My New Life in Diapers Book 4 to 6

The diapered adventures of Petey continue! And the humiliations deepen! The weekend is here and just as Petey thinks he is going to get changed out of his very wet diapers after a long day at work, he finds out that his wife has left town! And to make matters worse, she has arranged for him to have a sitter over the weekend! Caroline, a young dominatrix, is more than ready for the job. Deep humiliations ensue, as Petey is tormented by Caroline in various devious ways, culminating in very messy diapers and a powerful release scene at the end!

Not cuddly ABDL fiction. This tale involves serious humiliation and female domination of the male.
This story is about consenting adults and does not involve minors.

adult diaper fetish, forced adult baby play
one scene of foot worship
teasing by male co-workers
implied cuckolding (very mild)

Adult baby Petey’s weekend with the dominant babysitter Caroline isn’t over yet. He wakes up Saturday morning with very dirty diapers and is led into a day of blackmail, public humiliation, and other torments by his wicked sitter. Petey has never had a day quite like this one, with an adult baby photo shoot led by two dominant ladies, an embarrassing trip to the toy corner at an upscale boutique and then having to listen to his best friend make the moves on Caroline while he lies in his crib diapered!

Petey’s worst humiliations yet!!!

This is an adult story and contains no descriptions of children.
ABDL play is only for consenting adults.
Contains scenes of :
adult baby play
adult diaper play
intense humiliation (this story is NOT for those who want cuddly abdl fiction)
female domination
public humiliation with dominant women
forced messing scenes
mild cuckolding (through implication, no direct scenes)

Petey thinks he has what it takes to be a big boy, a man even. Can he follow Steph’s humiliating rules for potty training, learning to have sex like a man, and more? Can he keep his pants dry? One of the longest My New Life in Diapers yet, this story introduces new characters, contains blistering spankings, strap on scenes, plenty of femdom humiliations, and yes, even diapering…
Brenda and Caroline have some wicked plans for Pete when he comes back to work…

Not for the weak. Or perhaps for the weak…

This books is Not recommended for those who only like fluffy, cute ABDL stories without humiliation and female domination. This book contain allot of female domination and humiliations. But it is some weary nice reading and it is hard to stop reading it even if it is scary because you wont to know what happen next.