Peanut butter for Spark and Ricky

1430592697.pichu90_sparkspeanutbutterLittle Sparks loves peanut butter enough to eat it out of the jar.

Text,Draw and Sparks by pichu90.


Peanut butter for Rickypichuboy likes to get messy eating peanut butter just like Sparks ^-^

Both should clean themselves after they eat.

Ricky: pichuboy.

Draw and text: pichu90.


It relly looks like Spark and Ricky love to eat peanut butter they are pretty messy around the mouth right now and i hope there parents dont found out about what they are doing. That should be weary bad if they found out about this.

The yummy sandwich

Testy sandwichRicky is eating a peanut butter sandwich, just as mom prepared for him

Ah childhood~

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by: pichu90


Aww this is so super cute. It look like Ricky really love the peanut butter sandwich that his mom have prepared for him. Se how happy he is when he fell the taste of it in his cute little mouth.