Tricked into Diapers Chapters 15, 16 and 17

This story is written by tammie2


The summer seemed endless. Finally, one morning Nancy came in with some news. “Only three weeks until you go home, young man. I don’t think your mother would appreciate it if she had to start all over with you. It’s a big task, but I think we’ll be able to potty train you on time.”
Tom wasn’t sure how to react to this news. As badly as he wanted to get out of diapers, the prospect of a humiliating toilet training frightened him. He somehow had assumed that one day Nancy would simply end his torture by removing his diaper and handing him his clothes. Sadly, he realized that his control had deteriorated so much that he seldom even knew he was wetting or soiling himself until he felt he diaper bunch between his legs or press against his bottom. The chance of accidents at home, though, scared him even more than the humiliation of potty training.
No sooner had he convinced himself that toilet training wasn’t such a bad idea, however, than Nancy entered the room with a grotesque-looking potty chair. The seat was almost adult-sized, but it sat barely eight inches off of the ground. Beneath the hole in the seat rested a rounded pink plastic bowl. The back of the chair had little lambs and ducks dancing in the rain pasted to it. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off this monstrosity. He was big enough to use the regular toilet and began to say so to Nancy.
“Don’t be nervous, Tommie,” Nancy said sternly, ignoring his protests. “You’re not ready to start using the big-boy potty yet. First we have to keep track of your toilet habits.”
As she spoke, Nancy lifted up a very large cardboard poster board titled “Tommy’s Potty Chart.” The whole next week had been marked out on one side, with the time written in 15-minute intervals along the top. A felt-tip marker dangled from a string in one corner. Nancy hung the chart on the wall above Tom’s changing table.
“From now on, we’ll keep close track of every time you go pee-pee or poo-poo, baby. That way we’ll know when to put you on the potty with the best chance of success. Conditioning should take care of it from there. Of course…” here Tom could hear the smirk in her voice, “we’ll have to check your diaper much more often.
When she finished speaking, Nancy came over and put her hand down the front of Tom’s blue plastic panties. “Oh, my, aren’t you wet this morning. Time for a change.”
As she put Tom down on the changing table, Nancy leaned over and took the marker in her hand. Tom cringed as he watched her write next to the 8:30 a.m. entry , in large letters, “SOAKED.”
That whole week, Nancy and Lisa took every opportunity to check Tom’s condition, either by putting a hand or finger inside his panties or sniffing his crotch and bottom. At times, they checked him every ten or fifteen minutes. Any pride he may have had left vanished. If that wasn’t bad enough, his potty chart began to fill with notes and comments about when he was wet or soiled and even the amount of pee or poop each time. Lying in his crib, looking at the chart that revealed his most intimate functions, the humiliation was immense.
It was a great relief when Nancy announced that his training would begin. Lisa and Nancy each lifted Tom up from the crib, lowered his panties and diapers, and for the first time sat him on the potty chair. His knees came up to his shoulders and he had to squeeze onto the slightly undersized seat. It dawned on him that he hadn’t sat on a toilet seat for over three months.
“Come on, little Tommie, you can do it. Let’s hear a little tinkle for Mommy and Auntie Lisa.” Tom looked up at Lisa as she taunted him. He was sure she had deliberately chosen to wear a revealing halter top and short skirt as a tease. It seemed like years since she had moaned with pleasure at his passion. Now she saw his penis mainly as a tool that needed her help to urinate.
Tom wanted to pee, but the two women hovering over him urging him on and occasionally directing his penis down into the potty was too much. The embarrassment seemed to dry him up.
After five minutes or so, Nancy gave up. “Ok, baby, we’ll try again later. Let’s get those didies back on.” As Tom stood up and turned back toward the changing table, the release or tension relaxed his bladder. Within seconds, a gusher of pee streamed from him, soaking Nancy and leaving a puddle on the floor. Tom was horrified as Nancy glared at him, speechless, and Lisa howled with laughter.
“Man, he really got you that time! Are you sure he can’t control himself?” Lisa gasped, breathless with glee. Nancy said nothing as she cleaned Tom up, put a fresh diaper on and then placed him back into the crib. Five minutes later, a more solemn Lisa entered the room with a bucket and mop.


Tom lay in the crib for half a day without being changed or placed on the potty. Nancy entered the room with bottles of formula but never spoke. Tom was too scared to say anything.
Finally, Nancy came in and stood by the side of the crib. She looked calm and spoke softly. “I shouldn’t have been angry earlier. Once I calmed down, I realized that you couldn’t have done that on purpose. You have no more control of your eliminations than any 12-month old. Now, what do you say we take off that smelly diaper and try the potty again?”
Tom nodded eagerly. As soon as he sat on the potty, he heard the tinkling of urine hitting the plastic guard and trickling into the bowl. He looked down, astonished and pleased. Nancy beamed and even bent down and kissed him. She took a silver star from her pocket and put it on his potty chart. “Gold is for BMs,” she told him, smiling. Tom was smiling, too, as Nancy re-diapered him, never once reflecting on how foolish he would have felt three months earlier at being proud of peeing into a bowl.
Within three days, Tom’s chart began to get more stars, silver and gold, than anything else. The women had begun to write “ACCIDENT” in big letters whenever he used his diapers, and the embarrassment of looking at these entries on the chart gave him even more incentive to regain control of his toilet habits.
When the chart finally began to show only two or three accidents daily, Nancy presented Tom with several pairs of brightly-colored training pants. Tom was so pleased to be out of diapers that he didn’t even complain that some of the panties were pink while others had little slogans stitched on the front or back, like “Slippery When Wet ” and “The Devil Made Me Do It.”
Tom’s freedom began to increase as he moved around the house, unencumbered by the thick cloth diapers he had worn for so long. He was permitted to walk, not crawl, and he began to feel more like an adult each day, with one notable exception. Whenever he felt the urge to go to the bathroom, he wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet on his own. He had to tell Nancy or Lisa, and then either bring the potty chair to them or have them go with him to the nursery.
One day shortly after his training began, Tom sat watching television when Sherry, Nancy’s friend, dropped by. Tom was able to ignore the chatter for awhile, but then felt an urgent need to urinate. He glanced at Sherry, hoping she would leave. Showing no indication that she would be departing soon, he got up and whispered in Nancy’s ear.
“Well, then, go get the potty chair and bring it here,” Nancy said in a loud voice. “And you’d better hurry, so that we don’t have a repeat of your accident this morning.”
Tom blushed as he ran up the stairs and got the potty chair. Returning to the living room, he avoided Sherry’s eyes as he set the chair on the rubber sheet Nancy had spread out on the floor. He stood still as Nancy undid his jeans and pulled them to his ankles, revealing pink training panties with white lacy trim. Tom quickly sat on the potty. Nancy kneeled beside him and held his penis in a downward position. No sooner had she done this than Tom’s bladder released, and the familiar splatter of pee onto plastic sounded loudly in the room.
“How wonderful!” Tom heard Sherry say, then cringed as the woman came up next to him. “You’ve grown up so much. It seems like only yesterday you were suckling from my breast in your dirty, smelly diapers. Now you’re wearing such pretty big-girl panties. Stand up and let me see.”
As Tom stood, a light odor of the yellow puddle beneath him rose to his nose. Nancy took the bowl out and showed it to Sherry, who gushed at the progress the “little baby” had made. As Nancy left the room to empty the bowl into the toilet, Tom stood before Sherry with his panties and jeans still at his ankles. He would be spanked if he pulled them up himself.
Sherry smiled at Tom’s awkward condition. “Let me help you,” she said. “My, these are pretty panties. Let’s check them, shall we? Let’s see, the front and crotch are dry, although I believe those little yellow stains show that you’re not quite a big girl yet. And, oh dear. You’ve soiled these panties recently, haven’t you? It’s so hard to get all those panty stains clean in the wash. You really should do better.”
Tom stood silently as Sherry buckled his pants, ignoring her comments about his still being a long way from ready to have the boys get into his panties. As she finished, Nancy entered the room. Tom fled to the laughter of the two women, more determined than ever to regain total control.


Tom beamed when, only one day before his mother arrived to pick him up, he made it back into his own underwear and clothes. He hadn’t had an accident for almost two days. He felt confident and cocky, especially when Nancy and Lisa sat with him for an hour coming up with a story of how Tom spent his summer that he could use on his mother and his friends back home.
Tom ran to his mother’s car when she came to pick him up, anxious to leave and to return to some level of normalcy. He was disappointed when she berated him for his rude behavior and had him come back inside for a drink of tea with Nancy before they left. Finally, they were packed and on the road.
Nancy leaned against the front door as she watched the car disappear down the road. Soon, she found herself smiling. The effects of the powerful diuretic and laxative she had spiked Tom’s tea with would begin to be felt in about 45 minutes, just after the only stop on the tollway for over seventy miles. The way Tom’s mother drove, never going above fifty miles per hour, he wouldn’t come even close to making it. She laughed as she closed the door, anxious for the phone call she knew would come soon.

The end.

This story is written by tammie2

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Tricked into Diapers Chapters 8

This story is written by tammie2


Tom sat back in a chair in Sherry’s living room, feigning interest in the discussion. They had been there nearly an hour, but the discussion never strayed from babies, and Sherry’s daughter in particular. Tom looked at the baby, who was chewing a puzzle piece in her playpen. If you only knew what was being talked about, Tom thought, you’d blush. At least half an hour had been spent on your toilet habits, or rather lack of them. Better you than me, he thought.
Tom turned back to the conversation, which now centered on breast-feeding. He leaned forward a little as Sherry began to describe her breasts, taking interest as she actually fondled one while describing different positions she used. Suddenly, though, he sat back. His bowels began to gurgle and he could feel his sphincter muscle begin to contract. Slowly, but clearly, a BM was moving down Tom’s tract without any conscious effort on his part. Tom sat still and constricted his muscle, temporarily halting the movement. He looked at the clock—not quite halfway there. The strain was uncomfortable but, he thought, manageable. He just wouldn’t move much. At that point he noticed that his bladder was aching, much as it had earlier that morning at breakfast. It had to be psychological. He was just thinking about this bodily functions too much.
Five minutes later, the pain was getting worse. Tom began to sweat; he’d never make it at this rate. But going to use the bathroom was the same as surrender, an open path to daytime diapers. He’d have to take his chances and gut it out.
To his horror, he felt his bowels resume their activity. As he switched his concentration to them to halt the BM’s movement, his bladder cried louder for relief. He felt first one drop of pee, then two, escape into his diaper. He had to stop it. Quickly he moved his legs together to pressure his penis between them. The sudden movement, however, released the pressure on his bowels and before he could stop them, a large, loose clump of poop rushed from his bottom. In a panic now, Tom switched his efforts once more to try to control his bowels. As his legs’ grasp on his penis released, his bladder opened and a gusher of warm urine rushed into the front of his diaper. In seconds the front was flooded and the pee travelled back through his crotch and puddle under his bottom, where wave after wave of mushy poop settled and before pushing back in the direction the pee had come from. In thirty seconds it was over. Tom sat still, unsure what had hit him or what to do next. The slightest movement pushed his dirty diaper up into his crack and his poop farther up the front of his diaper. The pee remained a puddle, unable to soak into the oversaturated diaper. Tom was miserable.
“But at this point I’m ready to wean her,” Sherry said, looking at her child. As she did so, she sniffed the air and made a face. “Oh, dear. It never fails. Whenever I have company she messes herself. I’ll be right back.”
Sherry lifted her baby out of the playpen and began to carry her out of the room. She paused, put her nose close to the child’s rear and sniffed again. Puzzled, she pulled back the panties and diaper and looked down the baby’s backside, then put her hand down as far as she could. Nothing. She turned back and faced her guests.
“Must’ve been a false alarm. Her gas usually doesn’t smell quite so strong, though. I can still smell it. In fact, it seems to be getting more powerful.”
Tom sank deeper into the chair, wishing that it could swallow him out of the room. He could feel his face flush crimson as both women looked in his direction. Any hope of concealing his accident was gone.
“Tom, could you come over here a minute,” Nancy said sternly. “I think we need to check something.” Reluctantly, Tom got out of the chair and walked over to Nancy. As he did so, he could feel the pool of pee escape from his plastic pants and run down his leg, soaking his jeans.
“Well, look at this, Sherry. I think our big boy here has had a nasty accident. And to think that you blamed your own baby!” As she spoke, Nancy deftly unbuckled Tom’s pants and pulled them down to his ankles, unleashing a powerful odor. The bulge from the poop was obvious and the pee glistened on his leg. He stood silently as Sherry circled him, looked at his diapered crotch and wearing an amazed expression.
“Nancy, you didn’t tell me you had a baby living with you! No wonder you were so interested in diapering routines and toilet habits. You’re out of practice! You have so much to relearn. First of all, you shouldn’t keep little Tommie in such a messy diaper—he’ll get a rash for sure. Besides…” Sherry held her nose…”we don’t want the EPA at our door. Where are his extra diapers?”
Nancy frowned. “I’m afraid I didn’t bring any…I know, new mother’s mistake. I’ll have to run home to get a fresh supply. Can you watch him for awhile?”
“Don’t leave me!” Tom cried, horrified that he would be left in this condition with a stranger.
“Would you rather go home like that?” Nancy asked with scorn. “I think you’ll do better here. Might as well take these home to wash.” As she spoke, Nancy pulled off his jeans, shoes and socks, leaving Tom standing in the middle of the room in nothing but a t-shirt to cover his shame.
“I’d be happy to babysit,” Sherry said. “Let me just put the other baby down for a nap.”
When Sherry returned, she was carrying a cotton changing pad and some diaper pins. She smiled at Nancy. “Don’t want our little poopy pants leaking all over the place before you get back. Lay down on the pad, Tommie.” When he did so, she pulled it up between his legs over the plastic pants and pinned in snugly. Nancy looked approvingly before walking out the door.
“OK, baby, up and into the playpen. You’ll stay out of trouble there while I make us something to eat.” Sherry grabbed Tommie under the arms and helped him up and over the sides of the playpen. Tommie cringed as he sat down once more on his dirty bottom. Sherry saw him wince. “Don’t worry baby,” she whispered softly. “You’ll get used to the feel of wet, dirty diapers. After a week or so, you won’t even know you need changing.”
Tom’s eyes opened wide with horror as Sherry left the room. What had he done? More importantly, how could he get out of it? No answers came to mind. He sat in his mess, miserable and confused, until Sherry walked back into the room.
“OK, baby, lunch time” she said cheerfully. “Come on out and over to the couch while I feed you.” Tom looked around for the food; he was a little hungry. All he saw in the room was two bottles if the baby’s formula on the table by the couch. Then it dawned on him—she meant to feed that to him! Only the thought of those pictures of his wet bed got him out of the playpen.
“Just lay down across my lap, like this,” Sherry cooed. “Now open wide for your ba-ba.” As the nipple entered his mouth, Tom gagged. The formula was warm and sweet, yet awful. Sherry’s face grew stern as she warned him to finish both bottles.
It took a long time until Tom learned how to best suck on the nipple, but he eventually finished the first bottle. The warmth of the fluids and Sherry’s body nest to his made his drowsy. He closed his eyes, waiting for the second bottle.
“Open up, little one,” he heard Sherry say. As he closed his mouth around the second bottle, his eyes opened in surprise. This wasn’t the bottle. He looked down at Sherry’s warm, naked breast next to his cheek, her nipple well inside his mouth. Tentatively, he began to suckle. Sherry’s milk flowed into his mouth and down his throat, strangely comforting. His embarrassment gave way to a sort of peaceful relaxation, his mind for once filled with pleasant and vaguely sexual thoughts. He nursed eagerly at first, then slowly and methodically as the milk came more slowly. He was not aware of the passage of time and continued to suck even as he fell into a light sleep.
A sudden, bright flash awoke him. As he turned toward the flash, exposing Sherry’s ample tit, another flash blinded him. As his vision cleared, he saw Nancy hovering over him, camera in hand.
“What a nice pose for your friends, little baby. Just in case you decide to do something rash,” Nancy snickered.
“Speaking of rashes,” Sherry said as she hooked up her nursing bra, “I think it’s time for a change. We can use the nursery. I converted an old table to a changing table and it’s a pretty sturdy one. Do you want me to do it?”
Nancy nodded, smiling. The three headed upstairs and into the nursery. As they entered, the smell of talcum powder filled the air. Before he knew what happened. Tom was lifted onto the changing table and strapped down. His ankles hung over the end. Nancy pulled several fresh diapers out of the bag she brought and handed them to Sherry. Sherry unpinned the outer pad, leaving it under Tom’s bottom, then pulled his panties down to his ankles. Tom was horrified to see that Nancy was intent on photographing the entire diaper change.
“There, there, baby, don’t be upset. Auntie Sherry will get you all cleaned up. Let’s get you our of this stinky, sopping wet didie.” Sherry unpinned both sides, lowered the front of the diaper and quickly placed a clean diaper over Tom’s penis. She winked at Nancy. “You’ve got to be careful with boys. They pee all the time during diaper changes.”
Sherry lifted the heavy diaper off the table. Tom could see that it was stained almost completely yellow and was carrying a large load. Sherry held it at arm’s length and ran it to the bathroom, dropping it into the toilet. Returning to Tom’s side, she grabbed a handful of baby wipes. “You’ve got to be careful to get every crease and crevice,” she told Nancy as she wiped Tom’s bottom. “Also, be sure to get the tip of his pee-pee to avoid uncomfortable rashes.”
Tom looked away as she cleaned his penis and bit his lip when she moved to his balls. She seemed to be spending a long time handling them. For a brief second he began to get aroused, then remembered his situation and lost all interest. If the women noticed his momentary excitement, they ignored it.
“Now, you obviously have a heavy wetter,” Sherry continued, “so you need to double-diaper him. I’d also suggest adding another diaper in the front as a soaker.” As she spoke, Sherry placed two bright, white diapers underneath Tom, keeping the one diaper over his penis. She then proceeded to sprinkle powder all over his crotch before moving to his bottom and up over his stomach. Quickly, then, she folded the diaper covering Tom’s penis, placed it inside the two diapers and pulled them up tight. Out of nowhere she produced two large yellow diaper pins, pinning the diapers snugly.
“That should soak up most of what he wets,” Sherry said. “But you still want to be careful that he doesn’t ruin your furniture or clothing. Do you have another pair of panties? The old pair smells pretty bad.”
Nancy produced a pair of plastic pants larger than the first pair. She deftly put Tom’s feet through the leg openings and pulled them up, lifting Tom’s bottom to secure them. The panties were tight around the waist and legs, but ballooned far out from the diaper. Tom blushed at how much that reminded him of small babies he had seen and at how much harder they’d be to hide. The two women now both stood over him, smiling down at his diapered, pantied bottom.
“After everything that came out the back end, little Tommie must be pretty hungry,” Sherry remarked. “Would it be okay to start him on solids?”
“I think that would be a fine idea,” Nancy smirked. “Let’s go.”
Nancy helped Tom up off the changing table and headed toward the stairs with her new baby behind her. With his first steps, Tom realized that his legs wouldn’t come together. The thick padding of the diapers in his crotch forced his legs apart and made him toddle as he moved. Worse, the plastic panties crackled loudly with every small motion he made. He heard Sherry suppress a giggle behind him.
As he entered the kitchen, he saw Nancy removing the tray from the baby’s high chair. It took him a moment to realize that the women meant for him to sit there.
“Oh, no. Wait just a minute,” he blurted. “No way I’m going to—”
Before he could finish his protest, Sherry and Nancy grabbed his arms and pulled him down onto the chair, quickly snapping the tray into place tight against his body, locking his arms down at his side. Tom was helpless to move.
“I think it’s time to set the ground rules,” Nancy said sternly, standing menacingly over him. “so that you don’t get any ideas about getting out of here or changing your circumstances. You are now my baby, short and simple. That means you are at my complete command. You will wear diapers 24 hours a day, using them for all of your potty needs. You may not use the toilet at any time. Furthermore, you are not old enough to tell us when your didie needs changing. You will just have to stay in your messes until someone decides to change you.”
“You will also be prohibited from making any adult decisions,” Nancy continued. “Which means that we will decide what you wear, what you eat, when you sleep and so on. All communication must be in baby talk, you must crawl unless otherwise permitted to walk, and you must at all times act as the infant you are. Any objection or defiance will be met by swift, and I should say embarrassing, punishment appropriate for any naughty child. I suggest you don’t test us on this.
When I feel the time is right, we will begin your potty training. I promise we’ll make every effort to train you before you go home at the end of the summer, but that depends on how you behave. You will be a good little baby, won’t you?” Nancy winked at Sherry as she spoke.
“Of course, there will be no way to hide your problem from Lisa any longer.” Tom blushed as Nancy said this, but kept the obscenities from flowing out of his mouth. “In fact, I will rely on her to help me with your daily care. All of the feedings, baths and diaper changes are a lot for only one woman to handle, as Sherry could tell you. We may even need a babysitter once in a while.”
“Your life as a baby will also be documented on film. At this point, we won’t let anyone in your hometown know about your problem keeping your panties clean and dry. If you get out of line, though, these pictures would make some amusing viewing for your friends at home.”
“Oh, and one more thing,” Nancy said, smiling as she produced an oversized terrycloth bib with pictures of pink and yellow baby animals on it. “You must address me as ‘Mommy’ at all times. Shall we have lunch, Baby Tommie?”
Tom sat in the high chair, mortified. For the first time in memory, he was not in control of a situation, and had no solution. He desperately wanted to cry out as Nancy fastened the bib around his neck, but held back. He needed time to think. All he could do now was go along until an idea came to him.
“Now, open wide for the airplane,” Nancy cooed. As Tom opened his mouth, Nancy shoveled a heaping spoonful of baby peas into him. Tom’s taste buds immediately revolted and he shoved the peas back out with his tongue, feeling them run down his chin. Nancy was quick with the spoon, however, and she scooped them back up into his mouth a second time. “Now, now Tommie, you have to eat your peas. We have two more jars after this one.” As she spoke, Nancy dabbed Tom’s chin with his bib. “Then maybe Auntie Sherry will let you nurse a little more.”
Tom finished the peas with great difficulty, resenting Nancy’s obvious relish at smearing the food all over his face. He was relieved to be released from the chair and led, crawling, to the living room. Nancy propped him up on Sherry’s lap as Sherry exposed her breast. Anxious to get the taste of peas out of his mouth, Tom eagerly took the tit into his mouth, much to the women’s delight. He ignored their taunts as he sucked the warm milk.
Suddenly, his contentment disappeared. All the distractions had covered up the ache in his bladder. He had to pee badly. He tried to turn away to tell his needs, but Sherry forced his head back deep into her bosom. No other choice, Tom thought. He released the flow of pee slowly but could soon feel the gusher flood his diaper. It seemed to never end as it soaked the front, then the crotch and finally the rear of his diaper. The relief was tremendous and he resumed sucking with vigor. A few minutes later, he felt Sherry’s hand go inside his panties and press against the front of his sopping diaper. She smirked.
“I think Baby Tommie has taken to his didies quite nicely. He’s soaked. When he drains my milk, we’ll change him.”
“Okay, Sherry,” Nancy replied, looking at her watch. “Then I think it’s time to go home for his nap.”

This story is written by tammie2

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Tricked into Diapers Chapters 7

This story is written by tammie2


Tom woke up earlier than usual the next morning, his bladder painfully notifying him that a good pee was long overdue. Tom nervously slipped his hand inside his diaper, fearful of what he might find, and was relieved that it felt dry. Now, to get to the bathroom in a hurry. He laid back, unsnapping the duckie pins and throwing the diaper to the side. As he reached for his bathrobe, he jumped when he heard an angry voice behind him.
“Who said you could take that diaper off?” Nancy snapped, surprising herself at how strong she felt. “I told you to leave it on until I could check you. Now lay back down on the bed this minute.”
“But I really need to go,” Tom pleaded. “Look, the diaper is dry!” He was almost whining.
“You should have thought about your potty needs before you disobeyed my instructions. On the bed, now! As a reminder that you need to follow our agreement, we’ll put your diaper back on until after breakfast. Or would you rather have Lisa come in and check it now?”
Tom meekly laid down on the bed, defeated. Once again he had to endure the diaper being pulled up between his legs and the snaps of the pins. Fortunately, he thought, Nancy forgot the noisy plastic pants. He quickly covered himself with his bathrobe before she could rectify her mistake and then followed her downstairs.
Tom hesitated briefly when he saw Lisa already sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. Then he thought to himself, she won’t suspect a thing! Tom always came to breakfast in a bathrobe, and it covered the diaper completely. He relaxed and took his seat at the table.
It wasn’t long, however, before panic set in again. He had to pee badly. Lisa began glancing at him curiously as his face became more and more strained. I’ve got to do something, he thought, before she says something. Maybe if I let out just a little, not enough for Nancy to notice later, he could make it through breakfast undetected. He relaxed his bladder slightly and allowed a small trickle of pee to escape into his diaper. It felt so good he decided to release a little more. As he did so, his bladder let loose. Suddenly a great stream of warm urine gushed into his diaper. Tom couldn’t control it, and in a way didn’t try because the relief from the pain felt so good. Before long, however, he forced himself to stop, unsure of how wet he really was. Lisa was still in her paper; Nancy was scrambling eggs on the stove. Tom felt good that no one knew what had happened.
Nancy scraped eggs onto the plates and they began to eat. Lisa stopped soon, however, her fork halfway to her mouth, and scrunched up her nose.
“Mom, what did you put in these eggs? They smell funny.”
“Nothing, dear,” Nancy replied. “Same eggs as always.”
“Well, they smell bad to me. I’m not going to eat them. I’ll get something at school.”
Tom watched Lisa go nervously. It hadn’t occurred to him that the odor of his wet diapers would give him away. Nancy, though, didn’t seem to notice. She was even courteous to him this morning, twice refilling his glass of orange juice without his even asking for more. Tom decided to use her good mood as his chance to get upstairs, hide his soggy diaper, and change into his clothes. Getting caught without diapers wouldn’t be as bad as revealing that he’d actually used them.
Tom stood up to go, then stopped suddenly. Nancy’s face turned a deep red and took on an expression of anger and disbelief. Tom didn’t understand until he looked down at his crotch. A large wet spot circled the front of this bathrobe. The rear was even more wet and dripped onto the floor. On his chair was a glistening yellow pool. Tom couldn’t believe what he saw—he hadn’t wet that much, had he? He turned toward Nancy, trying to think of something to say, when she spoke first.
“Well, well, look at our big boy now,” she sneered. “Not only do you wet the bed, you can’t control yourself during the day! Turn around for a minute.”
Tom did so, unsure if he had any other option. Nancy pulled the backside of his bathrobe up, pulled the top of his diaper back and peered inside. “At least you didn’t poo-poo your pants, although I’m sure you must have that problem too. You are quite a sight. Eighteen years old, standing in my kitchen in sopping wet diapers, smelling like a two-year-old who hasn’t been changed in a week. What are we going to do with you?”
Tom wasn’t sure what to say, but knew he had to come up with some argument in his defense. Most of all, he wanted to get the confrontation over with so that he could get out of the diapers. Small trickles of pee had run down his legs and the bottom of the diaper pressed uncomfortably against his rear. As he shifted, his soggy crotch made an embarrassing squishing sound. Also, he realized, his wet bathrobe was visible through the kitchen window.
“I…I don’t know what happened,” he stammered. “Please believe me. This isn’t like me.” He could see that Nancy was unconvinced, and decided to give up all pretense of pride. “I’ll do whatever you say. Just please don’t tell anyone.”
“All right, here’s what we’ll do,” she replied. “I’m going over to Sherry’s house this morning—you’ll come with me. We’ll put you in a fresh diaper under your clothes, and we’d better use some plastic pants so that you don’t ruin her furniture in case of an accident. If you can stay clean and dry for three hours, without using the bathroom, it’ll show me that you do have some bladder and bowel control and we’ll confine your diaper wearing to nighttime. If my inspection of your diaper after that time shows that you wet yourself even slightly or, God forbid, soiled yourself, you’ll be in diapers around the clock. Is that clear?”
Tom nodded his assent. Three hours would be no problem and he would be out of nighttime diapers in a week by staying dry. No one other than Nancy would ever know. He was a tough guy, but smart enough to know how to cut his losses.
“OK, since you agree, let’s go upstairs and get you into a clean didie. The clock will begin as soon as you’re pinned in.” Nancy bit her lip as she followed her waddling victim upstairs. One more step, a crucial one, and it’s a cinch.
Nancy lowered the wet diaper off Tom’s loins and grabbed a warm washcloth. She was pleased to see that Tom still avoided looking at her during the change, which would make her task easier. “I’m going to clean you completely so that you can’t claim later that your diaper is wet from left-over pee,” she told Tom. As she spoke she pushed her washcloth-covered finger up Tom’s anus. He jumped from the unexpected penetration but said nothing. Good, Nancy thought, removing her finger. He was so distracted that he never felt the suppository enter him. Along with the powerful diuretic she put in his juice that morning, he didn’t have a chance. He wouldn’t last half of the three hours. Soon, very soon, he would be sitting at Sherry’s in a very wet, very dirty diaper.
As she finished pinning the diaper, Nancy looked at her watch. There was time to call the decorator before they left. She smiled as she reached for the plastic pants.

This story is written by tammie2

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Tricked into Diapers Chapters 5 and 6

This story is written by tammie2


Through his sleep, Tom felt his shoulders being shaken and in response he reluctantly opened his eyes. He was startled to see Nancy standing over him, looking as angry as he had ever seen her. A split second later, he knew why. He didn’t need to look to know what had happened. He could feel the damp sheets beneath him and the room smelled like a bus station bathroom. He stayed silent, uncharacteristically unsure of what to say.
Nancy broke the silence. “You’re fortunate that Lisa’s room is down the hall. The smell woke me up but must not have drifted that far yet. You now have some decisions to make.”
Tom listened intently. To his dismay, he saw Nancy’s camera on a dresser by the door. She had already taken more pictures! Because he was wearing different pajamas, anyone looking at the two sets of pictures would know that they were taken on different days, and know that he had wet the bed not once, but twice.
“It’s obvious that you have a serious problem controlling your bladder. I refuse to wake up to the smell of pee every morning, and to have every set of sheets I own ruined. I can’t solve your wetting problem overnight, but I can take precautions. From now on, you will wear diapers and plastic pants to bed. If you can stay dry for one week straight, we’ll take them off. If you wet again, though, it’s straight back into diapers.”
“Forget it,” Tom replied angrily. “I’m too old for diapers and nothing you say can make me wear them. I’ve got my self-respect and an image to protect. No way, no how.”
“You’re not in much of a bargaining position, young man,” Nancy replied. “If you refuse, I’ll show all those pictures to Lisa to show her your problem in living color. They’re pretty incriminating. Also, I’ll make sure all of your friends at home see copies. How would you like that?”
Tom cringed, horrified. She would do it, too. His macho image with Lisa would crumble—she’d laugh him out of the house. Still, he might prefer that to wearing diapers. But his friends at home? He’d rather die.
“I’ll make one concession, for now,” Nancy continued. “I won’t tell Lisa. It will be our little secret.”
It wasn’t much , but Tom had no other options. “All right, you win. I’ll wear diapers to bed.”
Nancy smiled. She had him now. Tomorrow would be the clincher. If things went according to plan, Tom would remember it for the rest of his life.


It was getting late, and Tom was beginning to get nervous. On the one hand, he knew Nancy was a serious woman who meant what she said. On the other hand, he couldn’t believe she would put him into diapers. At 5’10”, he wouldn’t fit in them anyway! She hadn’t said a word all day, even when they were alone together. Still, Tom was careful to avoid antagonizing her. Lisa was puzzled when Tom resisted her advances earlier that evening. She was a little put off and went to study with her friends.
“OK, young man, it’s time,” Nancy said as she entered the living room. I’m going to bed and I don’t want to have to get up later to make sure your diapers are on properly. Let’s go.”
Tom followed sheepishly. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it silently when he saw Nancy glare at him. Her intent was clear. He was not to resist or she would tell everyone that he was a bed wetter.
Tom blushed crimson when he saw the neatly-folded diaper lying on his bed. He finally decided to speak out, just to delay the inevitable.
“Look, it’s only 10:30. I usually stay up much later. I don’t want Lisa to see me like this. What if I put it on before I go to sleep?”
“Not a chance,” Nancy replied firmly. “If it’s not on just right you’ll leak and soil the sheets again. I’ve changed 10,000 diapers in my day and I know what I’m doing. Now strip to your underpants and lay down.”
Tom did as he was told. As he laid down, his eyes opened in surprise. Under his top sheet he could feel a rubber sheet hugging the bed. He blushed again, humiliated.
“Now, let’s raise your legs up and take those big boy panties off, Tommie,” Nancy cooed as she lifted his legs, pulling his underwear off with one quick motion. “I’ll just slip this nice, soft didie under your bottom. That’s good. Now a little baby powder—we don’t want a diaper rash, do we.”
Tom cringed as Nancy shook the sweet-smelling powder over his genitals, rubbing it carefully around his shaft and balls, up his crack and across his bottom. He looked away, avoiding Nancy’s eyes.
“Now, we’ll just pull the didie up over your pee-pee and close it tight. Here’s some nice pink duckie pins to keep it snug. There we go. Now, just one more thing.”
Tom looked up at her with disbelief. Nancy was holding up a very large pair of white plastic pants. Where did she get them? How much more could he take? Slowly, carefully, Nancy pulled the panties up past Tom’s knees, then lifted his bottom and pulled them all the way up. She snapped the legs and waistband and was pleased to see that the panties were snug where it counted, but ballooned out from the diaper like a young baby’s. Tom was so docile and quiet, she couldn’t resist rubbing it in.
“There, all set for the night,” Nancy said in a sing-song, babyish voice. “Your waterproof panties will stop any little wetties leaking from your didie from wetting the bed. Now don’t take them off in the morning. Mommy wants to see if her little boy has wet or stayed dry.”
Tom had no response as Nancy left the room and turned out the light. It wasn’t until she left that Tom had a horrifying thought. In all the rush to diaper him and in all his confusion, he never had a chance to go to the bathroom. His bladder was already aching a little. He decided the worst thing he could do was to tell Nancy, so he tried to think of other things. After a long while, he drifted off to sleep.

This story is written by tammie2

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The Baby Sitter App Part 8

This story is written by fuzzybunny

Hi Sam and Chase: The Bab

Chase ran half naked towards the door with the two daddies guarding, screaming his head off. Chase was quickly tackled to the ground by two other daddies from his blind side.

While the commotion was going on, some of the other babies began to cry over what just happened. Quickly, some of the other daddies left to consul the crying babies.

‘Umpm” Chase said as he landed with a thud onto the floor. Quickly, two more other daddies from the group came over and pinned Chase’s legs to the floor. The daddies that pinned Chase, quickly grabbed his arms and pinned them to the floor. Chase finally came back to his sense and tried his best to squirm but found himself pinned to the floor, half naked.

“Let me go you dicks.” Chase said as he continued to struggle.

“Guys just hold this I got this. Chase. My little baby boy. How are you. What’s wrong.” Jeff said as he walked over to the struggling Chase.

“Jeff. I want out. Tell your goons to let me go and I’ll be on my way. I’m sick of this baby shit.” Chase said.

“Well, the answer is your stuck until Sunday. When ever who put you in here will pick you up. Until then, you are our reasonability. Now the next question, is to see what to do with you next.” Jeff said.

“Do what to me.” Chase asked.

“Well. With an outburst like this. The next option is to take him to Sam.” One of the daddies said holding Chase down.

“I think your right, lets get him to Sam’s office. But let me get him dressed first.” Jeff said as he walked over to the diaper Chase had thrown and picked it up. Jeff walked backed over and easily rediapered Chase with the help of the other daddies.

“Get that thing off me.” Chase yelled.

“Alright if you guys could help me carry him to Sam’s office. I can do the rest on my own.” Jeff said. With that said, the daddies easily carried Chase by all of him limbs down the hallway. Chase tried to yell and struggle, but nothing seemed to work. They made it to the office and opened the door and placed Chase in a wooden chair. They quickly strapped his wrists, ankles, and waist. Chase tried his best to break free and cried for help, but soon gave up, knowing nothing was going to change. Chase looked around the office, the walls were white, with only a desk, a computer, two chairs and a bookcase.

“That will be enough.” Sam said as she entered the room. Chase quickly turned his head when hearing our voice and kept his mouth shut. The rest of the daddies including Jeff left the room without saying a word.

“Oh I see that, its our trouble maker from before. Now I’ve been told you been bad. Care to tell me what you did.” Sam said as she took a seat behind the desk.

“Yeah. Fuck you.” Chase said softly.

“Oh. Big man on campus. Well I was told you already have been spanked a few times for not listening, hard to change your diapers and even tried to escape. So, what should I do with you.” Sam said.

“Let me go.” Chase said as he chuckled.

“No. Not until Sunday. But until then, what kind of punishment should you get. That’s the question. Now answer.” Sam said sternly.

“Kiss my ass.” Chase said cold heartedly.

“Fine have it your way. Let’s see. I think full baby treatment is mandatory for the rest of your stay here.” Sam said.

“So, you mean, just the same thing, right.” Chase said.

“No. You were at the status at toddler/big boy. Now you will be on our lowest scale. You will be treated as a new born.” Sam said as she giggled.

‘So, what, more diapers and grosser food. Big deal.” Chase said as he smirked.

“No. It’s a lot worse.” Sam said.

“It can’t be, so what more spankings.” Chase said.

“No, we don’t spank newborns. We do something different. So, with that, good luck. It will begin now.” Sam said as she left the room.

“Wait, no. Tell me what’s going to happen to me.” Chase screamed. Within moments two daddies came in and started to undo Chase’s restraints and quickly picked him up by his arms and carried him out of the room. Chase just went with it and remained quiet. The daddies carried him down the hall back to his original and laid him on the changing table. They quickly restrained him by his wrist and ankles.

“So, what now. New clothes.” Chase said as he looked at the daddies.

“No. Something different.” Jeff said as he entered the room and closed the door.

“Jeff…what’s going on.” Chase said.

“Well I got the report and Sam called for full baby treatment, so, it begins. Can one of you get the paci gag.” Jeff said as he walked over. One of the daddies reached under the table and grabbed one.

“Wait no…I don’t need…mphmmm” Chase said as the daddy placed the paci in his mouth and strapped it behind his head.

“Now. Go ahead and cut his shirt off and take his diaper off, I’ll get the shaving supplies.” Jeff said as he walked over to the nearby closet. Chase’s heart sank as he began to struggle, not knowing what was going to happen next. The daddies easily cut of his mickey mouse shirt and took his baby diaper off, even with Chase struggling, the daddies held firm. Jeff came back over with razors and shaving cream.

“Mphmmm.” Chase mumbled as he saw the supplies. The daddies easily held down his legs as Jeff walked over to the front of Chase’s privates.

‘You see, newborns don’t have any hair on there privates. So, this needs to go.” Jeff said as placed shaving cream on his privates and began to rub the cream all over. Chase began to squirm as he began to whine behind the paci gag. Once Jeff was done he grabbed a razor and held one up high, so Chase could see.

“Well get started. I suggest you don’t move or else I might cut.” Jeff said as he began to shave Chase’s lower half. Chase looked with tears in his eyes, not moving an inch as Jeff was taking his man hood away. He just moaned, knowing he couldn’t do anything about it. Jeff took his time as he made sure he was getting all the hair. After a few minutes, Jeff was done and began to wipe his lower half off with a towel.

“Alright. That’s done. Look for yourself.” Jeff said. Chase lifted his head up and saw in horror of what happened to him. Chase’s man hood looked like he was a child. Chase just looked away and tried his best to keep his composer.

“Ok, now since that is done. I think we need to get you dressed. What do you want to wear?” Jeff asked.

“Mphmm” Chase mumbled behind his pacifier.

“Good idea. Cloth diapers it is. But first we need to make sure you can use the restroom.” Jeff said as he pulled out a shot.

“Now hold still.” Jeff said as he gave the shot into Chase’s bottom and pushed the plunger in full of clear liquid. Chase winced in pain a little bit as he wondered what it was.

“Ok, daddies undo his legs for me and hold him still.” Jeff said as he got out multiple cloth diapers and began to fold them on the table. The daddies quickly unstrapped the leg restraints and lifted his legs up high, until his bottom was off the ground. Jeff quickly slid the cloth under his bottom. Chase noticed once his bottom was down, it felt like he was sitting on the pillow. Jeff quickly took each cloth diaper and pinned each one tightly to his stomach with a golden safety pin. Once done, Jeff had pinned five cloth diapers to Chase, which caused Chase’s legs to spread apart while laying on the table.

“See now you have about two inches of thickness all around you. That’s should hold you for a while. Now for the plastic pants.” Jeff said as he grabbed a pair of plastic pants that were blue with rubber ducks and slipped them over his legs. Jeff barley got the pair of plastic pants over Chase and got them to his stomach.

“There.” Jeff said in accomplishment. Chase looked down and saw that his bottom was puffy and every time he moved he could hear the rustle from the plastic pants.

“Now to dress you and to take you back.” Jeff said as he went over to the closet and got a blue body suit. Jeff brought the blue body suit over and placed it on the floor. Then the daddies took the restraints off Chase and carried him to the floor. Chase was easily placed in the suit with all three men working. Chase was rolled onto his bottom and could feel the zipper was pulled up behind his back. Jeff took the zipper and placed a snap over it.

“There what do you think.” Jeff said as he stood away and looked at his work. Chase looked down and saw what they had done to him. His feet and hands were encased inside the suit with soft material. Even if he could grab or stand he wouldn’t have no grip. The suit itself was constricting which was hard for chase to move any of his limbs. Chase looked down and across the chest it read, “Mr. Poopy Pants.”

“Now I want you to crawl.” Jeff said as he giggled. Chase began to crawl but eventually fell until his tummy and couldn’t even move a muscle. He tried to pull himself up, but he was stuck as his limbs were laid out in front of him. His lower half was brought up from his diaper making Chase struggled for a few minutes until he gave up and started to whine behind his pacifier. Chase looked like a new born in his current position.

“Ahh you look so cute. Now lets take you back baby Chase.’ Jeff said as he picked up Chase and carried him on his hip and brought him back into the playroom. Chase was laid down on his back in a oversize pack and play. The pack and play had various toys and stuffed animals. Chase tried to roll over and even sit up but his limbs were constricted in the air as he helplessly squirmed in the air.

“Well you enjoy yourself for the next hour or so, then it will be time to eat.” Jeff said as he laughed, looking at Chase as he squirmed in the pack and play. Chase stomach started to gurgle as he moved.

“Oh the medicine I gave you will, well help you. See you later champ.” Jeff said as he patted his tummy and walked away.

Chase still squirmed as his gurgles got louder and louder. Chase knew his situation was hopeless as he began to cry behind his pacifier to try and find relief.

This story is written by fuzzybunny

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Double peekabu!?!

Double peekabu!?!
daddy decided that he was sick of me leaking three times in a row an soo promptly doubled me up in peekabus and plastic pants for the day to make sure I wouldn’t leak again though in my defence he was bouncing me on his lap for one of those times!! >////>

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Charry and Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


I sure wounder how thick this double PeekABU diaper is going to look when he have wet it a couple of time? It sure most make him waddling allot more then.

But i bet this double diaper is not going to leek. Someone sure seems to be one heavy wetter :)