Checking Paw

Checking PawOrder by pawfox1995

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Looks like someone get a public diaper change in the park. She look a little bit nervous about it and i am sure i should feel the same thing if it was me in that position.

No privacy

No privacyYou’re 8 years old and can’t quite hold it as long as you need to. Doctors say you’ll grow out of it. That’s cool but in the meantime dad makes sure you’re well protected from embarrassment…most of the time. Got a little too wet at the park and there wasn’t any private places to change because the nearest restroom was only a port-a-john. Dad makes an executive decision and it’s change time on the park bench. Oh god! Hope none of your friends come by.

Otter and text by Island

Draw by Gordo


Public diaper change can be kind of embarrassing special when you are 8 years old and still need to wear diapers. At lest you don have a messy diaper. That should be even more blushing and required more time during this blushing diaper change at the park.

A walk in the park

A walk in the parkJust taking a stroll in the park with my Daddy and enjoying all the sights such as this pretty butterfly.

Draw and everything by Diegesis


What a cute little puppy we having here. Looks like he have found a butterfly to watch.

He look super cute in this cloth diaper :)

John’s Regression Part 17 to 18

The story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 17

“John, baby, it is time to head home” my mother called out.

“Has an hour gone bye already?” I thought as I stood up, noticing the cold mess in my rear and the pressure in my bowels. “And I have to go again so soon? That is odd” I thought as I poked the rear of my diaper feeling the mush in my rear before walking back towards my mom.

“How is my baby doing?” she said in an enthusiastic tone.

“A little smelly, but I am doing good. This was a fun day”

“I am glad you enjoyed it baby. You probably want a change though” she said noticing the bulging state of my diaper. I looked down at my crotch and could see that the diaper had expanded at least an inch.

“A change would be nice”

“And maybe a bath after dinner” my mom said as she pointed to some of the dirt that I had on my arms.


“Wouldn’t it be nice to get all clean after such a dirty day?”

“I guess, but I have not had a bath in a long time”

“All the more reason for it and besides you didn’t take a shower this morning did you?”

“Uh… I may have forgot”

“It’s alright baby. You were playing and sweating anyway. But, now you really do need a bath” she said in a slightly more serious tone.

Not wanting to upset my mother, I replied, “Okay, a bath would be nice, I suppose”

“Great, it’s settled then, now let’s go home” she said as we began walking back to our house.

With each step, I could feel my diaper squish and release a small amount of cool liquid before absorbing it again.

We had just passed the half way point when a sharp cramp hit my bowels. I stopped for a second and grabbed my stomach in pain.

“Are you okay baby?”

“Yeah, probably just some gas” I replied as we continued. I put the pacifier in my mouth to try and distract myself from the churning in my intestines. I had only taken a few more steps before Blarrrsh. My rear opened like a faucet and out poor a hot, slimy liquid. It flowed down between my legs and began to pool and slosh as I walked. Small, solid chunks made there way to my crotch as the diaper continued to fill with this liquid before partially absorbing it. With every step my diaper became heavier and heavier, but then the flow finally stopped. It felt like a hot tube of ketchup had exploded in my diaper as the fresh mess caused my diaper to bulge out. Then the rancid scent reached my nose.

“Feel better now baby?”

I nodded at her.

“I’m glad that is all out of you now” she said as she gave my rear a firm pat forcing the warm, sticky slop down between my legs and up into the crotch of my diaper.

After a long, squishy walk, we finally had arrived back home. My mom unlocked the door and we stepped inside. She took off my hat and untied my pacifier.

“Let’s go upstairs and get you clean”

I nodded happily in agreement. “Finally, I can get out of this smelly diaper” I thought as we went upstairs to my room. My mom began helped me out of my overalls and t-shirt, leaving me in a very used diaper.

“I am going to get the bath started first baby”

I nodded, still happily sucking on my pacifier as she left the room. I could feel the diaper sagging down and straining the tapes. I glanced down to see the damage that I had done. The diaper was now a greyish yellow instead of a pearly white, and had a large, dark, brown splotch that went from my crotch down between my legs. I looked in the mirror behind me to see the massive, brown stain on the seat of my diaper.

Then I heard the faucet running. “Well not long now at least” I thought as my mom entered to room.

“Up you go” she said as she lifted me onto the changing table. I slowly lowered my rear onto the pad squashing the mess even further.

“Let’s see how bad it is” she said while ripping the tapes off and with a splat, the front of my diaper was pulled down and landed between my legs. The intensity of the fowl smell increased as I felt the cool air contact my skin.

“Wow, these held up really well” she said while removing the heavy, brown diaper and throwing it into the bin.

I looked down to see a thick, dark, brown mush covering my crotch.

“I am glad that is out of you now. You must have not felt all that well” she said as she began wiping the mess away.

After, what seemed like an eternity and two dozen wipes, she said, “All done”

It felt so nice to have that bile off of my skin.

“Now for a nice bath” she said as she removed my pacifier.

Normally, I might have protested, but I was getting tired.

“That sounds nice” I replied as my mom scooped me up and gently carried me into her bathroom where a tub full of warm water was waiting for me.

She gently lowered me down into the refreshing water and began to wash me.

“All clean. Now doesn’t that feel nice?” she said as she dried me off.

“Yes, it does”

She wrapped me in the over sized towel and carried me to my room where she changed me into a nice fresh diaper.

“It is sort of early baby, but do you want to get into your jammies now?” she asked.

“Sounds like a plan” I replied with a yawn as she helped me into my sleeper.

“Maybe a quick nap would do you good?”


She handed me my pacifier and helped me into bed and soon I was fast asleep.

“John! Not again” My mother exclaimed.

I was startled awake and noticed that I was on the floor again.

“I am okay mom, again”

“This is the second time baby. I know you cannot help it but maybe we should do something to ensure that this doesn’t happen again”

“What do you have in mind?”

“We will discuss it over dinner”

Chapter 18

We sat down at the table. My stomach was still sort of upset from earlier. Yet, I felt decently hungry.

“So, what if your bed had railings?”

“What do you mean by railings?”

“Just railing around your bed to prevent you from falling out”

“What kind of bed has railings?”

“I can find one”

“Well… I suppose that would be okay”

“Excellent, I will handle it”

“Cool, thanks”

“That’s the spirit. Now I am going to go set up the bed for you while you watch some T.V.”


“Wait set up the bed?” I thought as I waddled to the couch. My stomach was making noises.

“I thought she still had to find one? My stomach is killing me. Maybe if I lay down it will get better”

I lay on the couch and began watching TV. Soon, I began to get tired and I waddled up to bed. On my way my mom noticed me and said that she would help me get ready for bed.

As we entered the room, I saw it. It had large wooden bars on all sides that were at least four feet tall.

“Mom, is that my new bed?”

“Yes, you won’t fall out of this one”

“It looks a lot like a…”

“A crib. So it does. They do have the same purpose, to keep children safe”

“But… I guess it makes sense”

“Glad to hear it. In other news, recently I discovered that one of my friends has a son in a similar situation to you”

“Her son also has… issues with control. I think you two would get along great”

“So, he also wears diapers

“Well, yes. For different reasons but still yes”

“Different reasons?”

“It is not important. What is important is that you will have a new friend to play with”

“I guess that does sound nice”

“Oh and I made some warm milk for you” she said while lowering the railings.

“Cool, thanks mom, what is his name?” I said as I climbed into the crib. She handed me the bottle and with a click she locked the railings into place.

“Wait what if I need to use the bathroom or something”

With a chuckle she replied “When was the last time you used a bathroom?”

“She does have a point” I thought as I looked down at the bulge coming from my crotch.

“Oh, and his name is Jack” my mom replied after turning off the lights.

The story is written by abdl5622

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

John’s Regression Part 15 to 16

Story written by: abdl5622

Chapter 15

“John, John are you okay” my mother said exasperated.

I cracked open my eyes to find that I was not on my bed, but on the cold wooden floor. I looked around to see that I was right next to my bed. I spit out my pacifier and thought out loud, “Did I fall out of bed?” in a fairly confused state.

“Yes baby, you seemed to have fallen out of bed, are you okay” she said while helping me up and picking up my pacifier. “I don’t remember even getting into bed last night” I thought.

“Yeah, I don’t feel hurt, just wet”

“Thank goodness your okay, you could landed on your head” she said in a more calm voice.

“It’s alright mom, I’m okay, it was probably just a one time thing”

“I should hope so, I would not want you to hurt yourself”

“Anyway…” I began to say as I stretched out my arms and yawned.

“Let’s just forget about it for now. It won’t happen again”

“Well, okay sweety. But if this happens again, we will need to have a longer talk about it”

“Okay mom, how about we eat some breakfast?”

“Sure sweety”

As we walked down the stairs, I could feel the weight of soggy diaper. However, it was odd because the unlike the pampers most of the weight was in the front while the back still felt relatively dry. I could see the bulge very clearly in my crotch. It had to have been at least an inch thick. But since the rear was dry, it probably still had some use left in it.

“Wanna give the high chair another try?”

“Maybe another time”

“Okay, sweety”

We soon sat down at the table and I began to eat a bowl of Fruit Loops while my mom handed me a bottle full of orange juice with a chuckle. I smiled and took the bottle. “I am really enjoying drinking out of a bottle. Not sure why though, it just feels natural” I thought to myself as I sucked down the orange juice, which my mom happily refilled after she had some Cheerios and her morning coffee. I personally did not really care to much for coffee, it was just to bitter for my taste. I finished the second bottle and let out a small burp.

“Let’s get you changed before we go to the park”

I nodded with a smile.

We went upstairs to my room where she unzipped my sleeper. I could really feel the diaper sagging now that it was not being supported by the sleeper. “This thing is heavy” I thought.

“These hold up a lot better than your pampers” my mom said as she lifted me onto the cool plastic of the table.

She pulled off the tapes and carefully removed the sodden diaper.

After giving it a quick look she said, “These could have probably lasted a bit longer”

“Oh almost forgot, here you go” she said as she place my pacifier in my mouth.

I smiled back and sucked on it as she finished changing me.

She helped me down.

“Oh, whoops forgot to shower, eh one day isn’t going to hurt” I thought as my mom pulled out a white t-shirt and some blue overalls. She helped me get dressed and soon I was ready to go.

“I am going to get a few things before we go, so just sit tight for a quick second baby”

I nodded and happily sucked on my pacifier as she left to go to her room and downstairs.

I glanced outside, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, sky was a wonderful shade of light blue without a single cloud, the perfect weather for a great day at the park. I could feel a slight grumble in my stomach. “I will enjoy this day, even if that happens. I am getting use to it” I thought as my mom came in with a large bag.

“Ready to go baby”

I nodded still sucking on my pacifier.

She then pulled out a beige hat on my head and secured it with a string.

“That should keep you a little cooler, oh and before I forget, baby, can I see your pacifier for a second” she said as she pulled out a thin red ribbon.

She wrapped it around my neck and tied the pacifier to it like a necklace.

“Their, now you wont lose your paci”

“Thanks mom”

“Do you want to bring any toys with you to the park?”

“Umm… no I will just play on the playground”

I was excited, it had been many years since I played on a playground.

“Alright then, let’s go” she said as she gave my bum a light pat.

We walked downstairs, I was getting use to the addition thickness of my new diapers. I could walk decently, at least when they are dry. My mom opened the door and we were greeted by the warm, soothing sunlight.

We then began to walk down our driveway to the sidewalk. My pacifier was bouncing up and down with every step.

We walked a couple blocks passing a few pedestrians.

“Will there be many kids there mom?” I said nervously.

“Probably not, it is a weekday and most schools have started, so you have nothing to worry about” she replied with a smile.

“Even if we did see someone that you knew, they would definitely not recognize you and if they ask, I can just say I am sitting for a friend”

I let out a huge sigh of relief. “No one will see me in a wet diaper with a pacifier” I thought with relief. Hissssssss, “I guess that was not the only thing in need of relief” I thought to myself with a chuckle as the front of my diaper became warmer and thicker. My stomach let out a less subtle growl this time as it began work on the breakfast I had this morning. I then put my pacifier in my mouth and happily walked to the park with my mom. “Life as a baby is nice” I thought to myself.

Chapter 16

We soon arrived at the local park. As we walked down the concrete path, I admired the rows of lush green trees on both sides of the path. The park was empty, the only people we saw were two older folks sitting on a wooden bench, but they didn’t seem to notice us. I listened to the chirps of the birds as we continued down to the playground. I could now feel pressure building in my intestines, Blaaart, I relieved some of the pressure by passing gas. “Maybe all of the walking sped thing up?” I thought, not remembering that I had forgotten to use the restroom this morning.

“Here we are baby and no one else is here. So, you can enjoy yourself without worrying about other people. I’m going to sit on that bench over there and read for a bit. Feel free to play to your hearts content” she said as she pointed at a wooden bench beside the playground.

“Okay mom” I said while spitting out my pacifier.

“Also, if you get thirsty, I brought a few bottles for you to drink and a snack. As for your diaper, it should last until we get home. But in case it doesn’t, I brought spares….” she said while looking her bag.

“I forgot to bring any spare diapers baby. I am sorry”

“It’s okay mom, you did say that this one would last all day”

“You’re right, and if you need to go number two, you can either tell me and we can walk home, or you can just use your diaper and continue playing, I put extra cream on you this morning so you shouldn’t get a rash and the diapers, unlike your pampers, are designed for containing a … um bigger accident”

“Okay mom, I will think about what I want to do if the situation presents itself”

“It almost seems like she wants me to use my diaper for that too. I guess it would make things easier and we would not need to rush home” I thought to myself as I began to play on the dark green and yellow playground.

“Hmm… now what should I play… I know I will pretend that this is a spaceship” I thought to myself as I began to play. I went up the dark green plastic stairs and down the yellow spiral slide. I could feel my diaper getting a little heavier in the front, but it still had plenty left in it. However, I was beginning to get thirsty, so I decided to take a break and go ask my mom for a drink.

“Hi mom”

“Hi baby, enjoying yourself?”

“Very much so, I was getting thirsty though, could I have a drink”

“Sure thing baby” she said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle full of juice.

“Thanks mom” I said before sucking it down. “This tastes interesting” I thought to myself before finishing the bottle. Buurrp.


“Yes mom, thanks” I said as I walked back to the playground. I could feel more pressure building in my rear.

I continued my carefree play for another thirty minutes. I was just about to go down the slide again when the pressure began to get painful as my bowels cried out for relief.

“Hmm… what to do? Do I want to be a big boy and go home? Or do I want to keep playing and get the most out of this day? I have been having such a good time and I would hate for this day to come to an end so soon” I pondered for a minute and soon I had come to my decision.

I to the yellow tic-tac-toe board and ensured that I was out of sight.

“Well being a baby is a lot more fun than being a big boy, maybe if I just let a little out it will help” I thought as I looked around to ensure that no one could see me. I squatted a little bit, put my pacifier in my mouth and just relaxed and let it out. The front of my diaper was becoming warmer and then Blllaarrrrttt, I let out a long fart while still sucking on my pacifier and felt a warm, moist, firm log peak its head out of my bum and slowly made its way to the soft lining of my diaper and pushed against it, Crackle, Crackle, Crackle. The seat slowly expanded as I began to grunt and push. Plop, crinkle, I let out a sigh of relief as the log deposited itself in a loose area in the rear of my diaper causing my diaper to bulge out and sag slightly.

“Ahhhhh, much better. Now I can get back to play” I thought as I began to walk toward the slide. With every step I could feel the load shifting, but still sort of staying at the rear of my diaper. I then approached the yellow slide and plopped down on it without thinking about what I had just done. Squash, I slammed my rear right into my warm mess, causing the smelly ball of mush to flatten out and shoot up my backside creating a thin layer of poop coating my rear. A mildly unpleasant stench filled the air.

“Ewww, well now at least it is less noticeable. Sort of.” I thought as I continued to suck happily on my nice comforting pacifier and slid down the slide squashing my cooling load.

I continued to play happily and carefree on the colorful playground. The small load in my rear did not seem to bother me as much as it had in previous incidents. Maybe it was my new diapers or maybe I was starting to like not having to worry about it. After a while, I had forgotten all about it. Though my stomach was still churning away.

After about thirty minutes of play, I was beginning to get a little tired and my diaper was becoming more damp. “Perhaps I should check in with mom?” I thought as I made my way over to her. As I was waddling my way toward her I could feel my some mild discomfort from my intestines.

The foul smell coming from my diaper that I had nearly forgotten about, soon reached my mother’s nose.

“Smells like someone wanted to continue playing” she said while sniffing the air.

I blushed as I took out my pacifier.

“I thought you said that would be okay?” I replied nervously. “Had I made the wrong choice?” I thought before my mom interrupted my thoughts.

“Oh, I am not upset baby, I am happy that you felt comfortable enough to use your diaper. Now let’s see how bad the damage is” she said as she lowered my overalls. She pulled back the elastic waistband of my diaper and said, “Just a little messy. Still we should plan on going home soon so that you don’t get a rash”. With a snap she let go of the waistband and gave my rear a light pat.

“Do we have to mom? I thought you said I could continue playing if I used my diaper”

“You can keep playing, just as you have been, but we should plan to leave in an hour or so just to be safe. Don’t want you getting a rash now do we? Besides, it is getting late and people might start showing up”

The front of my already wet diaper became heavier and warmer as the fear of people I could know seeing me in this state hit me like a brick.

“But, people won’t show up for at least another hour or two” my mom reassured.

My heart stopped racing. “Thank goodness for that, also I do need a change soon, these are getting very heavy” I thought as I noticed that the warmth had actually managed to spread toward the rear of my diaper and mixed with the small load. “I must have really had to go” I thought as I felt a familiar rumble in my bowels.

“You alright baby?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“You can go play for another hour. I will come and get you when it is time to leave”

“Are you sure that no one will show up?”

“Yes, and even if someone does show up, they would not recognize you” she reassured.

“Okay mommy” I said as I put the pacifier in my mouth and waddled back over to the playground and continued to have fun in my wet and messy diaper.

Story written by: abdl5622

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Change at the Park

Change at the ParkThis is a flashback to when Kyle was two years old. His father was off of work on that day and decided to give his wife a break by taking the young toddler to the park. They had a great time running around the park, climbing on the playground, swinging on the swings, and so on and so forth. Everything was going great until Kyle suddenly stopped and squatted down to relieve himself. Mike noticed and went to grab the pup to go and change him. The fun ended there for Mike as the only thing he disliked about watching his little bundle of joy was the poopy diapers. Mike reluctantly brought Kyle over to one of the picnic benches and proceeded to clean his son up while Kyle was just as happy as can be. After the deed was done, Mike set his son down and they went back to their daddy/son day.

Kyle and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes i can understand Mike it is newer fun to change a messy diaper. It is all so stinky and messy around the diaper area so it take some time to get that part clean.