Tumblin’ Rinds (Daily Doodle)

Tumblin' Rinds (Daily Doodle)Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office and while I was waiting there were several adorable families having some excellent family interaction. One such family had a little girl who dropped something off of their sofa chair and she decided to dismount head first. It did not end well. No one was hurt, in fact she was all giggles, but it was still quite a scene and it, obviously, inspired

Draw and everything by Bearhardt

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26104429/

You newer know when the inspiration may hit you :)

The Practical Pig

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The Practical pig built a Lie detector spanking machine.

Poor wolf it look like he receive allot of spanking for not telling the truth and he deserves it and even the pigs in the end do that. And it look kind of cute when they get a red bottom from the spanking the get. That is what happen when you’re not telling the truth.