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Someone sure seems to have some magic power here but it seems like the powers have backfired on him.

But at least he is wearing some cute cloths here :)


An Innovative Way To Keep Your Plants Healthy And Hydrated

An Innovative Way To Keep Your Plants Healthy And HydratedTearing a diaper apart may seem strange at first, but the reasoning behind it is seriously brilliant. Grant Thompson, aka the “King Of Random,” teaches us an alternative use for diapers around the house. Oddly enough, diapers contain something that is indispensable for enthusiasts with green thumbs, as well as for those of us out there who have trouble remembering to water our plant friends. I had never heard of this life hack before, but after watching, I foresee a vast improvement in my houseplants’ longevity. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to use extra diapers that your baby may have outgrown.

Thompson begins the demonstration with a disposable baby diaper, though he mentions later that adult diapers work just as well. In the interest of cost value and the amount needed, you can decide for yourself which variety you’d prefer to use. He saturates the diaper with water, which expands the absorbent gel core. Thompson then mixes the “fiber-rich hydrogel” with equal parts all-purpose potting soil, creating a mixture that slowly releases water over time and absorbs any excess that might collect from overwatering, ensuring plants have just as much hydration as they need. This life hack saves time, money, and water while allowing a grace period if you happen to forget to take care of your plants.
For those of you who are wondering, the absorbent material found in diapers starts out in crystal form, but transforms into a gel as it comes into contact with liquid. Pampers refers to this substance as a “superabsorber” because of its impressive ability to retain almost 30 times its weight in fluid while keeping the immediately surrounding areas, like your baby’s skin, dry.
To watch how this life hack is carried out with more detail, watch the video below and be sure to note all of the different ways he utilizes diapers around the house. As always, we’d love to hear what you think about these tips and tricks, as well as if you’ve tried them out before.

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