Grumpy Wake Up

Grumpy Wake Up
While Shade is a more docil of the Daemon Koopa species, he still has a little “grumpy” side to him. Never wake up a Daemon Koopa too early..even a little hatchling can cause some trouble -.-

Koopa and text by Shade_Koopa

Draw by Xepher777


Yes i agree Koopa dont looks so happy about that someone have decided to wake him up from the wonderful and nice sleep he had. wounder if he is going to do something bad now?

scentus Cribbed babbeh

scentus Cribbed babbehhelpless Scentus is to helpless to protest too.

she doesn’t THINK she’s a baby, but her body betrays her…

Skunk Scentus

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like this girl skunk have some problem to keep the diaper dry but on other hand she have no other choice then to use it when she seems to be locked up inside that big crib.

So she dont have match of a choice here.


YUCKY!Why does this always happen to me…? Now I’m diapered, strapped to a high chair, and being forced to eat yucky baby food! Somebody help! >.<

At least the milk will help wash down the taste… I hope there’s nothing weird in it…

Skunk and text by PacifierSkunk

Draw by kay


Poor Skunk but at lest the diaper that he is forced to wear is clean for now.

Candy Candy Candy

Candy Candy CandyAfter a long day of trick or treating with his fellow cub friend.Kiba’s caretaker Luna thought it good time head home.After getting out his costume and quick diaper change.Kiba went into his play room with his Halloween candy and play with some his blocks

Wolf and text by KibaSWolf

Draw by Apple pup


This is one happy cub and it seems like he have an amazing time playing whit his Halloween candy and the blocks after the diaper change. Looks like he is all ready for bedtime now special when he seems to be wearing a very thick and poofy diaper that is covering his cute butt.

jask Yoshi pampers

jask Yoshi pampersit seems Showtime pulled a fast one on his buddy… turning him into a Yoshi like him, complete with a few of the same “weaknesses”

Yoshi Jask

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Wounder what he need to learn for something? I bet he need to learn how to behave right.

Soggy Tena Slip – dl-teen


This is one soggy diaper this diaper boy have end up whit. I can understand that he likes to play whit it now when it is all this thick from all the pee it have absorbing.