Trapped in padding

Trapped in paddingin a smelly situation :o

The drawing is order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw by Perfectly.Patches


Yes someone sure have been trapped here in a very smelly situation :(

Cyan Diaper pail

Cyan Diaper pailOf Mrs.Cyan being tossed in a diaper pail.

Order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw and text by Perfectly.Patches


Aww poor Mrs.Cyan looks like another soggy wet diaper is one its way to get dump into the diaper pail. It sure most start to be pretty stinky inside that pail right now whit all those well used diaper inside.

What have happen to here to deserve a stinky fiat like this one? It sure not going to be easy now whit another soggy wet diaper inside the pail now. But at lest the pail dont store any messy diapers. I think it should stink even more inside the diaper pail then.

Cutesie Tootsie Beekay

Cutesie Tootsie BeekayThe cute cat Beekay2

Draw by Perfectly.Patches


Aww this sure is one super cat that’s we having here and it seems like it soon is time to change this cats diaper. But it is not so soggy yet so i bet we can wait a little and change it lather.

Little Doctor

Little DoctorThe little doctor smartmax

Draw by Perfectly.Patches


It looks like the little doctor is in need of a new clean diaper. Good thing his patient is a plushy that dont mind the stinky odor that is around him now.

Cuutie needs a change

Cuutie needs a changeFoxy is lying there on his changing table looking at his mommy whit big cub eyes holding a clean diaper. He wish that his mother would changing him into something dry and clean instead of the wet and messy diaper that he is wearing now.

How can a mother resist those big eyes?

Draw by Perfectly.Patches