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Comic: AR’d By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?

Comic: AR'd By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?
Comic: AR’d By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?

Draw by: BabyChrisTheFox

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10665820/

It can be very hard when it comes to win a bet special if the best is about that you should have your diaper all clean and dry. That can be very hard thing for a toddler to keep his diaper all dry and clean. Special if you relay need to go and dont know how you are going to use the potty yet. But remember even big kids can have accident in there pants some time. special when there are sick or trying to learn the potty. So you are going to be a big kid in some point. But maybe you dont going to be a big kid right now when you relay need to prove it so you can win the bet. Maybe you win the next time and remember that some time can be a good thing that you wearing a diaper.

Pokediaper Models

Pokediaper Models
Pokediaper Models.

Sparks and Bonnett are wearing two different trims of the diaper brand called “Bequim Luxury Frilles” which are meant to be an expensive variety.

Both of them had to be persuaded with tons of goodies before modelling and show off to the world X3.

Draw by: pichu90.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10566661/

This is a relay cute drawing and i can understand that is not easy to be a diaper models. Pitcher of you wearing this cute and cozy diaper is going to be visible in many different store and countries. So it is not that easy to be a comfy whit being a diaper models. But this two pokemon look so cute in there diaper and the have a very cute diaper butt.  Do you dont think that to?

I have a pitcher seemlier to this one whit my best friend rexam-1. You can see it here if you like to.

If you wont to see more art from pichu90 you can find it here.

Diapers I Wear Them

Diapers I Wear Them
Diapers I Wear Them

Source: http://dailydiapers.tumblr.com/post/49913935277/reblog-if-you-do

This was a nice pitcher and i can agree to the pitcher that i am proud to wear and use my diaper like i should be. How about you? Are you a proud diaper wearer to?

If you are it should be nice if you made a comment below that show us all how proud you are to wear your diaper.

Looking forward to see your comment and wish you a very good and nice diaper time :) You cannot deny that you love to wear and use your diaper like a good baby should :) Way should you use the potty when you have your pressures diaper that you can use instead. It is what there are made for to handle if you know what i mean ;)

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