Babyfur Comic: chloe’s picnic spanking

chloe's picnic spankingOrder by babychloe

Draw by Tato

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Poor Chloe but this is whats happen when you are being a naughty cub. At lest you did dent receive a bare bottom spanking that should hurt even more then a diaper spanking that you received now.

I hope you learn to play nice whit your friends now.

Picnic with the boss!

Picnic with the boss!
Picnic with the boss!

It was a sunday morning , and Dominic Spankino(The boss) and Matt decided to spend that beautiful and sunny day, outside,behind their house!

The boss:”First of all, Matt, I want to go to this picnic in diapers!Just you and me!We’ll sit under a tree and there I’ll hug and pampering you!Do you like it my idea,my big boy?”

Matt:”I just love it,boss!”

Matt and the boss spent a very good day, together, but over the hours, the boss decided to check Matt’s diaper, just in case he was wet!

And the boss opened Matt’s diaper, and with his paw he began to knead his private parts!

The boss:”Hmmmm…ok…its feels wet but not enough to change you!”


The boss:”What’s the matter,Matt?”

Matt:”Please,boss…please continue knead my privates .. it feels so good!Your paw is the best…ohhh…uuuugh!”

The boss smiled and said:
“As you wish, my naughty pup! It will be a pleasure!It seems after all ,that you will gonna need a change and a new diaper!”*giggling*

Matt:”Thi is the best picnic ever,boss!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.

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Yes it look like Matt get some special help bay the boss before he put on Matt a new diaper.