Playing whit remote control toy helicopter

Playing whit remote control toy helicopterI’m about to reveal the truth about why I’ve never wanted to fly helicopters. I had a bad experience with one as a kit where some big kid flew his remote control toy helicopter over to me and said he could lift me off the ground with it. I didn’t think it would go so high but when I grabbed on, it lifted me 20 feet in the air and hovered for several minutes! It was so scary! Go for a flight he said…It will be fun he said…ugh.

And that’s why I fly planes instead: they can’t hover. :)

Raccoon and text by dan_raccoon

Draw by Myoti


Poor boy this sounds like a very scary situation.

Foxy play whit his new rocking horse

Foxy play whit his new rocking horseToday Foxy received a little present from his mother a rocking horse and this is the first time Foxy have try a rocking horse. So he was a little afraid to try it out but when his mother gave him his pacifier he was not so afraid any more and find it kind of fun to play whit it.

Draw by ZombiNeko

Christmas Wagon

Christmas WagonLooks like I got a little Christmas tree, my Riley bear and a surprise gift. All tucked away in a little red wagon.

Text and wolf by muarauder12

Draw by Yookey

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Yes this is a nice gift now you can move you stuff all around the nursery and other place in your home.

Finger painting with friends

Finger painting with friendspichuboy finger painting with his brother Bolt and poke5869 Darny as his eevee self ^^

Now they can paint with three times as many colors at once!


Darny poke5869

Draw and text by pichu90

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Yes finger painting is very fun but the diaper and the cloths get get very messy if they get allot of paint on it.

Good that this three cubs only is playing around whit the paint wearing only the diapers.

Sparkypup big ball time

Sparkypup big ball timeWolf sparkypup

Draw by ZombiNeko

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Looks like this cute little wolf have a nice and fun playtime on the big ball. I only hope that he dont fall down and hurt himself.