A Playdate with Pikachu

A Playdate with PikachuHeya buds. In this one, after I used my bubble spell on Pikachu to test out to see if was regressed to a baby, it worked out well. Of course I had to pop the bubble to get him out of there as I carry him on the way to the Pokemon Daycare center as Pikachu is giggling, enjoying the ride. I’m sure the owners of the daycare center will take good care of Pikachu.

Scott Koopa, Text and order by PoisndartDragoon

Draw by warpwarp1929

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26523653/

Yes it sure seems like the baby Pikachu is having a fun time when Scott Koopa is carrying him to the daycare center. But i wounder when the special on Pikachu is losing it power what is going to happen then? Or is the cute Pikachu going to stay in this baby state forever?

Any way he sure is match more cuter when he is wearing diapers :) Do you not agree on that one to?

Foxys blushing diaper check

Foxys blushing diaper checkFoxy was waddling away to his room whit his Pikachu plush to have a little playtime. Suddenly his mother decided it was time for a diaper check on Foxy because she thought that she could smell a special scent when Foxy was waddling pas here side.

Mom do you have to check my diaper like that i front of My Pikachu plush. What should he think about me Foxy blushing deep?

Foxys mother smiled and respond that i am sure Pikachu dont mind that i check your diaper to make sure that you are not stinky or soggy now when you two is going to have a nice playtime together.

But mom i have not mad a poo poo in my diaper.

No i can see that now little cutie pay. She let go of Foxys diaper butt and give his cute diaper butt a pat and sad head of to play now whit your friend.

Draw by: Yookey

Messy Trance

Messy Trance
It looks like I’ve got myself into trouble again. I was put under a trance, diapered, and given commands to follow. I tried to resist, but my body wouldn’t obey my orders, only the orders I was being given. I couldn’t stop messing myself no matter how hard I fought it. I r-really need a change, I stink.

Draw and everything by Poke-anima

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25931494/

Poor Pikachu it sure seems like he have ended up whit one stinky diaper here. And it also seems like the hypnosis and the trans it working on him. He sure putting his diaper to some weary good use here. Poor cute thing :(