Paw Patrol:Achoo!

Paw Patrol:Achoo!“Achoo!”-Poor Chase, it seems that he has just gotten a cold or an allergy to cat hair!
And Marshall is ready for any emergency!

Marshall:”I’m coming!Ok Chase,turn around and show me your bottom!”
Chase:”What?Are kidding?”
Marshall:”I need to know if you have a cold or a simple allergy!To be sure,I will take your temperature  by your rear end!To find out if you have a fever!”
Chase:”No way! Not on my ass!”
Marshall:”No buts!Turn around and bottoms up!”
Chase:”Ok!All right!Chase is on the ca…aaaa…aaaa…ACHOOO!”

Marshall:”I’ll come back later and I will check the thermometer!”

And without words, Chase obeyed and remained in that “position” for a  long while!

And Chase thought:”I hope the other pups don’t find me in this very embarrassing position !Oh Marshall! You are so distracted! You put the thermometer upside down!”

A gift to PAWPatrolfan83

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor little husky it dont seems like he like to have his fever checked this way.