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Pink Kitty Cat Print PVC Plastic Pants

Pink Kitty Cat Print PVC Plastic Pants

Pink Sissy Kitty Cat Print PVC Plastic And Cotton Pull Up Pants For Adults ABDL Diaper Lovers And Adult Baby PVC Pants –

Pink Kitty Cat Print Adult Plastic & Cotton Pants – Cotton Outer – PVC Inner

  • Crinkly Plastic PVC Inner
  • 100% Brushed Cotton Outer Layer – Really Soft
  • Washable
  • Snug Fitting Comfortable Elasticated Legs and Waist
  • Double Stitched
  • Ideal Over Cuddlz Nappies / Diapers
  • Cold/Warm Handwash and Hang To Dry

These are brand new fantastic real baby plastic pants for adults.

Sizes Available
Small Waist 24-32 Inches (61cm to 81cm)
Medium Waist 28-34 Inches (71cm to 86cm)
Large Waist 32-40 Inches (81cm to 101cm)
Extra Large 40-46 Inches (101cm to 117cm)
(We have no XXL yet in these – But we do still have some in the other Pink Kitty Style)

This is some new plastic pants from and you can find the product here. If this plastic pants is something that you wont to order. This can be something to have over your diaper special if you like Hello kitty.

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DL – How it began for me By Les Lea

I suppose this is a sort of confession.
I suppose it’s something I feel a little bit guilty about… although I’m not sure why.
It’s something I like to do, because it makes me feel good and… I suppose… makes me feel sexy… even though, to most people, that’s the last thing it would do.
OK. OK. I’m just going to say it out loud and then … well… it’s out there and you can mock or call me names as much as you like. Hell, over the years and in my confusion I’ve called myself all kinds of things but… it doesn’t stop me doing it. Yes, alright… I’ll stop putting it off and just tell you. But don’t judge me. Well, I suppose you will but… I feel that… well… this is the place I should be able to talk about this… without too much… too many… well, problems. I mean, we all have our little secrets don’t we? I’m sure some are worse than mine. I bet some are really weird… yer… weird… but I promise I wont judge you. So, be kind. I really need to get this off my chest even though I don’t know why and after all… isn’t the motto of this group… this forum… “If it feels good, do it”? A bit like the sportswear brand Nike “Just do it”. OK. OK. Sorry, sorry… OK… I’m just waffling now. Here goes. I like to wear… erm… I find it comforting to wear… under my jeans, or suit, or in bed… a pair of… don’t be shocked… erm… a diaper and a pair of plastic pants.

Perhaps some of you want to know where my love of these items comes from? I’m sure everyone has their own starting point for this type of thing. The moment when they realised that… ‘POW’… that precise moment in time was when it all started. I have a mate who can tell you the moment, and the occasion, that he became obsessed with men. As a kid he was watching a Tarzan programme on TV and he realised he was jealous of the boy Tarzan was looking after. Tarzan; all muscles and all but naked body in a loincloth, and the boy was dressed much the same… he desperately wanted to be that boy. Since that TV programme he’s been obsessed about finding his own Tarzan character; big, strong, in charge but it gets more and more difficult as you get older. Like me he’s now middle-aged and, playing a little defenceless boy in need of protection, is getting more and more difficult. Not that that is how I see myself. No. I don’t see myself as a little lad. Hell NO, what are you thinking? Although I can tell you when this obsession started and it was down to a little boy… my younger brother.

As kids we shared the same bed. Well, when he was old enough to sleep away from my parents he ended up sharing my bed. He was 3 at the time and I was 7. As a grown-up 7 year-old I didn’t really want to be sharing my bed with anyone, least of all my little brother who I wasn’t convinced was toilet trained. In fact he was very slow in getting to use the potty and mum kept him in training pants during the day, and at night she’d slip a pair of plastic pants over them for added protection. One night, when he was 4 years old, mum had said that he didn’t need the training pants anymore as he’d had dry nights for several months. Like me he slept in just his pajamas and yes, that night, he wet the bed.  Now, I was sleeping next to him and to be suddenly awakened by a wet patch took me by surprise and disgust and I literally kicked the little bugger out of the bed. He landed on the floor with a crash and banged his head on the bedside table, which caused a cut and he started crying.  I panicked as mum and dad came to my room to see what the commotion was all about. Mum picked up my little brother and stared daggers at me for hurting her little baby, while dad grabbed my arm and pulled me from the damp bed. I tried to explain that he’d wet the bed and I hadn’t meant to hurt him but my dad did something he’d never done before. He put me over his knee and gave me a spanking. Never in all my 8 years had my dad said so much as a harsh word to me let alone raised his hand, but over his knee he gave me such a hard hand spanking that my little cotton pajamas offered no protection and my bottom felt every fierce smack. By the end I was weeping more than my little brother, my bottom hurt and stung but my father told me to stand in the corner of the room with my hands on my head… I couldn’t even rub the pain away. As I stood there crying, and in shock, dad flipped the mattress and changed the bedding. He seemed to take ages and all I could do was sob in the corner with a stinging red bum and regretting ever having a pissy little brother.

When he’d finished he called me over to him. He was sat on the bed and I feared I was in for another spanking but I wasn’t. He pulled me into his warm manly chest and gave me a cuddle. He kissed my head and held me in a comforting way until my sobbing had quietened down then he spoke to me in his usual, soft and mild tones about… responsibility. He told me about my responsibility to my brother… that when he or my mum were not around, I was in charge and I should be looking out for him; making sure he didn’t hurt himself or get into any trouble. He explained how he and my mum were relying on me to be a good brother, a thoughtful brother, a protecting brother… and all in all… I was made to feel I had let them down, but more importantly, I’d let myself down by this one act of nastiness. Dad hugged me and put me back into bed with a kiss and I slept on my front as my bum still smarted from the spanking. My little brother spent the night with mum and dad and, after thinking about my situation and what dad had said, I eventually managed to get some sleep.

The following day David, my little brother, had quite a bruise on his forehead together with a small scratch. I really did feel guilty so apologised to him before I went off to school though didn’t know what to expect when I got home. Sleeping arrangements were the same, I went to bed and David was there only this time he was back in his plastic pants. I cuddled him that night, I wanted him to know that I was his older brother who would protect him and not harm him, and he scooted up to lie against my chest as I wrapped my arms around him.  That was the moment… the ‘POW’ moment I was telling you about. The moment when I fell for a sensation and my life changed just quite a bit.

My pajamas were very thin and so were David’s and I could feel the thickness of the diaper and plastic pants through the material. As he snuggled up closer the back of his pajamas came down and mine had also ridden up a bit so, some of my hip came into contact with his plastic pants. I liked the feeling. As he slept I pulled down his pajama bottoms and had him sleep tightly up against me and I just loved his hot little body and his shiny plastic pants rubbing up against my naked skin. I’m sure he had no idea what was going on, and in all truth, neither did I, but I do know that we slept that way for many months. I often wondered if he wondered why he always woke up with his pajama bottoms around his ankles but nothing was ever said. We tried on several occasions to let David sleep without the protection and he’d go a couple of days dry before he’d have another accident and mum would put him back into the protective padding. This frustrated little David a lot and visits to the Doctor and several help-features later, we still couldn’t stop him from his involuntary pissing. He seemed to stay dry when he was in all his protection but as soon as we let him out of it, he peed the bed. He was getting one angry little chap. He hated being like he was and, because he was still in his trainer pants, I think he was getting a ribbing from his friends at pre-school. Even at that age kids can be so cruel but he’d refused to wear those trainer or plastic pants to bed and started to wet even more regularly. No one at his school wore them, he argued in his boyish petulance, so why should he? He was determined that he wasn’t going to wear those ‘baby’ pants any more. We sympathised but every morning we’d both wake up to a sodden bed.

The rubber sheet we both now slept on helped a bit but he still flowed almost every night. Mum would be very forceful with him and dress him for bed, making sure his night time diaper and plastic pants were in place but as soon as she left the bedroom he’d angrily remove them and chuck them in the corner. When I came to bed a little later I’d see them and, thinking about what dad had said about being responsible and David’s protector, would pick them up and try to put them back on his sleeping little body. However, one night, instead of re-dressing David, I struggled to get into them myself. They were very tight and clung to me like another skin. It was incredible… I loved the feel. I loved the way they made me… I suppose… excited… as I’d gently stroke the soft malleable material against my body. I didn’t realise it was sexual – all I knew was that I liked the feeling it gave me. This was even better than rubbing up against my little brother and I had no idea why it had taken me so long to undertake this most obvious of steps.

The following morning we woke to another wet bed, I had forgotten the fact that I was wearing David’s plastic pants and so when mum came in, she saw me in them. At first she looked a bit surprised and then just nodded to me. At breakfast I was worried about what mum would say to dad but I was amazed. Mum said that I had hit upon a fantastic idea. She had read that a sibling, which I gathered was me, might set a better example than anyone else if I did the same as my brother. At the time I didn’t quite get what she meant but I was just so happy that she had not said anything embarrassing to dad and that I was being held up for some praise. That night, when mum took David up to bed, she asked me to go with her. I was watching TV but with a smile and an encouraging nod from dad, I made my way upstairs. David was once again riling against putting on his night time padded protection but mum asked him – what if I wore the same as him, would he then wear them? She told him that he was not a little boy, and that we all knew it wasn’t his fault. I was shocked… somewhere in all this I suddenly realised what I was being asked to do. Even as an 8 year-old I thought, what I did in the privacy of my own bed and liked, was not necessarily what I wanted to be taken as the natural course of things. After all, I was a lot older than David, I was grown up for heaven’s sake. I hadn’t worn a diaper since I was 2. I was just about to voice these concerns when she told David that it was all my idea and that both she and my dad were proud that I loved my little brother so much I was prepared to do this for him. She said that I was the best brother in the world and David should know just how much his older brother was trying to help him with his slight problem. She produced a new, slightly larger diaper like David’s and a pair of plastic pants and asked me to put them on. So, caught off guard by this turn of events and knowing I had no way out of it, I stripped off in front of mum and David and let her fasten me into them and the new, slightly larger and more rubbery pair of plastic pants, before pulling my pajamas over it all. I felt huge… if well protected. Seeing me like this David didn’t even try and baulk, he let my mum dress him the same and with no more fuss kissed him a more relaxed goodnight. I was on my way back downstairs to watch TV and … well I don’t know what… possibly to try and talk myself out of the situation… when David called me back and asked me to come to bed with him there and then. I was about to argue but mum said what a good idea it was and I knew I was beaten. Even dad came into the room and kissed us both goodnight, he gave me a huge hug and said “Thanks” and at that moment I knew things would never be the same. I went through this nightly ritual for as long as I shared a bed with David, a further two years. Some times he’d go forever without getting wet as long as he had his protection on. When we tried to take him out of them he inevitably wet the bed. However, I had grown used to my nocturnal mode of dress and told mum I didn’t mind sleeping that way if it helped. I was happy and I suppose enjoying my first ‘fetish’, although at the time I had no idea that such a word existed but I suppose, even at that age, I knew it was nothing to shout about as I hadn’t told anyone how much I liked wearing all that stuff.

Eventually, dad got a new job and we moved. In the new house we all had a room each and in many ways I was sad to lose the comfort of my younger brother sleeping next to me, though at the time I think I was really made up about having so much space to myself. The strange thing was… David stopped wetting himself. Now he had his own room he just grew in confidence and his wetting stopped. Not gradually, but overnight… he pulled off his protection on that first night in his new single bed and never put them back on. Things changed for me as well. I had more privacy but mum, had stopped buying plastic pants and stuff to fit me, because she was able to stop buying those things altogether. However, I kept my diapers and plastic pants and occasionally I would just pull on those very tight fitting stretched slippery pants and wear them in bed.

When I got my first wage packet I went out to the drugstore and quite openly bought a couple of new pairs of plastic pants and adult diapers and have been doing so ever since. I still live at home with mum and dad and my brother and it’s great, I have as much freedom as I need. I’m not sure if mum knows what I do. I don’t leave ‘evidence’ around the house but I did once notice that the draw I kept them in had been opened. I assumed it was mum putting away my ironed clothes but I never asked and she never said if this was the case. So, everything is fine. I wear these for comfort, for memories and, well, because I like to. My job doesn’t pay a fortune so I’m not able to wear them 24/7 but at night, when I’m feeling that way out, there is simply nothing better than getting well-padded, slip on some soft plastic pants and drift off to the most amazingly comfortable sleep you will ever have. I always wake up happy and relaxed, even if I happen to have wet myself in the night. I adore my thick protection. I enjoy the sensation of my plastic pants. I love my life.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Regressed by Les Lea

So, here I am, sitting at my computer wearing nothing but a thick diaper and my plastic pants.

“Why would any sane person dress like that?” you might ask, and that is a difficult question because I have no idea where the original thought came from. It must have been something to do with me trying to research an article online that I was preparing to write. I was looking for something crazy and as I was checking through the various fetish sites ‘Adult Baby’ and ‘Diaper Lovers’ seemed a good subject for me to get my journalistic teeth into. I was amazed at just how many ‘weird but normal’ people seemed to be into this particular ‘thing’ and I thought I could have some fun with the subject.

Why I chose this particular theme I’m not sure but as I looked into it more and more it appeared to be a topic with ‘promise’ and I became fascinated with the images and stories. However, what I do know is that over the past few months, the idea to purchase and wear this ‘infantalistic’ clothing has grown. In fact, I think it is fair to say that the idea seemed to overtake any other thoughts in my head. Every time I saw an image of someone wearing a diaper, I saw my face smiling, or gurgling or sucking on a pacifier. It was creepy.

At night my dreams were full of these images of me playing, coloring, building bricks high or just lying in a crib with my toys and feeling nothing but …peace. When I woke up I’d be happy and smiling but when I was more awake a chill ran through my body wondering why this matter was having such an effect.

A couple of months back I found myself at the drugstore buying adult diapers and I have no recollection of even driving there. My only real memory is carrying the huge plastic pack back to my car and feeling happy. Yes HAPPY. Again I’m not sure why but I suppose I was glad that I now had my diapers and apparently a couple of pairs of plastic pants to keep me dry. On returning home I just tossed the bundle into the back of the closet wondering why I’d just bought such items and telling myself that I’d return it all in the morning. However, since then, some mornings I’d wake up and find that I was wearing a diaper and have no recollection of putting it on.

Where and when I first got the idea of wearing a diaper instead of my usual underwear I’m not sure but here I am wearing them at the computer, around the house and when I go to bed. In fact, I seem very happy wearing them all the time. Those first couple of occasions it all felt very strange; the bulk and the obvious bulge I was sure were very noticeable. However, after just a few trial trips out in the car to the supermarket or wondering around town wearing them under a pair of shorts (I’d more or less stopped wearing jeans now) it all felt normal. If anyone noticed they didn’t say anything so, it didn’t seem to matter that much to me because I really did like the idea, as well as the feelings of… of… happiness… that this change in clothing gave me.

Since I left home a couple of years ago my mummy and daddy… er, I mean mam and dad (why I used those childish terms I’m not sure) have er, erm, er… what was I going to say? Never mind… daddy…

What the hell is going on? Why am I acting so strangely? I need to work and finish this feature and get back to normality as soon as possible. I look down at myself and the plastic pants feel tight around my waist and legs and I can see the outline of Disney character on my diaper and all is forgotten because I’m filled with joy and happiness that I have them with me. I search the room for my best friend Timmy my teddy bear. As always he’s never far away and I reach out and give him a hug and a squeeze, whilst the feel of his soft fur against my naked skin sends messages of contentment to my brain.

I continue my research on ‘Diaper Love’, that is the title of my article but as I look at the word document on the computer, other than the title and my name, I appear to have written nothing… and yet… I feel I’ve been researching and writing the article for months. I’m beginning to doubt my sanity. Where can all my work be? I’m sure I have typed thousands of words on the subject, and looking at my history in the toolbar, I have returned to the same ABDL page often. Indeed, when I look more carefully, that is the only site I’ve looked at in the past few months.

I’m sitting looking at the screen wondering what is going on. Timmy is held tightly in one hand, whilst my thumb is in my mouth and I am sucking and trying to think at the same time. Thinking is hard and a feel my eyes getting heavy as I try to stay awake and close the ABDL site once and for all. I’ve never noticed it before but there appears to be some soft relaxing music somewhere in the background and I can barely make out a soothing voice telling me it is OK to sleep.

As my eyes close a feeling of utter wellbeing engulfs me. All I can hear is that soft, gentle music and those calming, encouraging words telling me that all is well and soon I’ll have no more worries. With my diaper tightly hugging my groin making me feel safe and snug, my thumb offering equal soothing qualities as I suck on it, I drift off. I can feel a warmth grow in my diaper as I let loose and wet myself but I am comfortable, reassured, pacified and… happy and I….

Subject Number 20012, Age 23, regression complete.

Collection and clean-up party mobilised.

Delivery as Dispatch Number 7773, address as shown on invoice.

Special requests: Subject to only wear – pink diaper, pink plastic pants, pink pacifier.

Begin urgent global search for Subject Number 20013

Written by by Les Lea

I would like to thank Les Lea for sending me this story.

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The Hotel Owner’s Daughters

Every year when I was a kid, my parents would take me along with them as they went on a trip to visit relatives. I would always have to stay in the same motel room with them, and I always hated it. Finally, when I was 15, I was able to get them to allow me to have my own room next to theirs. I thought at the time that they finally realized my need for privacy – of course it never occurred to me that perhaps they were missing their privacy just as much, if not more, than I. Besides, what kid or teenager wants to think about their parents having sex? ::Shudder:: I’m sure you see my point.

So anyway, that was how this whole screwed up trip started. I was supposed to be more grown-up like, since they were “trusting” me with my own room and all. But, what I wanted to do with this new found freedom of having my own room was anything but grown-up. I had also noticed another strong need in my teen years, stronger even than a need for privacy, and that happened to be a yearning to dress and act like a baby. Right down to wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. “That’s pretty screwed up, dude.” Well, I look at it this way. I’m not out getting boozed up or doing drugs or having wild unprotected sex like some guys my age, so what’s the big deal anyway? And too, it’s not really any of your damn business. I’m only telling you so that you can understand the story, so don’t give me any of your “holier than thou” attitude. Who’s it gonna hurt if I pretend to be a baby? And NO, it has nothing to do with me wanting to have sex with babies. That’s just sick, and perverts who get off on that shit ought to be castrated.

So anyway, you know the secret now. Well, so does somebody else. Only she wasn’t supposed to find out.  Nobody was supposed to find out. That was why I was so pleased to have the private room. Well, let me start the day before the trip, so you can get a feel for the whole thing.

I hopped on my bike and rode it five miles out so that I could make my purchase in a store not too close to home, and hopefully without running into anyone I knew. I sat in the parking lot, watching people come and go for awhile, waiting for the Drug Mart parking lot to be pretty empty, so I wouldn’t have to be seen by too many people. All the employees would see me, but that couldn’t be helped. A few customers would have to see as well, since I could not see a point when there were none at all. Hell, if the cops had seen me, they probably would have thought I was casing the joint for a robbery. Finally I got up my nerve and went in the store.

It would probably help if I explained at this point that I had never actually bought diapers before. I had laboriously searched through our house, and found old cloth baby diapers that I had pinned on myself, and had simulated plastic panties by pulling a trash bag up over the diaper, but I longed to get the feeling of wearing a real disposable diaper. Of course, I wouldn’t do it at home. Usually one parent or the other was there, so I might get caught. Plus, how would I get rid of the used diapers? And what if they could tell I was wearing one? So all in all, having diapers at home seemed not a very good idea. But, this trip would provide me with plenty of time, every night, to get into a diaper and maybe experience a few other baby things as well.

Anyway, I looked around and the store looked pretty empty. Acting like this was something I do every day, I tried to look nonchalant as I went down the aisle of baby supplies first. This was always my favorite aisle in a store. I would look at all the items, and think about what I might get for myself. Now I finally was going to do it. I grabbed a baby bottle first, one with a nipple that said it was a quick flow for older babies. I also grabbed the largest size pacifier they had, and some baby powder and baby wipes. I decided that was really all I needed, but as I was walking away, one other thing caught my eye. A baby thermometer?  You mean the kind they stick…I turned it over and looked at the back of the package. Yep.  That’s where they stick it all right! I was about to put it back, but curiosity finally won out, and I threw it in my basket with the other items. As an afterthought, a grabbed a travel size Vaseline as well.

Now I only needed diapers. I about had a heart attack as I went down the main aisle and passed a lady customer. She just passed on by and went about her business. I had to laugh at myself – of course she just passed me by. What did I think she was going to do, have me arrested for having a shopping basket of baby care items? She didn’t know why I had them. Nor did she care.

I went along reading the signs on the aisles til I came to the one that said “Incontinence”. Of course, the only two things in the aisle were adult diapers and feminine hygiene, not a regular place you would see a teenage boy. I went in, quickly grabbed a package of Attends Youth Briefs (diapers), and got back out as quickly as I could. I glanced once again at the package at the size to make sure it would fit. I was pretty small, so they would fit perfectly. I blushed as I thought I was only one or two sizes above regular baby diapers anyway.

Now I had to buy these things.  That meant being seen.  My heart beat rapidly, my throat was dry, and I felt like my face was on fire as I put the items on the counter of the boredest looking clerk. At first she barely looked at the items as she dragged them across the reader to total them up, but as she grabbed the package of diapers, a strange look came over her face as she looked back over the array of stuff I just bought. Inwardly I kicked myself as I realized how it looked. I should have bought the diapers and baby supplies at separate stores! She didn’t say anything, however. Just put it all in a bag and gave me a one raised eyebrow look as she told me how much it came to. I gave her the money, then grabbed the bag and all but ran from the store.

Back out in the parking lot, I waited a minute for my blood pressure and heart rate to go back to normal. There – that wasn’t so hard, I lied to myself. I mounted my bike and took my package of “new toys” home.

Chapter 2

Once home, I quickly packed all the things I had bought into an old diaper bag I found in the attic. From what I remembered of my toddlerhood, it had actually been mine. It was a little raggedy looking and dusty, and a spider had taken up residence in it, but all it took to get it looking like something you might really carry for your baby was a good cleaning and cutting some of the loose strings and frayed edges. Hidden inside I had found a few goodies – a travel case for baby wipes, a pack of diaper pins, and a changing pad – all in good condition. If I took my big suitcase, I knew I could easily hide the diaper bag down in the bottom of it.

After washing them (they were new, but heaven only knows what happened to them before I bought them), I slipped the baby bottle and pacifier down the side pocket. I literally filled the travel wipe case as full as I could, and slipped it along with the changing pad, diaper pins, and baby powder into the front pocket. The Vaseline and baby thermometer went into the other side pocket. Then I opened up the diapers.

That wonderful scent of a fresh package of diapers filled my nostrils for the first time, and I was hooked. It was heavenly. I reached in the package and drew out a diaper and unfolded it, looking at the thick padding, plastic backing, elastic legs, and tapes. Just like a baby diaper, except bigger. I really wanted to put one on right then and there, but I knew I ran the chance of getting caught if I did; it would have to wait. I slipped as many diapers as I could – about a dozen (remember, diapers were thicker then) into the main compartment of my now quite full diaper bag. Then I took the whole thing and put it in the bottom of my suitcase, wedged it in between two shoes, with the jeans above it, and a few shirts covering it.

I had one other thing hidden in the suitcase. A few weeks before I had been at a garage sale, and seen something that about made my heart pop up and stick in my throat. On one of the tables was a big blue one-piece footed sleeper. It had a zip to the waist, and the biggest surprise was the obvious roomy seat and snaps in the crotch! I picked it up and realized it was just the right size for me. Noticing the lady who was doing the sale looking at me, I laughed nervously and said, “Umm – I didn’t know they made them this big.”

“Oh, they don’t,” she told me. “I made those myself for my son a few years ago when he still wet the bed and needed to be diapered at night.”

“Ohh.” Her son was nowhere to be seen, so I did not know how long ago that might have been. I put the sleepers back down and moved on, and then when I thought she wasn’t paying attention, I grabbed them and stuffed them in with a few other things I was buying. They were only $3.00.

Of course she still saw when I paid. I guess I was hoping she would be in a hurry and not notice what I was buying. But she took the sleepers and folded them neatly and put them in a bag for me, with an amused expression on her face the whole time. She handed me the bag with a little wink and said, “Have fun.” Now what was THAT supposed to mean?? Whatever.

I had also hid this sleeper in the suitcase, and I intended to wear it. It was summer, but hotels have air conditioning. After a once over to make sure I got all the clothes I needed in, and other essentials like toothbrush and deodorant, I zipped the suitcase closed, and locked it (hey, I was no idiot) with a small key that I was keeping in my pocket. Then I dragged it out to the Living Room.

“Honey, do you have some extra room in that suitcase?” my mother asked, walking toward me with a few items. Uh-oh.

“Umm – nope. Don’t think so, Mom,” I said, trying to keep cool.

“But, you’re taking your big suitcase, and it’s just a few days,” she said, perplexed.

“I got a lot of clothes!” I said, defending myself. “Besides, we’ll be in two different rooms.” I never missed a chance to point that out, as though I was afraid they might forget, even though the reservations had already been made.

“My goodness. You pack almost as much as a girl,” she said, walking away and shaking her head. As she did this she gave me a love-pat on the bottom.

“Mom!” Jeez – she acted like I was still five sometimes.

“Sorry!” she said. She didn’t SOUND very sorry. Good thing I wasn’t wearing one of those diapers!

Chapter 3

The whole ride in the car, all I could think about were those diapers in the suitcase. How I wished I could have worn one for the car ride.  I even fell asleep as we were traveling, and dreamed that my mother was getting me ready for the car trip, and that she was actually putting me into diapers for the car ride so that I wouldn’t “have an accident”. In another dream, one of my young girl cousins was looking down at me over the bars of a crib, which I apparently had been placed in, calling to my mother and saying she thought I needed my diaper changed. In the dream, I heard my mother call back and ask her to change me. I woke just as she was about to undo the diaper. I woke from that one pleased and frustrated at the same time – pleased I had been able to have the dream, and frustrated that I woke before she got to my diaper change.

We finally got there, to the hotel, and my parents signed in and got our room keys. I went to my room, and unable to wait any longer, I opened my suitcase and drew out the diaper bag. I went into the bathroom with it and smiled as I drew a breath and smelled the scent of the fresh diapers when I opened the bag, the ran my fingers over the outside covers of the diapers.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I frowned as I lay the diaper down on top of the diaper bag and walked from the bathroom to the door. I opened it, and standing there was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen up to that time. She had a stack of towels.

“Umm – hi,” she said. “My Dad runs the hotel, and he sent me to make sure you have enough towels. Sometimes Melissa – that’s the maid – forgets to put new towels in the room.” Wordlessly, I stepped out of the way and let her in the room before thinking about the fact that towels go in the bathroom – where I had just left all my newly acquired “interesting” items. “My name is Sydney, by the way,” she said, as she slipped by me into the bathroom.

“Good thing I came by. You needed towels,” she said from the bathroom. I said nothing, numb from embarrassment. There was no way she could miss the diaper bag – it was sitting right on the counter. She came back out of the bathroom and looked at me a minute, with a somewhat bemused expression on her face. “Umm – you ARE the only one staying in this room, right?” she asked.

I nodded. “Then, can I ask you a really personal question?” she said, with a bit of a sparkle in her eyes. I thought about saying no, of course. But then she would have just drawn her own conclusions, or she may have said something to my parents – who knew what she might do? I nodded again.

“Are you a bed wetter?” she asked. Well, there was a nice twist. She had actually just given me the excuse I needed. Of course, it was still embarrassing, but better than having no excuse at all. I blushed and stuttered out something just intelligible enough for her to take it to mean she was right. “So, I guess you have to wear diapers for it, huh? You must really hate it…”

That sounded about right. Obviously, if someone wet the bed and wore diapers for it, they would hate it, so I agreed with her. “Gee, that’s too bad,” she said to me. “I was rather hoping you enjoyed diapers.” With this and a smile, she left my hotel room, pulling my door closed behind her, and leaving me with my mouth hanging partly open in shock.

Copyrighted by sparkles.

You can read chapter 4 to 12 here:

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My second order from

Today i place a new order on for some new plastic pants that i found that i would like to try. And the plastic pants that i found that i like was KINS Encased Elastic Adult Plastic Pants. Should be nice to see how they are when i receive my order from

KINS Encased Elastic Adult Plastic Pants

KINS Encased Elastic Adult Plastic Pants.

Our 100% vinyl encased elastic, no wick, medium weight (6 mil), very quiet, very soft, and long lasting for a vinyl waterproof pant. Machine wash or hand wash in warm water, for longer wear machine dry on low for approximately ten minutes. Same fit as our 20300V pant with a 3/4″ elastic on the waist and legs.

KINS Encased Elastic Adult Plastic Pants Size Chart

SizeSmallMediumLargeExtra LargeS-Large
Max Hip Width40″44″48″52″56″
Side Seam8.5″9.5″10.5″11.5″12.5″
Crotch Width10″10.5″11″11.5″12″
Leg Width15-23″16-24.5″17-26″18-27.5″19-29″

Available in the following colors: White, Blue, Pink and Yellow. I order the blue one.

The price for this pants are $15.00.

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KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant.

This 100% polyester knit waterproof pant has a polyurethane waterproof coating. It is soft, quiet, cool and breathable, with a top stitched side seam so they can be worn inside or out. Lycra waist and leg elastic bands – soft and does not pinch the skin. Hand wash and hang to dry.  Available in off-white and blue only.

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant Size Chart

Max Hip Width40”42”46”48”50”
Side Seam10”10”10”10.5”11”
Crotch Width12”12.5”13”13.5”14”
Leg Width15-22”16-23”17-24”18-25.5”19-26”

Price: 20 USD

Sounds like this is some interesting pants :) Wounder how the breathable parts work whit the diaper?

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