Possible not safe to order from Aww So Cute

aww so cute

Like the topic say it is maybe not safe to shop form this company. What i have heard is that people that have order have not receive there orders yet and the page dont seams to be secure when you make your payment. And that is not any thing good that your credit card information not is encrypted like it should be so you should be protected.

This company can be a scam and that is not good that people try to make money whit this type of company. And special company that specials in Adult baby product like this company have. I feel sad that the people that have order dont get there product. I can only hope the get the money back. Maybe Paypal can help them whit this? I have get lots of help from Paypal before when i have try to get my money back from company that i dont have send my order.

But may standpoint is that you should wait to order from this company. Until you know if this shop it’s a scam or not. But I don’t know for shore yet.

Link to the Aww So Cute website: http://www.awwsocute.com/

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