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Foxy plays whit leaf

Foxy plays whit leaf
Foxy plays whit leaf.

Foxy was out playing whit some leaf that he have found in the yard when he come up whit a great ide. That he should take some leaf whit him inside so he can show his mom what he have found. But it was one problem how should he bring them inside when he dont have any thing he can put them in. Then he come up whit a great ide he have his diaper that he can put them in. He have seen that in a TV show that you can put things inside the diaper (Foxy was thinking about Rugrats). so Foxy starting to put the leaf inside his diaper so he can bring them inside and show his mom what beautiful leaf he have found when he was out playing.

But one thing that Foxy not thought about if he have the leaf inside his diaper should they still be that beautiful when he take them out? And what should Foxys mom say when she found out about this?

Draw by: rogeykun



Finally got to draw this, I’ve had the idea since like the beginning of June! xD
I wanted to draw something Summery before it’s too late. :P

I haven’t been to a beach like this in years. TwT

Josh © me
art © me

Text and art ReXam-1

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11231592/

It look like Josh have every thing for a fun day at the beach. But it look like he have forgot a bucket and some spare swim diapers if he need to have a change. Because i think he going to spend the whole day at the beach and it can be good to have some spar diapers if you need change. But i hope that he going to have a wonderful time at the beach whit his red shovel and bathing ring.

Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon

Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon
Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon

Cub: kennykitsune

3 word commission draw by: familliar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11134954/

This was a weary cute drawing on kennykitsune and what a cute big pink balloon that he have found to play whit. I only hope that he dont broke it now when he is on the top or worse fall down and hurt himself. That should be something weary bad if that happen. And i most say that he have a weary cute diaper butt that i am sure going to relieve the fall little bit if he landing on his butt. But we need to hope that nothing bad is going to happen whit kennykitsune when he play on this big pink balloon.

see.. i told you it worked.

see.. i told you it worked.
see.. i told you it worked.

Being into regression and shrinking, its always fun to try out new methods. Such as using the power of mental will alone! Tavi and I got into clean diapers, then closed our eyes and imagined ourselves getting smaller and younger, until we shrink right down into our diapers! Now we have huge diapees to play in! Good thing they were still clean. Hehe ^^ I must say, regressing out of or into a big diaper is one of my favorite regression scenarios. I bet it would be lots of fun!

Cubs: ozziekitskunk and tavimunk

Draw by: kekolunarwolf

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11093666/

It seems that ozziekitskunk and tavimunk have found something really powerful here. Bet i think they should imagined into smaller diaper to. Now they need to play inside there diaper if some one have an accident or something.  But they look weary cute in there big diapers.

Foxy’s play time with his plushy

Foxy's play time with his plushy
Foxy’s play time with his plushy

It is so nice and awesome to have a playtime in the soft and cozy crib in the morning. When you are waiting for mom to com and change your wet night diaper.

I try to learn my teddy bear to walk and it is important that you hold his hand when you learn him. So he dont fall and get hurt that should be something very bad. Mom try to learn me to walk yesterday and i hope that my plushy learn to walk the same day that i learn to walk. Like you can see he is very happy about this thought like i am.

Draw by: thegentilefenrir

I would like to thank thegentilefenrir for this wonderful and cute drawing.

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Fang Tag

Fang TagDraw by: TaviMunk

Character: Fangthefox

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9355859/

Fangthefox looks so cute whit his block and his diaper butt and i hope he is going to have a good day now whit lots of play and funny stuff to do. And he dont need to worry about any accident whit this cute diaper on that are going to handle the accident that he may have :)