Foxys new friend

Foxys new friendFoxy and his mother was visiting a petting zoo (You know a place where cubs like Foxy learn the right way to treat animals.) The reason way they was visiting the petting zoo this day was that Foxys mother had a little surprise for him when they get back home. So when they get home she told Foxy that he could go to his room and there he should find a surprise. Foxy was happen when he hard that because he thought he should get a new toy care. But when he enter his room he found something else. A cute kitten was waiting for him inside and when the kitten notes Foxy he make a cute little noise and run to Foxy so he could get some nice attention.

Foxy was happy that he had visiting the petting zoo that they now he know what he could do whit this kitten to make him happy. Bay giving him allot of pats something that it seems like this little cute kitten love to get :)

Draw by: Hareluca