are sleeping :)

I sure hope that she have some nice and wonderful dreams.

I am so sick and feeling miserable – xephy_buns

I am so sick and feeling miserable

Draw and everything by

Yes you sure dont look like you are feeling so good and it sure seems like it was a good move bay you to be wearing that diaper. It sure seems to start to look pretty soggy right now.

Maybe time to be thinking about a change?



a cute crinklepup playing with his car <3

Husky belongs to reeseab89

Draw by airwolf1987


Yes it sure seems like he have some fun time playing whit that car that seems to be flying around like now.

That sure seems to be one amazing care that we have here. But he sure have a fun time :)

It’s @LilCadvan and his favourite plush! – BlankiePlush

and ToothlessIt's @LilCadvan and his favourite plush! - BlankiePlush sure looks super cute together :)

The Special drink

The Special drinkCharacters belongs to Dark-paws

Draw by catmonkshiro


Giggle looks like the raccoon finely figure it out what the label mean whit special drink. Looks like the drink included some laxative that he did dent was prepared for. Poor thing maybe he dont is use to messy his diaper yet. But the drink sure going to help him whit that now ;)

Poor thing soon he is going to join his husky friend whit a messy diaper to.