Diapers Go On BUTTS!

Diapers Go On BUTTS!Poor Dex. You see, the bear didn’t have a diaper. So why not diaper up the bear? Who cares if it was already a little wet. I mean, the sitter has more diapers in her diaper bag, so he can just ask for one later, right? :D

Well. no. You get a spankin’ for walkin’ around without one in the park. :C Sad times.
RUN, SNELL, RUN! Or you’re next!

Of course, Caiden points and laughs. SOOOO innocent?
…nah, he gave Dex the idea.
UnU Poor thing. XD

Draw by Kay

Dex: paddedringtail

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16881493/

Poor Dex it looks like his butt is starting to get very toasted now.

Paw Patrol: Teaching how to do it! – Gift art

Paw Patrol:Teaching how to do it! - Gift artAnd like Chase would say: “Chase is on the case!” It seems that this teaching task will not be easy, but with lots of practice they will succeed!

Marshall and Chase are teaching how to use the skateboard to Foxy and Jim!But it seems that Foxy is going to need a lot of practice(and Jim too), but at least he has a good pillow on his bottom in case he falls!

Guest characters invited:

Foxy and belongs to abdl86

Jim and belongs to Jimfox1985

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Wounder who come up whit this awesome and cute ide? I really love this drawing.

This really should be me in irl to. I cannot use a skateboard i should end up on my butt allot of times.

Good thing that area is well protected :)

Holding and pushing it

Holding and pushing itDraw by ConejoBlanco

It was a trade whit landonbay

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16745462/

At lest one of the cub know what to do when the pressure is to match. The boy seems to be weary focus on holding it back but i dont think he can managed to hold it back match more now.

Messy diaper at the park

Messy diaper at the park
Messy diaper at the park.

While being taken to the park for an outing, its one thing to be told to go play. Its a completely different story when you are tethered to the sandbox knowing full well that it would be a matter of time before my diaper would be used. Oh well, I suppose babies wouldn’t mind so much so I guess I will have to learn to not mind it either.

If it wasn’t under the threatening of the spanking of my life, I would just undo the straps. I guess i will just have to make the best of it, now if only the little kids were not such big pests.

Story and baby cat: Gamerkitty.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11476881/.

It look like this cat is in a big need of a diaper change right now. And i can understand that is not so match fun to have this messy diaper butt so visible so every one can see what you have done in your diaper. I hope that your caretaker is coming soon to change you so you can get away from that mean boy that make fun of the thing you have done in your diaper so every one could hear about it.