One soggy diaper pat – purplediaperbun

Giggle it sure seems like purplediaperbun have ended up whit a pretty well used diaper here. It sure is a amazing that the diaper dont have start leaking yet. But it sure is nice to play whit a diaper when it have ended up this soggy.

Double peekabu!?!

Double peekabu!?!
daddy decided that he was sick of me leaking three times in a row an soo promptly doubled me up in peekabus and plastic pants for the day to make sure I wouldn’t leak again though in my defence he was bouncing me on his lap for one of those times!! >////>

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Charry and Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


I sure wounder how thick this double PeekABU diaper is going to look when he have wet it a couple of time? It sure most make him waddling allot more then.

But i bet this double diaper is not going to leek. Someone sure seems to be one heavy wetter :)

I think my diaper is a little soggy – OliverWolf_AD

Yes the PeekABU diaper sure seems to be a little used but i bet it can handle allot more before you need to think about to change it. It sure seems like you are well protected and wear one awesome good diaper ;)

A couple of Soggy PeekABU diaper photos – yggiToryM

This diaper boy sure use his diaper to the maximum and it sure is pretty soggy and well used now. He sure needs to thinking about changing that diaper before it start leaking. It sure most be pretty heavy now to wear. Its kind of amazing that the tape of the diaper can handle this.

PeekABU diaper wetting video – yggiToryM

Yes you sure here when releasing one big stream of pee into the waiting diaper. Good thing its designed to handle that sort of thing :) But it sure is a special sound.

One soggy PeekABU diaper – yggiToryM

This sure is one crazy diaper that sure can expend allot. I sure wounder how it feels to wear a diaper like that when it has reach that kind of soggy state. But i sure hope it has manage to keep this boys bed dry.