Smelly and leaky Foxy

Smelly and leaky Foxy
Smelly and leaky Foxy

Not every day you get a gift art. And i most say that bobkitty rally mad a nice work whit this one. He draw me in the right pose and it is yous like this a cub should look like when he finely understand that he have a wet and messy diaper and need to ask mommy if she can change him into a clean and nice diaper. So he can go back and play some more whit the toys that he have. I hope the toys not get away or miss me now when i need to find mommy so she can change me. But maybe if i try to hid may diaper she maybe not not that i is this soggy. I can always try it. But mommy seams to always know what is wrong and what i need.

Draw by: bobkitty

Story from Pieforberries1

Foxy was ready to go to daycare for the first time this year! He was so excited, new friends, new caretakers and maybe even a new Toy set! As he jumped out of his Dad’s van he skipped into the daycare holding his new Diego Lunchbox, it was so shiny EVERYONE will like it! He might even get a star, just for being that awesome, As he opened the door with his beige shorts and Blue shirt he smiled waving to his usual caretaker, Ms. Fizzles as he usually did. She told him that there’s lots of new students today, And someone SUPER special was gonna read us a book today, When Foxy asked what book it was, she responded to tell him it was the Hungry Caterpillar! Foxy read that.. Or at least had it read to HIM a thousand times, but whenever he eats something, He just giggles so much!.. Sometimes a little to much, that’s why he still needs diapers, but he refuses that they’re diapers, he just says they’re really thick underwear. Made in China, you wouldn’t understand, but, as he set his Lunchbox in between the a Pink Dora lunchbox and another Diego Lunchbox, he felt embarrassed. What kind of Fashionable kit would he be to have the SAME kind of lunchbox?! He just turned the Lunchbox around, so it looked like a Blue Lunchbox and completely ignored the Dora lunchbox, so last year anyways. But, as he sat down next to a younger cub, he felt his stomach rumble, he wasn’t hungry.. His dad just fed him an hour ago! He then thought on that word.. An hour.. He shook his head, It was probably just a small belly rumble, Not full enough he guessed, or so he hoped.. It was two hours until the Reader came, what kind of Special guest was he, TO BE LATE?! But, he was content. Sat in his usual spot, The head Caretaker always saved the “F” on the Alphabet Carpet especially for him, she was so kind. But, as the reading ended he sat up, hearing a squish he then Giggled a bit, A little cub just pooped himself, he didn’t though. That’s just what babies do, but as he made SURE he didn’t do it, he slowly walked to the Bathroom and pulled down his shorts.. His Diaper wasn’t yellow, it was the usual whit- Foxy then thought a bit as he began to blush deep red he noticed his diaper was brown in the back too HE was the baby who pooped himself!!! AND Peed himself!! As he began to cry, the door suddenly creeked open, it was one the Special Reader, and all the babies and toddlers could see Foxy! Crying his eyes out, in a dirty and wet diaper… He only cried and blushed as the Special Reader just walked out, some year this will turn out to be..

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Suck thumb

Suck thumbIt is nice to have the thumb close by when you need something to suck on. May pacifier have i lost but it is hard to lost the thumb. It is always there when you need something to suck on so you can get all calm down.

The drawing is not mad by me. It is only the character that is me.

Draw by:  roareyraccoon

Story from: Pieforberries1

With the desperate sun peeking through Foxy’s window, he woke up from his routine slumber, It was… Saturday, right? Foxy then looked down at his diaper, soaked.. But it was just plastic, they could change it. When Foxy arose from his crib, shaking the bars whining for his Mama she came in, seeing he’d been soaked, as she shook her head she picked him up, asked how he slept. Only Foxy rolled his eyes, he never really liked to talk, Let alone couldn’t yet! But he could crawl, and that’s all he needed. For now, at least but as his Mother laid him on the changing pad, it wasn’t his usual soft station, it was one of those stupid cold plastic ones you put on the floor. He always hated those, his Mother knew so he thought she was just angry with him at something, could it because of the used diaper? But she liked changing his diapers constantly, right? But, as his Mama powered him, blowing a usual raspberrry on his tummy -which always disgusted him, but he laughed to give her the satisfaction.- she had taken out a white napkin sort of thing, it wasn’t plastic that’s for sure. And, it didn’t have any patterns of Cars or Monkeys which worried Foxy more. She wasn’t, Oh god she is! A CLOTH diaper!?! We’re not in the 1980’s, he thought.. Then again, he wasn’t really BORN in 1980’s, so he couldn’t really make a reference like that.. But seriously though, CLOTH, ridiculous. But, his mother smiled– she thought his liked this idea, THOUGHT. But, as his Mother then dressed him in that Cloth diaper, he was given something he actually preferred, his racecar shirt. He sat himself up, Sucking his thumb to himself thinking, ‘Maybe I could get use to this..’ but, his mother thought of this as an offer to get a cute picture for her blog, BabiesRCute. She snapped the photo, and that was that.

How do i Look?

How do i Look?Commision for babypidgey a Buizel boy was lifting up his shirt, holding it up with his teeth and showing his snug and plush diaper. :)

Draw by: RuugiaRuu

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


This was a awesome post. so cute and sweet. And it seams like he have a very nice thick diaper on and that is something very awesome to have. Hope he ends up all soggy bay the end of the day.

Story by: pieforberries1

Another lovely day for Spring, with the sun peaking over this young Buizel’s hillside home He could hear the birds chirping, watching the Flowers blooming.. Yep, it’s Spring alright.. Course, that was until the poor Buizel looked down, “Sigh.. Again!?!?” The buizel sighed at himself. Wet the bed, AGAIN. For a ten year old Buizel, you’d think he’d be over this.. As the Buizel slowly came out of the bed, Trying to not touch the Wet sheets. Disgusted with it, He took them off the bed and slowly tried to sneak to the Laundry Room, He thought to himself. Just do it and go. Like when trying to grab something in a spider web. Just grab it and go, but in this point; Leave it there.. They’re was one problem though, He didn’t know how to do laundry, But somehow he managed to get clean sheets.. As he took off his wet clothes and underwear, He walked in the somewhat dark home naked, It was of course; About 7 AM and the Sun is just rising, So, as he turned on the laundry machine he added some random soap and as it began filling with water he just let it ride and hope for the best after adding his clothes and sheets, He walked to the Bathroom and took a nice shower. With the young Buizel humming himself to the latest PoKE Tune, He heard someone giggle, As He stuck his head out behind the shower curtain, He asked who was there. And responding, his mother shouted; “Me, Honey! Keep showering.” Buizel then curious what his mother was laughing at, continued to shower like he was instructed. He then heard his baby brother Kyle waking up, He was six. So, he might be able to pass off the Bedwetting again on him. He was already back in training pants. Diapers wouldn’t be so bad for him though, Right? With that being said he turned off the Shower Fosset and grabbed a tower and with drying off his fur he walked out to his brother Kyle, Crying for some reason. With the Buizel covering himself with the Towel, He kneeled down and asked what was wrong. With the poor young Buizel talking through his Tears, he told his other Buizel that he was being put back in diapers. The 10 year old Buizel tried to hold back the laughter, and only let out a little chuckle at best, Trying to confort the poor young Buizel he helped him up, telling him that he won’t be alone. Kyle was confused though, He asked his older brother; “Wh-What do you mean?” he sniffled at the end of his sentance. Before he could go on, Kyle’s older brother then stood up and asked his mother if he could be put in diapers too. With his Floatzel mother giving a pleased smile, She agreed then gave the brothers they’re diapers. Which then the older Buizel brother went into his room and got dressed. Then, came out to his younger Buizel (Whom was just wearing diapers since his underpants were too small to fit over them) He smilied, Pulling down his pants and green underwear and then lifting up his shirt with his mouth, exposing his Diaper. Then saying with a bit of lisp; “See? It’s not so bad. ^^”



Pikachu show of his big poffy diaper butt and be blushing about it >w<

Draw by:  ruugiaruu

This drawing is so super cute. ruugiaruu make a awesome work.


Story writen by: pieforberries1
Today was the day, Finally Pikachu was to be shed of of being an innocent little “kid”. That’s right, His 13th birthday. Ah Birthdays, the day YOU were introduced to this fine world, It reminds you of your 10th birthday.. Experiencing your first evolution. It’s always lovely.

Well, this birthday was different. Pikachu was use to the special treatment, It was his day after all.. But something was, Odd. He mother called him “Baby” instead of the usual “Goober or Kiddo”. And his usual clothes weren’t there. Just some Footie Pajamas and… Pacifiers? His Mom must be just teasing him, Like they always do. That’s what gave them such a close relationship, Always joking. So, naturally Pikachu overlooked the funny appearl his Mother had pud in his Dresser. So, he just re-wore the same shirt and pants and Boxers from yesterday. As the Pikachu giggling to himself at the “joke” his Mother had planned he walked down the stairs. The smell of Pancakes were waving through the air, so delicious.. So… Chocolatey.. Wait, Chocolate?! His Mom made his favorites! Without questioning the strange crib in the living room he ran to the Kitchen. (He thought they must have been babysitting the neighbor’s Charmander again.) And when he entered the kitchen, Plates alligned with the most delicious Meals you had seen. Sausage, Chocolate Pancakes, French Toast topped with some delicious compound butter… And to top it all off, Apple Juice! But, it was in what seemed to be a clear-see-through Sports bottle. Except the top wasn’t plastic, But Rubber as if a Baby was meant to drink it. As he Mother came up from the Basement dusting off some suspicious clothes with patterns being sewn in. She said; “Good morning, My little baby” As Pikachu rolled his eyes and laughed with his Mom “Oh yea Mom, I’m your baby” both sharing another chuckle she asked why he wasn’t wearing his new clothes. He responded, “What new clothes?” in which his mom Responded, “Your footies baby. You can’t be wearing those old things today. They’re meant for big-boys.” Pikachu looked at his Raichu mother, She wasn’t playing. She LITERALLY wanted a 13-year old Pikachu to wear.. Footy Pajamas. He then told his mother that he was 13, And not her little baby anymore. Then she chuckled, at corrected him saying; “Yes, My little 1 year old Baby. That’s you. And wow, you’re not using a Pacifier today? What a big boy choice!” Pikachu then stared at his Mother, With the Raichu giving back a stern look saying “Do I have to dress the baby?” Pikachu then blushed. Shaking his head running up the stairs with his mother shouting “Use the paci too! We don’t want a cranky Baby on his Birthday!” As Pikachu closed his door thinking in his head; “This is a nightmare, Or is Mom just going crazy!?!” As he took off his clothes looking in the Dresser. Something was added, Now he was Presented with Footies, Pacifiers and some White Diaper with a blue trim. It was Summer, so it’d be hot so he just just to wear the diaper. When he walked down, Crinkling every step he looked at his mother with a giant blush begging her to become Sane again. She just laughed, “What a silly Baby” she said. And as he turned around to enjoy breakfest, His mother snapped a picture of his adorable diaper butt.

As the Raichu mother took the picture of the diaperbutt Pikachu, Verigan immediatly asked for the picture to be deleted AT ONCE. His mother then chuckled a bit awwing as she said; “Aww, poor little guy sleepy?” Pikachu blushed once again as he shook his head no. Which the mother just ignored, and started walking towards the Pikachu. “Shh, shh shh..” as the Pikachu backed up when his mother tried cooing him. He was picked up and some string was tied around his neck.. It looked like some, Necklace? Why would a baby need a necklace he thought.. “Now, you wait here.” His mother said as the poor Pikachu crinkled as he was placed in a crib, About to cry the Pikachu was kept quiet as his mother placed a pacifier in his mouth attaching it to the “Necklace”. Merely Five minutes in the day, And he already vows it’s the worst day of his LIFE. He spit out the Pacifier enraged, and began yelling at his mother. He’ll of course, Regret it. “Baby is yelling at mommy? Are you hungry?” Which Pikachu, did agree. He’s quite famished from seeing all that food in the Kitchen and he did just wake up. So, he silently nodded as he blushed looking down at his Diaper.. His bladder slowly shortening. He’s got to go to the bathroom soon or.. No, he can’t. Just CAN’T. So, he once again Nodded agreeing he was hungry. With that, his mother smiled. “Well you stay there, I’ll get your bottle.” “A bottle?” Verigan thought, Then it came to him “Of course! That Sports bottle thing.. No wonder it was see-through. Let alone had a nipple thing on top of it to drink from.” As he saw his Mother with a bottle of Apple Juice, and a jaw that was.. Baby Food? He stood up, Crinkling of course in the thick diaper and asked to be given the Bottle. Which his mother implied, “Babbies can’t feed themselves silly. Now, come ‘ere.” as she picked him up his Father came through the door. With Verigan crying for help, He begged Dad to help him get out of these diapers and go back to normal. in responce, his Electrive Father only snickered. Did he already know about this? He might as well think it over while he stomachs down the Babyfood and be fed his Juice.

With the Feeding out of the way, Verigan felt his stomach grumble again.. Nearly instantly he felt his diaper heavier.. And, why does he feels so- “Oh god.. Oh god oh god oh GOD.” Verigan blushed as red as a tomatoe as he looked down. He USED his diaper. With his mother and Father looking happily both saying that he’s a ‘good baby’ He begun to cry, Which was silenced by his Pacifier.. He cried behind the pacifier, as they begun changing his diaper. So exposed, So humiliated. But, it’s only Sunday right, It’s Summer.. No one has to know. No one, Right? He thought to himself as his Mother powerdered him and his Father looked on. Smiling at his Diaper boy. But then it hit him, Verigan’s brother is coming home! What will he think of him, Will he post pictures to PokeBook? Does he already know about this ‘joke’ too?! This all of course only made Verigan cry more. Also, he felt different.. Looking back on the feeding his Mother did something to the food. Cause now all of a sudden.. Verigan felt sleepy, His mother finished up the changing and shh’ed as Verigan slowly fell asleep.. With him hoping it’s all a dream he tried playing along.. Only to wake up till 5:06 PM no longer in a Diaper. Could it have been a dream? Nope. He looked down at himself and turns out he was in a Onesie.. One of those Snap on things, When he became furious he started to unsnap his onesie. Only to realize he was also in a crib now. His mother then came in, Seeing him try to get out of the onesie he spanked him. And then took him up stairs to his room and placed him in his crib. “I think it’s time for you to go to bed, Little guy. You’re obviously still cranky.” Said his Raichu mother as she closed the door. Verigan, still crying over the day ruined he heard the door opened. He tried hiding his shameful onesie and pacifier with his Blanket he was provided, But; It was his Electabuzz brother, Alexander. As Alexander laughed Verigan began to cry. “I thought it wasn’t true, Big ‘ole Verigan is now a little baby.” He brother continued to tease him as his Father appeared behind him, Telling him to NOT teaste the poor guy, “He’s only a baby!” The father scolded sending him to his bedroom for an early bedtime as well. As he walked in he turned on the lights, in which Verigan was revealed his original Bedroom was turned into a nursery. He was picked up by his Father, and they both say on a Rocking chair with a window open as his Father sung him to sleep. “Could this actually be a good thing?” Verigan thought, But only time could tell.. And maybe another diaper change.
Verigan then heard his Mother and Father talking about getting some Fresh air and to get the old buggy out of the garage. As Verigan’s face grew cherry rose red. His own crinkle gave him away, His mother giggling at the sight of him, She picked him off, Gave a raspberry on his belly (Which only made him blush harder) And was taken to the front yard with Adam and his friends waiting. “The big kids want to play with you,” she had begun “But if Adam does anything mean to you, Tell Mommy and he’ll be in BIG trouble. As he was set down, in nothing but a diaper on a hot summer sunny day. Adam and his friends, all laughed at the big baby calling him names, Checking his diaper, asking if he wants his mommy ect. Which, in return Verigan shouted for Mom and in a mere second everyone ran, Except for Adam. He, as Mom insisted was going to be in BIG TROUBLE. So, he was grounded. But, really Verigan got the bad end of the rope, seeing as Dad had found the buggy. So, as he was strapped in he begged his Mother to at least, Hide his face. Which she denied, Telliing him he needs sunlight. With every child on every street staring at the grown Diapered Pikachu in a buggy and sucking on a pacifier. Now only to be dubbed the laughing stock of Tunstra town.
As Verigan’s mother walked into the park, She shusshed Verigan’s Crying by giving him what seemed to be a.. Rattle? The sound it makes.. It drawed Verigan’s attention to the point of wetting himself with some girls on a bench giggling at him. As Verigan’s father smilied at him Verigan’s mother started to change him, Telling him that he’s a good baby and that does he want anything, But Verigan ignored.. Nearly hypnotised by the rattle. It was a lovely day, For Verigan’s parents and everyone in the town got a laugh for at least.. But, Verigan had offficaily been embarassed, Ridiculed, changed, And now brought to his crib he was set down with a crinkle, One day he’ll grow to love this padded feeling. But for now, Suck on that pacifier Verigan, you’ll get use to it.. THE. END. :3

Thanks to pieforberries1 for the story.

Wet pants at the hospital

Wet pants at the hospital
Its hard to control thing like your bladder when your paws hurts. So that leads to some wet pants and bed. The nurse try to calm me down whit a pacifier before she going to diaper me. Thats going to help me to keep my pants and bed dry.

Draw by:  tato

As the morning light creaked through the young kit’s bedroom. He heard the usual knock on his door by Mother, signalling it’s time to get up. It may have been a Saturday, But the kit didn’t want to make any fuss. Don’t want Bedhead anyways. As he got dressed he hummed his usual tune, Slipping on his socks he walked out, Wiping the eye boogies from his face and heading to the bathroom. Brushing his teeth, For two minutes like his mom said to do or else the Dentist. Ever since he heard the “An Apple a Day” saying, The red fur kit rolled his eyes as he tried this theory for about a month. Every day, biting into an apple. Didn’t really help keep the Dentist away, If anything it brought him closer since biting into those things loosened so many baby teeth. But he didn’t mind. He didn’t really want to shower today, He didn’t smell.. At least, to him. He walked downstairs telling his Mom a good morning and after they’re lovely breakfeast he waved goodbye, went through the backdoor to the Garage and picked up his brand new bike. So shiny, So lovely and it’s got the smell of a new day. As he rode he gave his usual neighbors the wave. The typical snickers of the neighborhood boys, Always spreading rumors that the poor Kit is actually just a big baby and should be in diapers. But he didn’t care. Course, isn’t it lovely that the ONE TIME he decided to close his eyes and ride to really enjoy the wind blowing through his fur. He falls off. But.. Instead of a scrape, something felt wrong. For a mere second he had to think, Before a sharp pain was introduced into his arm. He cried for his Mom, Which almost in an instant she was there. As the kit explained to her, She rushed him to the hospital. The Nurse understanding her worry, Merely the second he was laid on the bed, To add the worse feel he had an accident. A. 10. Year. Old. Kit. Has an accident. Not just in his house where’s it is private, but a Hospital. He tried covering it but moving his arm only made him cry in pain, As the Nurse tried calming him down with a Pacifier for infants it only made him feel worse..

Story by:   pieforberries1