Poor Petie

Poor PetiePetie is making money for his college fund by posing as a little baby girl and doing various baby commercials. Well I suppose when youre a smaller than average teddiursa you’ve got to use that to your advantage.

Petie: The_Lost_One

Draw and text by: toddlergirl

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13978511/

Yes i can understand that this is a weary embarrassing and blushing way for Petie to earn some money but it is kind of easy way to. But he dont look so happy being dress up like a cute little baby girl and it is pretty hard to notes that it a boy that is hiding below this pink stuff. And maybe they fix some extra photo shoots now when the have this cute baby girl in front of this camera.

This was a weary cute drawing from toddlergirl and she made a wonderful work on this drawing that the The_Lost_One order. Maybe i order something like this may self whit my Foxy. That should be something cute.