Paw Patrol

Paw PatrolFurrys in this drawing belongs to aerospacerocks840 and Foxfan1992

Draw by Wen


Poor Fox looks like he have notes that he have put his LittlePawz diaper to some good use :)

No need to blushing good that the diaper was there to handle it :)

Kitcoon Paw patrol presents

Kitcoon Paw patrol presentsAnother episode of the show Kitcoon seems to be getting sick of… meanwhile Jackson seems to be enjoying it more and more…

i dunno i think it’ll grow on him ^^

Order by Kitcoon

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Kitcoon it sure seems like he dont love to watch the episode of the paw patrol. But it sure seems like Jackson love to watch it. Look what a big eyes he is having to make sure that he dont miss anything. He sure seems to be one happy dog right now watching the Paw Patrol :)

Funppy Cookie Cutters

Paw Patrol Chase Cookie CutterIf you would like to decorate your cookies in a new new way this Etsy shop that i found could be something for you then.

You can find allot of nice and cute Cookie Cutters in this shop.

Pokemon Pikachu Cookie CutterThis  is my favorite Cookie Cutter :)

It should be awesome to have allot of Pikachu cookies :)


bed time?
bed time!? what bed time never heard of the concept! .///. jus gonna have a paw patrol binge whilst drawing haha X’P

Wolf and everything by Charry~


Looks like this cute little wolf cub is ready for bedtime after the movie that he is watching. He looks so cute when he is sucking on his pacifier and watching tv.

Paw Patrol:Achoo!

Paw Patrol:Achoo!“Achoo!”-Poor Chase, it seems that he has just gotten a cold or an allergy to cat hair!
And Marshall is ready for any emergency!

Marshall:”I’m coming!Ok Chase,turn around and show me your bottom!”
Chase:”What?Are kidding?”
Marshall:”I need to know if you have a cold or a simple allergy!To be sure,I will take your temperature  by your rear end!To find out if you have a fever!”
Chase:”No way! Not on my ass!”
Marshall:”No buts!Turn around and bottoms up!”
Chase:”Ok!All right!Chase is on the ca…aaaa…aaaa…ACHOOO!”

Marshall:”I’ll come back later and I will check the thermometer!”

And without words, Chase obeyed and remained in that “position” for a  long while!

And Chase thought:”I hope the other pups don’t find me in this very embarrassing position !Oh Marshall! You are so distracted! You put the thermometer upside down!”

A gift to PAWPatrolfan83

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor little husky it dont seems like he like to have his fever checked this way.