The Special drink

The Special drinkCharacters belongs to Dark-paws

Draw by catmonkshiro

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Giggle looks like the raccoon finely figure it out what the label mean whit special drink. Looks like the drink included some laxative that he did dent was prepared for. Poor thing maybe he dont is use to messy his diaper yet. But the drink sure going to help him whit that now ;)

Poor thing soon he is going to join his husky friend whit a messy diaper to.

Piddle Butt

Piddle ButtI guess Ben wasnt paying attention to how full his diaper was getting:p

The dog and text belongs to ethan86

Draw by Bunny-Butt

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Awww it sure seems like someone have ended up whit on very soggy and use diaper here. Maybe his mother or caretaker should have check his diaper morefrequently. It really seems like you really need to do that to avoid something like this to be happen again.

Bet he sure looks kind of super cute right now :)

Space Pups

Space Pupsscottishraptor with him and his bruh.

The cute pups belongs to scottishraptor

Draw and text by Reva_the_Scarf

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Yes it sure seems like this two have a wonderful fun time together :)

Taking a nap

Taking a napThe cute sleeping husky belongs to Kodiak_Fusky

This cute drawing is made by revathescarf

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I sure hope that this cute little cubs is having some sweet dreams now. And i bet that is true special now when he is having his stuffed friend close bay to cuddling whit during his nap time :)

They sure look cute together :)

I sure wish i could give this cute husky a pet on his diaper butt :)

Bedtime Story

Bedtime StoryCheryl is telling her giggly little tot a story before bed.

Caiden, Cheryl and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by Tato

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Hearing a bedtime story right beforesandman come over to visit sure is the best thing :)

Caiden sure seems to love his bedtime story that Cheryl is reading for him :)

Nah a Stinker

Nah a Stinker

Yeah, I’m never stinky! Little foxy plushies tend to have a small toot toot problem yup OuO Minty! Stop rolling your eyes or they’ll never believe me. You’ll get more snuggles if you play along >///> Part two to the folf is feeling brave, so how can I embarrass myself tonight before being consumed by social anxiety again and hiding away =P

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox

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Poor boy looks like no one believe him when he say that he is not the one that is stinky. Poor thing but you are the one wearing the diaper not your cute little plushy ;)

I should suggest that you should get that stinky diaper changed.