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Wearing some cute plastic pants

Wearing some cute plastic pantsDraw and everything by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20465169/

Look what a cute little diaperfur that we have here. This plastic pants that he wears look so cute together whit his pacifier that he is sucking on. He sure looks like a big little baby.


ReinforcedIf you’re really going to steal from the Cute Kitten Daycare

Make sure you know what you’re taking

C.K. Translucent Reinforced Diaper Cover for Naughty Kittens

For special use only. If found return to C.K. Daycare Center @ 2█████████████

This model of plastic pant is designed especi█████████████████████████████

████ will automatically lock after ████████████████████████████ can only be unlocked
with ███████████ found in all C.K. ch██████████████████████████████

Please contact your nearest Cute Kitten Daycare for assistance with this product.

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20274913/

Yes if you going to steal something its is always good to know what sort of thing you are stealing and it seems like this diaper boy miss to check out this part and is now stuck in this plastic pants and cannot take it off by himself. I can understand that this make him blushing big time.

Custom Orders Open: Vinyl Plastic Pants!


Made from a firm feel Clear vinyl (not supple) with reinforced side seams, and tear resistant techniques for a longer lasting plastic pant. These are not discreet pants; they make a good bit of noise! If you are looking for a discreet and more active option, please consider PuL (polyurethane laminated) plastic pants.

Gauge Refers to the thickness of the vinyl. A higher Gauge vinyl will be thicker ( ie 8 gauge is 2x as thick as 4 gauge)

While thicker vinyl is stronger, it is less pliable and louder.

-All sizes are cut to fit around fairly thick diapers.

Leg and waist Band elastic is available is White, Pink, or sea spray blue (turquois blue)


(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 22”-40”
Leg 16”-23”
Rise: 32”
Side Seam Length: 9”
Crotch: 11”

(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 24”-44”
Leg 17”-25”
Rise: 34”
Side Seam Length: 10”
Crotch: 12”

(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 26”-48”
Leg 18”-27”
Rise: 35”
Side Seam Length: 10”
Crotch: 12.5”

Extra Large
(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 26′-52”
Leg 19”-28”
Rise: 36”
Side Seam Length: 11”
Crotch: 14”

You can place the order and found more information on this site: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/listing/246083625/custom-order-clear-vinyl-plastic-pants

I maybe decide to place an order lather when i get the money for it. But right now i am kind of low on it.