Pokemon plane – Video

Pokemon plane
Pokemon plane

This is something nice and awesome . I should like to fly in this type of Plane. Something i wish i could get to Japan and see all this nice Pokemon things. And maybe get a chance to see the Pokemon plane in action. That should be something relay cool.

I found this two relay cool Youtube videos of the plane. And i hope you found them cool to watch to.

Some awesome Pokemon design on this plane. You can see allot more Youtube videos o this type of plane on this link.

I hope you love the design of the plane thats match like i do. Wounder if it still is in operation?  From what i can see on this wikipedia page it seams like it is allot of nice Pokemon planes the have.

If you wont to have some more info about the Pokemon jet company i think this is there website. But i am not sure if it is right.