Super cute pose

Super cute poseThe cute cub: Keeper_Utonagan

Draw by Diapered-buns


This is so cute. I love everything about this drawing. This cub is not happy about this situation.

If you wont to see the Foxy version you can find it here.

What’s worse

What's worseSo I dont know whats worse, knowing your housemate has discovered your stash of rather embarrassing baby paraphernalia or finding your housemate WEARING some of your stash.
Least it looks like I’ve found myself a playmate LOL

Order mizrik

Draw by BabyStar


This is a very blushing and embarrassing situation but it seems like she like to be in diapers to :)

Enema and a Plug – XTube

Enema and a Plug! powered by XTube

I had already messed my diaperr via suppositories and decided to completely empty out my bottom into the same diaperr. I was in a bit of a rush so i didn’t get to hold the enema as long as i should’ve. A few pumps of the plug, and release.

Video and text created by tat_dl

Looks like this diaper boy decided that it was time for some big cleaning in his intestines.

Diapered Charizard

Diapered CharizardCharizard is all diapered up, and pissed off as well.

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes Charizard look all pissed off to be force back into diapers again. It look kind of strange to see him in diapers but it is kind of cute to.